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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 165

Get Me Off, Off, Ooofh


Get me off... Get me off...
Hello there, I'm currently getting shaken, no vibrated, aboard a beast wagon on the way to the industrial town.
My butt is protected by a mana cushion so it's actually not too bad, but the assault on my semicircular canals is just aw aw aw aw aw....!!
Oy! You big lizard drawing this wagon! Pick a flatter road will you!
Why'd you keep happily going for the rockiest ups and downs you could find anyway!!

<<This is an oft-traversed route. The highway lacks maintenance due to frequent emergence of magic beasts. By the way, the beast drawing this wagon is a high level magic beast known as [Mountain Lizard Airscale], which makes it a good deterrent for wild magic beasts.>>

Ohreallynow. That information doesn't really help me right now.
Ah, crap... I'm hitting my limit...!

"...Sorry you two, could you plug your ears and turn away for a sec... Uuu...!!"

"Hikaru, you look so pained..."

"K-Kajikawa-san! Please do it out of the window if you're gonna throw up! Absolutely don't throw up inside!"

Ah, I'm done for. It's bursting at the seam~.
Welp, this is going to be a sorry sight so please stay tuned as this program *oooooooofh*

We're finally here at the industrial town.
Arriving at a new town feels refreshing, my body feels light even.
Actually it is physically lighter. There ain't nothing left in my belly...
Oh, there's the town's name on the gate's signboard. Industrial town [Ringranaita] huh.

I was bracing for trouble at the gate if someone saw my stat, but the gatekeepers let me pass just like that when I showed them my Adventurer Card.
Looks like once you hit Rank C, you get a no fuss pass in most towns.
By the way, apparently the card won't show Name and Rank if somebody besides the owner carries it. What a mysterious technology.
...Why was Vinfitt's checkpoint that strict I wonder.

The name industrial town gave me the impression of black smokes rising everywhere and the town filled with smog, but that wasn't the case at all.
You could hear sounds of striking metal here and there, see people tanning magic beast leather, and some sort of weird mechanisms full of carts on top of the buildings, truly the picture of an industrial town.

"Gale-san, brought 100 slabs of iron ingot with me!"

"Yeah, pile them up over there! Oy, Jitou! Aren't you done yet with the scabbard?! Our next customer's waiting, get to it!"

"I know I know! I'm almost done, don't rush me boss!"
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The tumult really drives home how bustling it is.
Though, it might get a bit too much if we were to stay here long term.

"It's a bit noisy, but everybody seems full of energy in this town."

"Yep. Lots of them are donning obvious craftsman attire too, oh, that guy's got Level 9 Blacksmith Skill. That's the highest I've ever seen so far."

"Ooh, the craftsmen's levels seem very high. No wonder they call it industrial town."

I'm sure we'll find someone who can deal with unique magic beasts and platinum chicken mats here.
Wonder what their levels should be?

<<Materials from Rank A or upper Rank B Magic Beasts require Blacksmith Skill as well as Sewing Skill. There are individual differences, however around Level 7 and above would be appropriate.>>

Fumu, guess we gotta look a craftsman above that.
I could go for that Lv9 craftsman but that might be a tad too high we probably will have to wait for our turn. Let's skip him for now.

"Speaking of which, I haven't asked you two what kind of equipment you want, have I?"

"A new body armor would be nice. Also enchanted accessories and the likes if possible."

"I want a new outfit and weapons I can throw. I could make them with my newly learned Ability [Ninja Gear Projection], but I wanna have some more to be my aces in the sleeves."

Ninja Gear Projection? What kind of Ability is that?

<<Ninjutsu Skill Lv2 Ability [Ninja Gear Projection], an ability that creates temporary weapon and tools necessary for Ninjutsu by consuming mana. The gear disappear after a certain amount of time. In addition, its strength corresponds to user's Attributes, as such it cannot produce strong weapons at low level. The higher Ninjutsu Skill the more varied the objects that can be projected. Currently, Reinamiure can only project [Shuriken] and [Kunai].>>

So kinda like Traces... Let's not go there with this reference. Somebody might get mad.
I think we can use gold silver wolves' mat for those. Also, can probably throw in Thunderclap Byakko's longest fang to get her a new dagger.
An evolving dagger like Alma's sword might just turn up since we're using a Unique Monster's mats.

Hmm, I've been surveying the stores nearby and you don't see a lot of their types in towns like Vinfitt or Randorainam.
Oh, that black ore is adamantite huh. It's usually used to make shields and armor, but it's also usable as a coating like with my frying pan.
Since it won't char, guess it's resistant to flame element. But heat passes just fine when I use it for cooking, weird.

There's plenty of jewels seemingly used in magic tools manufacturing too.
Wonder if they dig those out of the ground.

<<Confirming the existence of a mine, Monster Mountain Range, and Dungeons in the vicinity. These jewels should be mostly sourced from those areas.>>

Fumu fumu, how strong are the beasts in the magic beast territory, that mountain range.

<<The deeper and higher elevation you go, the higher Magic Beasts' levels become. Initial stage starts at Level 5-10, and near the summit, Magic Beasts over Level 50 may show up.>>

Deeper and higher elevation means tougher foes huh. Same system as Monster Prairie.
Wonder if the dungeon like Daijel's one.

<<The types of Magic Beasts differ from Daijel-adjacent Dungeon. The lowest floor is Floor 15. There have been many records of its conquest.>>

So somebody's cleared it already huh.
No changing it being a source of treasure though, might want to check it out sometimes.

And now for the most important tidbit I want to hear, what's the tastiest thing around these parts?
<<Meat of the Magic Beasts living in the mountain range is time consuming to process, but it is full of nutrition not to mention, delicious. There are breweries offering all kinds of liquor as well.>>

So, magic beast meat in the end huh. Comparing it to the meat from Prairie could be fun.
Ah, I'm good about the liquor. I'm not fond of alcohol.

What do, there's so many things I wanna do and we've just arrived.
...Let's rest at an inn for today. I'll sort out the priority before going to bed and tour the town tomorrow.
Gotta prepare for dinner too. My stomach is grumbling hard thanks to all that throwing up.
Wonder how much a room costs here, feels like these inns are getting pricier every time we visit a new town...





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