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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 429

429 First of All, Drink Tea


I relaxed myself on a sofa with snacks and tea prepared on the table in front of me.
I got to them and sipped the tea without reservation.
The ladies were sitting on another sofa but they wouldn't touch their snacks and tea, looking anxious.

"Please make yourself at home and enjoy the tea before they get cold. Do have a taste on our snacks as well."

A soft voice spoke to the ladies. The butler smiled gently at them. Appealing that they're not in danger.

The door got knocked on. Next up was a voice asking permission to enter.

"It's me, Eltros. May I come in?"

Yep, it's the owner of this mansion, Eltros. This room is a parlor inside. The mansion's owner himself sought permission to enter, he didn't even open the door yet.

"Oh, sure, come on in. I need to talk."

I spoke haughtily while taking another sip of my tea. The door quietly opened and Eltros immediately made a tilt perfect 90 degree bow.

"I humbly beg your forgiveness! Mirza has acted discourteously toward you! I shall admonish her sternly, so please! Have mercy!"

"Ah, I don't really care about that. Just get in and take a seat. It's gonna be a long story."

I glossed over his apology and urged Eltros to hear us out.
Once he timidly took the seat in front of me, I got down to the business.
First, to ask him to shelter the ladies, the reason why we've come all the way here.
I narrated how I came to their rescue and the events up until this point and then said this.

"So yeah, I'm not asking to let these ladies live in luxury, just a shelter will do. They're all yours now."
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Eltros never interjected my narration as he listened silently.
Same with the ladies, they kept their mouth closed while listening nervously as their future hinged on it.

"It shall be done. I will do what I can. May I ask how long would it be?"

"Yeah about that? Well it's not gonna be resolved in a jiffy that's for sure, just be ready for a long term stay. It'll be a while, heck, depending on how the dices roll, they might even have to stay here forever. Any issue with budget?"

"Not at all. Taking care of four people is but a drop in the bucket. However, allow me to put forth one condition if I might."

Eltros said that despite tensing up. I was wondering what it would be, turned out it was 'organization' related.

"Our organization has little grasp on the information pertaining the federation, as such I would like to inquire the ladies on what they know. Would it be satisfactory?"

I turned to look at the ladies. Them and then the hooded underling standing behind them.
Linda answered for them.

"We do not know how useful it would be, but yes we will share everything we know. I believe that's a cheap price to pay for our safety."

"That's settled then. Oy, underling, don't just answer what they ask, give out every little tidbit you know as well, you got that?"

Underling nodded vigorously once I looked at him.
And that should be the end of this matter. The ladies were led away to their own rooms by the butler.

"Now then, next up."

Eltros had a "There's more...?" pensive look for a moment when he heard me saying that before immediately putting back his normal face.






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