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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 426

426 Observation and Common Sense


Seemingly thanks to the event in the morning, our stagecoach didn't come across any incident along the way.
We passed by several travelers coming from commercial city's direction, yet no event developed.

(Ah... If only this was an everyday's thing, my future would have been set...)

I continued observing the people while praying my 'Factor of Unrest' would one day be gone.
Yes, I'm observing their clothes and wagons they're riding on.
My common sense starts and stops at the village. Widening my knowledge of this world would serve to lessen the chances of incidents happening.
I gotta pile up experiences no matter how trivial.
I still have no idea what is 'normal' in this world. On the inside, I'm that of an earthling from a past life.
I had lived my life for 15 years in a small community, my village after coming to this world. This trip is my first chance to learn on those things.
Only spacing out inside the stagecoach is a waste. Time where I can take it easy like this is precious. No telling when things are gonna turn messy again after all. Gotta expand my view even a bit.

Flustered people riding on steed beast Grudos, three mantled women walking together, wagons drawn by camel horses, evil looking sword-equipped mercenaries and such.
The closer we got to the commercial city the more people we encountered and the more varying they became over time.
Quite a colorful line up of people. A complex mesh of humans and their relationships. I got too absorbed into observing, it was noon before I realized.

"Let's take a small break here. I will pull up by the roadside."
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The coachman parked our stagecoach, then he weeded out the place to secure a small open space for us to rest.
Normally, the food here would have been stuff like rations, dried jerky, or hard baked bread with a long shelf life. But that's not an issue with my magic bag.
I've also got cooking utensils, tables and chairs, even portable toilet with me.
Of course I'm aware that having access to all that stuff in a trip is a luxury. Something that's a bit out of ordinary.
But I won't relent on this. Our situation isn't bad enough to warrant having to eat bad meals.
Now that's settled, it's cooking time. Which is me throwing all I have on hand into the pan.

I prepared the pan and portable stove like usual. The main ingredient is wyvern meat of course. Then vegetables. I added salt once it started boiling.
I'm not well versed enough in cooking to add new menu in my repertoire. Thus I just cooked a simple soup.
Besides, this world's dishes are mostly simple. Boil, grill and stir-fried, I think?
As such most food feels similar to one another. I came to that conclusion after all the food stalls I had sampled so far.

I was scooping out the scum out of the soup while thinking that and then I put out the flame once the vegetables looked soft enough.

"Alright, time to eat. Put your bowl on the table in front of you, I'll pour it in. Linda help me."

Chimera isn't here right now. So Linda moved smoothly. She must have been acting awkward in the morning due to Chimera.
Chimera vanished like usual after we finished breakfast earlier today. I'm guessing it's nearby even now.
And sure enough, 'meow', Chimera showed itself lured by the soup.

Despite flinching at that, everybody else started working on their meal.
I put forth a bowl for Chimera before sipping mine on the table as well.






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