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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 433

433 Sympathy Again


Chairman Bonuts came by early in the morning so there was quite a bit of time until afternoon. I spent that time lazing around in my room's bed.
It went too long I ended up working out, the first time in quite a while.

Then it was lunch time, they brought food to my room. Afterward, I took a bath to refresh myself and hid in the negotiation room.
No telling when he's coming in the afternoon. I sat down on a sofa behind a partitioning screen.

But I didn't have to wait long for Bonuts reappearance.

"Sorry for the wait. I'm here for the materials now... Are those on the floor all of them?"

"Pardon. I still have more. There's not enough room here so it would be great if you could put these materials inside your magic bag. I will reveal them afterward."

Eltros put on air as he urged Bonuts.

"Here are the rest of the wyvern earlier."

Scales, leather, eyeballs, fangs, claws, wing membrane, and all kinds of usable parts were lined up on the floor.
The stinger on the tip of its tail is there too. Materials usable as parts are all here. Scales are the most abundant as they're from the whole body. It's jam packed in a big sack.
I wanted to save a portion of meat for myself so I only sold the two blocks in the morning.
There's some from the tail, I'm thinking of having tail soup tonight.

(Gotta pay attention I don't shake the mansion's chef too much.)
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I've learned from watching Bonuts's reaction that I really shouldn't reveal wyvern's materials willy-nilly. So I plan to use it all up in this mansion. Gotta avoid taking out those mats outside.
Besides, they'd rot if I keep lugging them around.

"Their states are simply superb... It's perfect... No point of contention whatsoever. The wing is undamaged? Umu, wonderful... I have no word. So, is this all?"

Bonuts inspected the wing membrane from end to end.
The two had been conversing while I was busy thinking about food.

"No, there is still one left. The real last one. Have you put away all the wyvern materials? Do you still have room in your magic bag? Then, please watch your footing."

It's a piece of Round Ape's leather. Perfectly intact with no damage. It's even got the arm leather. Eltros took it out of his magic bag. No, dragged it out.
It's quite big. I think that ape magic beast was about three meter tall. Its back leather is naturally huge.

There's no way anybody wouldn't be shocked at this. Bonuts trembled at the thought of this magic beast's size.
Eltros warned him to watch his footing, yet he still fell down on his rear.
The same reaction Eltros had when I showed that thing last night. Must be why. Eltros said, 'You have my sympathy'.
Must because he's gone through the same motion.
For having to see something that terrifying, I guess.

"Now then, will you be buying this too?"

Eltros shot a refreshing smile at Bonuts. The reply which is.

'...', silence. And then a nod.
Bonuts stood up, inspected the leather from all angles and then put it inside his magic bag without speaking a word.





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