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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 436

436 Start, and Finish


The following morning, I'm in this mansion's courtyard. Which is for.

"You're done with your preps? Come, it's time to begin our chase game! Been waiting for this. I'll give you two hours. Do your worst and tuck yourself somewhere hidden within that time frame."

Mirza spoke like her prey was already in her mouth.
Five men are standing around her. Black outfits, black headgear, they've even got black mouthpieces there's no way to tell how they look.
You could say they're ninjas.

"I have my eyes placed everywhere in this town, don't you let up now. Or else, these five and I are gonna find you in no time and separate your head from your..."

She made a neck slicing gesture as she said that.

"My oh my, are you getting cold feet now? Or are you so in awe of these five I trained you can't find a word to bark back?"

Mirza has been under the wrong impression about me as she kept chattering in frolic.

"Are you done? The term is for a three day long chase, correct? Mirza, is that good enough for you? I won't hear any excuse later. You will not complain afterward. Understand?"

"Ah? Eltros, you telling me I'm gonna lose to this plain shortie? Quit acting so servile will ya, I dunno why you didn't get rid of this brat sooner."

Eltros's mouth twitched as he replied to Mirza.

"As a matter of fact, I had begged him not to kill you guys. By my authority, I made the suggestion to unilaterally terminate this 'game' of yours. But he declined saying, 'I don't really care about that'."

This angered Mirza.

"You're getting cocky, Eltros... You wanna taste some pain too? You realize where you stand here?"

"Hey? Enough about that, just get it started already. You'll see for yourself. So, how do we decide the victor and loser? How do you know when someone is victorious?"

I can hazard a guess. But it's important to hear the rules nevertheless.

"Hmph! I'll drag your dead body before this guy. But fine, I'll do anything you wish if you manage to escape us for three days. And by that I really mean anything, get it? Ahahahaha!"

Mirza is convinced of her victory already. It looks like a clown show from where I stand, and Eltros who's aware of my power is looking at her with pitying eyes.

"I take that both sides are ready. Allow me to give the signal. Ready? Go!"

I immediately entered Acceleration and left the place.

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"Wha!? What!? Where'd that brat gone off to!?"

Mirza blurted that out loud without thinking. Something which just took place.
Mirza has always been supported by her sheer strength during her tenure in the syndicate. Agility, the eyes that lock on her target and her reflexes are all top class.
She's now losing her mind for a phenomenon that could only be called a vanishing in front of her and her five personally trained subordinates.

"Men! Move out! Gather intel at once! ...Tchhh! What a blunder! I really underestimated him! Fine then! I'll take you on with all my might! Track him down! Then kill him on sight! We absolutely can't lose this match we started!"

Mirza is unaware still. The 'start' and 'finish' are but a single point with zero deviation, and how her defeat is all but assured.

"Open all webs! Raise the density! Do not let him escape from this town! This place is our garden. Fine-comb every location!"

She has no idea that her target is no longer in this town.

"Eltros! What are you playing! You never told me about this!"

"Oh but I did, didn't I? Don't get involved with that boy. I had been constantly on the edge of my seat not knowing when you all would wind up dead. Your intelligence gathering ability is indispensable to our organization, we cannot afford to lose you. And it was you who refused to believe a thing I said, no? And now you're saying I never told you? No, I did not withhold anything. Should I recount where, when and what was the content I spoke to you?"

"Enough! We're gonna find that brat no matter what! Let's go!"

Eltros sighed as he saw Mirza and her subordinates off his mansion.

"...Managed to avoid his wrath and cling on to life... I wish I could cut all contacts with him... But that's nothing more than, a pipe dream..."

Eltros groaned his resignation before moving his legs toward his mansion to resume his work.






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