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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 162

Temperature Difference on the Surface and Bottom


"Come on in, come on in! Welcome~!"

"Yummy snacks, sa-sample? Service? Open~."

"They're so crunchy and tasty~, how about a bite~!"

Voices of children energetically promoting potato chips are resounding throughout the town.
Some of them are sounding awkward yet that has its own charm as some people are watching warmly and compelled to try.
A lot of people of all ages have a similar reaction, they look surprised after taking a bite and immediately grab more chips. Seems it's more popular than anticipated.
By the way, we're giving them out for free so we don't have to pay the associated fee presently. It's a promotional effort after all.

"Oy oy, this ain't nowhere enough. Gimme more will you?"

"T-that's all I have on me..."

"I tellin' you this ain't enough, bring me more. You'd be sorry if you don't."

Ah, one of the small kid promoting over there is getting bullied by a big rascal boy. He looks to be the designated bully in this area.
The boy's making a racket after wolfing down one sample. That may look cute outwardly, but the one getting bullied must be scared. He's even tearing up.
Should I go help him? ...No, I don't need to it seems.

"Ah, excuse me! We have more chips here!"

"You must really like our product to eat so much! We're so happy!"

"Here you go take 'em! We still have a lot more!"

"W-who are you guys!?"

"Here you go! Hah, are these not enough!? Time to bring in reinforcement--"

"O-okay, okay! It's my bad! Just leave me alone!"

Other kids who saw the bullying flocked around the bully and pressured him into getting their samples.
Violence in number. It's kinda scary in a way...
Judging from that, I'm sure they can handle small scuffles just fine.
There shouldn't be anymore thugs who'd pick a fight with orphanage children in broad daylight.
...In fact, after the uproar a few days ago, the number of thugs lurking in this town saw a drastic decrease. Wonderwhy.

Anyway, the plan is to promote the chips for two days before selling them for real afterward.
We told the people who took our samples where we'd be opening shop, hoping they'd become repeat customers.

The receptionist of Cooking Guild (Juniva-san apparently) has also been helping out with word of mouth, making a rumor about a simple yet tasty snack which is our chips spread.
It probably won't be that popular among chefs, but I can at least expect a few them turning up. Hopefully.

We also dropped by the adventurer guild and gifted a few bags of potato chips to the receptionist (Binafa-san) who helped Alma's group when they were out gathering herbs, 'These are potato chips our orphanage is selling, if you don't mind having them.'
I hope it'll go the same way Naima-san helped spread the word about my shaved ice at the port town back then.

"That's about everything we can do before opening day. Next up, we just have to wait and see areas that'll need improvements once we've started selling. Gotta think up new flavors so our customers won't get bored too."

"...Those kids all look the liveliest they've ever been..."

Faram-kun muttered looking moved.
They're all running around with their small body, in order to eat good food three times a day, and to repay Director who's always been there for them.
...I'm sure the latter plays the biggest role. Yup. I want to believe.

"Well, things are going well here. So now Alma, Reina and I are off for a bit. We'll be back at the orphanage by nighttime, you can give your report then, okay."

"All right. By the way, where are you going?"

"To a magic beast territory for a magic beast culling commission."

"Oh okay, please take care... I thought Kajikawa-san was actually a Chef, but no you really are an adventurer."

Nuh uh, I'm not a chef, the orphanage kids are calling me master chef or something, but I'm actually just a Skill-less reserve unit old man.

As the one who came up with this idea, I probably should be supervising them constantly, but our main job can't be left unattended too. No choice there.
Besides, my inner ghost is whispering to me, 'Your strength is not quite there. It'll be bad if you don't get stronger quickly.'
I can already solo Rank A magic beasts like Platinum Chicken and Thunderclap Byakko yet it's still not enough, huh.
Ghost-san, I've been working real hard lately, can't I have a break or two? Eh, I can't? Okay...
...Wonder if there's a crisis looming that requires this speedy power up. Ah, man what a pain~. I've had enough of trouble.

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Enough is enough

They have prospered for tens thousands of years as we protect the natural order of things

As a Demon King, a necessary evil that must be defeated, and as an arbitrator, I have been maintaining the balance with nary a dissension

The time is now nigh to close the curtain

The long era of Man has run its course

"My lord, Demon King, we have concluded the time it takes to put that magic into practice."

Well done how long

"It will be ready in about a year."

Very well maintain our bases on each continent for one year

This domain shall not take the center stage until then

"By your will."

Heroes, revived no matter how many times they die, shall eventually grow strong enough to defeat Demon Kings

Regulating the number of humans by granting them dreads and deaths is too my duty as Demon King

...We are not rebelling against Goddess

We are simply making the best use of the possibility granted to us by Goddess

Us, Demon King and demonkind have served Goddess for many tens thousands of years

Carrying out our repulsive duty for tens thousands of years

Playing the role of evil to humanity for tens thousands of years

<<A new human has joined Hero's Party, Job [Sage].>>

Very well keep monitoring the hero's movement


Enough is enough

It is time for us to reap the fruit

It is time to end the age of human






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