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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 430

430 Sell, Buy


I fetched stuff at random from my magic bag and put them on the table.
They're materials gathered from the magic beasts we came across along the way here. After taking out a few more, I spoke to Eltros.

"I want to sell these. But you must keep me incognito. Sell to someone who absolutely won't leak out information about me. Bring a merchant that can be trusted. Just one. No more. No telling where it's gonna leak otherwise."

I did consider the possibility of selling these to Aryl now that I'm here and all, but I thought it over as it'd be too much for a newbie merchant.
And so, I decided to let Eltros look for one instead. The man in question popped his eyes open wide at this.
The merchant association chairman of this commercial city, Bonuts, was a candidate as well, however I don't want to go see that man and besides he has expressed his unwillingness to deal with me ever again. Eltros can decide which merchant instead.
But then, Eltros cut my idea short.

"...That can only be the de facto ruler of this commercial city, merchant association chairman, Bonuts... Anybody else... Frankly speaking, they won't have the fund to handle these materials. They lack the capacity."

"Ueeh, I don't wanna see that old man's mug. Wait, you negotiate with him, I don't have to be there. Yeah, then nobody gets to know it's related to me."

I nodded at this bulb light of an idea.
Yet, some things still worried me so I decided to show those to Eltros.
They wouldn't fit on the table. I put them on the floor.
Eltros's jaw dropped so low his eyes also lost focus when he saw them.

~~~~  ~~~~  ~~~~

The morning after, I took my sweet time waking up on a fluffy bed.
Eltros sent a messenger requesting an urgent meeting with Bonuts yesterday.
We got a reply less than an hour later. Saying that he would come early in the morning tomorrow, meaning today.
It's an exception among exceptions. The chairman himself is coming in person after all.
It also means he has accepted the terms written on the letter. A certain material sent along with the letter must have worked its magic.

The terms are, firstly, the chairman must come here himself, alone. He can bring two escorts. They will be standing by in another room during negotiation.
Secondly, he must not divulge the information he gets here to anybody. That's about it. It's unusual for anyone to readily agree to terms like those.
Normally, you'd want to let proxies from each sides meet up and negotiate multiple times over until they reach an 'agreement'.
And he's not doing that. His intuitions must be telling him to cut all that short and get on the action.
Or else there's no way he'd agree to attend this negotiation immediately on the following day.

(That old man is as brazen as ever. Well, I welcome that this time around.)

After changing my clothes, I rang up the bell. Then I asked the maid who came in the room for breakfast.




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