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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 166

Uneven Blacksmith Master and Apprentice


Not this one, not this either, this shop's no good too. This place isn't bad, but not quite there.

Good morning. After sorting my thoughts over a good night sleep at an inn, we're now going around looking for a craftsman who can handle our magic beast materials.
By the way, the inn cost 2500 en per person per night. It's really getting pricier by the town. There were cheaper inns, but they were all fully booked for a while.
Matching the price, the bed and sofa were quite fluffy, but 7500 en a day is quite tough on the wallet.

Gotta find a nice craftsman somewhere, dump our materials and start taking on magic beast culling jobs for income and leveling purposes. Our financial is actually ample enough but I expect a lot of expenditure to fund our equipment making.
Since we're providing the mats, it should come in much cheaper yet handling high ranking magic beasts mats is a difficult process and the fee should match it.

And so, we've been touring the whole town but I just can't get a 'This is it!' feeling in all the stores we visited.
I'm not saying those stores are all bad or anything. In fact, their craftsmen are mostly higher leveled than other towns', Skill-wise.
But many of stores don't have craftsmen with Skill Level 7, or those that do put up gear that aren't up to snuff despite selling them much higher than the market price, it just doesn't feel right.

<<Goods of higher quality are prioritized for high ranking people belonging to nobility or military. The ones shown at the store are either lower quality goods or only the bare minimum.>>

High class materials are given to high class people huh. Fawkin' stratified society.
Well those items at the store are quite pricey even if they're not rip off, I guess this is the right balance.

<<For your information, malicious stores will use the inferior parts of materials provided by their customers, while falsifying about the remaining parts being discarded and using them for other customers in a form of fraud. Recommending to be prudent in choosing a store.>>

Yup, in fact, around 30% of the stores were exactly that. Either they sell good quality stuff at rip off prices, or vice versa.
We did find stores whose prices match the quality, but all of them were at full capacity just to stock their stores, they couldn't accept custom order for several months.
It would have been fine if it was only a month. Can't exactly stay in this town forever.
...I feel like doing a world tour is just the thing to do after coming to another world.

"Can't find a good store anywhere."

"Kajikawa-san, you keep leaving immediately after taking a quick look at the clerks so they all got mad at us, yelling 'Window shoppers'!"

"Leave 'em be. The problem lies on those stores selling stuff way more than they're worth."

"Being able to tell quality of goods and craftsmen level at a glance is a handy thing, but those who don't know why will not take it kindly."

Well yeah. I don't care about what they think though.
Not like I'm gonna buy at that kind of stores anyway.

...Oh, ooh?
My eyes suddenly caught sight of a signboard written with [Gen Workshop] tucked in a super narrow alley.
These kinds of hidden stores usually turn out gold... Not like I have any basis to that.
Speaking of hidden stores, I wonder if Daijel material store's granny is doing fine these days. I felt bad that I had to leave Daijel without contacting her first.
Guess I'll take a peek. Just hoping it won't turn into another window shopping.

Just as I made my way in front of the store's door and about to enter

CRASH!! Sound of breaking glass. That took me by surprise...!
The glass window next to the door was broken by someone crashing out of it. The glass broke into pieces.
An orange haired short cut young man glared at someone inside the store with blood all over his body, likely cuts from the broken glasses.

"That freaking hurt!! The heck did you throw me for dangit!"

"Shuddup!! You greenhorn's 10 year earlier to go on your own! Quit yapping dumb crap and try to get a single sword sold!"

"My Skill's gotten up to Lv5! I'm a veteran already! Heck that blacksmith over there opened a grand store at Lv4!"

"Is a blacksmith who got nothing to show but mundane crap 'sides from store exterior what ya aspire to be!? Ya can go and open a specialty store sellin' wooden swords and bamboo spears then, ya greenhorn!"

"Now you said it! You're grandstanding too, damned old coot!!"

A short yet stoutly build burly gramps stroked his imposing beard inside the store as he yelled at the young man outside.
Looks like it's a quarrel between master and apprentice. I'll go ahead and make myself scarce~.

"Alrighty! I'm gonna beat ya into shape today... Mwu, hold up, a customer?"

