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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 434

434 Black Worth


Once Bonuts was done inspecting Round Ape's leather, he took a card out of his bosom pocket.
A jet black card.

"It has no credit limit. This is yours to take. It has been issued with my name and usable in any stores registered to Merchant Guild. This should be more convenient to you than cash. Much better than withdrawing from the guild every time you need money. I don't mind handing over piles of platinum coins if you wish. But these items are all unprecedented. Not to mention the sheer amount. Will you consider accepting this instead?"

Bonuts slid that card on the table toward Eltros.

"Very well. That's plenty fine. I suppose you've taken quite the consideration."

Eltros took the card and put it in his bosom pocket.
That signaled the end of this business talk. Bonuts stood up right away.

"I will take my leave now. Things are going to get busy for me. Feel free to get in touch if you need something."

"Yes, I too would love nothing more than to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Let us save the discussion about my organization for next time. We can make an appointment once you're free."

The two grinned evilly as they left the room. Left alone in the room, I came out of hiding.

"Hmm! It's finally gotten light. Next up is, err? Well whatever. Still..."

I was shocked when Bonuts fetched that black card. Same when he gave the explanation.
It's exactly the same stuff as the one on earth! I retorted heavily in my mind.
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"Oh man... I'm finally an owner of one. Never even imagined that in both lives."

At best, I'd only dream up what I'd do if I won a lottery.
It's worrying me how my sense of value might get warped after getting that card.
I'm supposed to be less than a commoner. And then I got super rich overnight.

"No that's a different mind set... Can't be helped though."

This world has the guild that serves as banks, so I was expecting the money to be placed there, but not the appearance of a black card. The guarantor is even the chairman of the guild himself.

"Hm, I see... We told him not to probe and keep this matter and me confidential, and that ended with this roundabout result. Hm, hmm? I guess it's not exactly roundabout? More like this is the only way to do it?"

Eltros came back in the room while I was mulling over that.
He immediately took the card and reverently offered it to me.

"This is your card. To use it, simply hand over this card to the shopkeeper whenever you're buying something. The store side will take care of the rest. Only stores registered to the guild accept this however. But rest assured. Merchant Guild exists anywhere. Any inn would accept this as well. There's nowhere in this world without the guild or such inns, thus this one card will serve all your needs."

After hearing that, I'm convinced my sense of value is going to become twisted for sure. That's way too user friendly.
I watched the palm-sized black card from all angles while simultaneously feeling relieved from having my cash problem settled forever and trembling at the thought of the terrifying worth concentrated in this piece of card made of unknown material.

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