The gramps peered outside the window and noticed me. Busted, shitto.

"Yep, we are. Ah, but we'll be on our way if you want to continue."

"No, we're done for now. Oy, get yourself treated and fix that window before you haul your ass back to the workshop. Make sure you start the furnace."

"You threw me and broke that crap, fix it yourself."

"We got a customer here, dumbass. I got no time to deal with you, get the hell to it!"

"Yeah yeah okay, yer' so loud..."
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The orange young man went back into the store as told despite looking hesitant.
Being able to speak harshly to his superior like that, this man is amazing in a way. That's impossible for me. Eh, what about that time during Slime Sealing incident? That was an emergency.

Wait, the heck, this gramps' Blacksmith Skill is at Lv9! He's a top class craftsman in this town.
The Lv9 Craftsman I saw near the town's entrance is apparently the best in this town and you're telling me there's an equal in such a small store like this?
Heck, this gramps really small. He's about as tall as Reina.
Hm, wait could he be...

<<Race: Dwarf.>>

I knew it. A popular race in fantasy, about as much as elves.
Guess they'd be bearded, strong and specialize in blacksmithing too here.

<<That impression is mostly apt. If they have Blacksmith or Master Blacksmith Jobs, their STR far exceed equivalent humans, higher than even rookie Combat Jobs.>>

Guess he did hurl someone.
How strong are dwarves with Combat Job then. Scary.

"Showed ya a sorry sight there. Well, just have a look around."


"I'm Gedagan, ya can call me Gen. That dumbass over there is my apprentice, Higuroima. Abbreviated, Higuro."

"Who's a dumbass, you old coot."

This gramps just shifted to serving customer mode from master-apprentice quarrel mode like it was nothing. Just like Kanatt-san, people good at their job can shift gear easily huh.
Judging from the goods lined up inside the store, all of them are of good quality with appropriate prices.
The only issue now is how long a custom order gonna be.

"Now then, what's your business? We're open for commission if you want a custom order, ya came at a good timing."

"Yeah like anytime. Nobody's coming to this remote spot with the constant angry yelling."

"And who got me yelling if it ain't you dangit! Whoa, sorry 'bout that, my dumbass apprentice just had to interject."

Are these skits a daily routine for these two or something. What a lively workplace.

"We'd like to have equipment made from magic beasts we defeated, can we took them out here?"

"Ou, pile 'em on this space. Just a warning, I might dump 'em on my dumbass apprentice if they're boring mats."

I'd like to think they're pretty good mats.
I put my hand inside a bag fashioned to look like a magic bag and fetched the bodies of Platinum Chicken, Gold Silver Wolves, and Thunderclap Byakko from Item Screen.
The gramps and the young man stared in wonder when they saw them.

"Oy oy oy, every single one of 'em is first rate stuff. These wolf and tiger are B-ranked Unique Monsters, and that chicken is Rank A."

"You said you beat 'em, you guys a Rank A adventurer party or something? But you all look pretty young."

"...You, the man, beat the chicken and the tiger solo huh. Your stats' all over the place, the heck's up with that?"

Ah, this gramps Appraised me without permission. So he can use Appraisal as well as Blacksmith huh. And hey, that's a breach of etiquette!
Well, I don't mind so long he can keep it to himself.

"I would prefer if we don't talk about my Status. I have my own circumstances."

"Those laddies over there are pretty high leveled too for their ages. Job, High Paladin, Ninja? Never heard of 'em."

"Old man, quit digging into people's background and get to it already. Also don't glare at those ladies, yer' scaring 'em."

"Shuddup, ain't nothing good comes from handing over powerful equipment to peeps with unknown Status! Whoa, sorry. This dumbass got me yelling again. Apologize if that scared ya."

"Oh it's not scary at all... Yup, it's way tamer than when Kajikawa-san and Alma-san got mad."

"You mean this black haired pair? They look downright demure compared to this geezer."

"You just shut your trap now, dumbass."

Reina, don't give them ideas. What if they misunderstood.
The talk isn't really progressing thanks to these constant comedy skits though.
Seems like it's gonna take a while till we actually get to talking about equipment...





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