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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 156

The Incident Thus Far The Plan Forward


I took a nap after breakfast before resuming my talk with Director.
I'm still sleepy but dozing off now is gonna take me right to noon, gotta bear with it.
...I haven't had an all-nighter at all lately, even the slightest bit of sleep deprivation feels hard. It hit me now how insomniac I was during my days slaving away for corporations.
I went in Director's room, she was looking a lot better with many children who were peeking outside the room playing next to her.

"Director, may I have a moment?"

"Yes, what would you like to talk about?"

"Some facts regarding this incident, I also want to discuss our future plans."

"...I am all ears."

Director nodded with a grave look in her eyes.
Well, she almost died due to that guy after all, even the children were in danger, so of course she's mad.

First of all, the reason why that upstart pig was obsessed with this land's right.
Before the 'talk', I conjectured there were treasures of some sort hidden beneath this orphanage or something, but after hearing his motive, turned out that wasn't entirely correct or wrong.
According to the upstart, he recently found out that this land was hiding a stash of illegal drug that belonged to a defunct underworld syndicate. He would profit for billions of en if he could get his hands on that stash and sold it.
Illegal drug huh... Would have been usable if it was a treasure or something, but that stuff can't be sold. Heck, that's absolutely out of question.
By the way, the guards dug out this stash early in the morning and disposed of it already. They sure work fast.

Also, this plot of land itself apparently has its own merit as well.
The soil around this orphanage apparently has a unique property that makes crops grow faster, abnormally fast even.
According to Menu, the soil has been mixed with a trace amount of earth magic stone that's virtually impossible to artificially recreate. It's an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs naturally due to many overlapping miraculous coincidences.
The upstart was planning to analyze the drug stashed here and grow the raw material in this land to start a perpetual farm.
After all, even crops that normally grow in three months can be harvested in just half a month here... Is that even okay, won't you get ill eating that?

"Oh that's why. No wonder the vegetables we grow in the garden grow so fast."

"We could harvest three times as fast compared to our previous orphanage."

"Never thought much of it, but looking back it is weird..."

The director and the children here nodded like they finally got it.
...Menu-san, just to be safe, eating the crops grown here won't have an adverse effect, will it?

<<There is no adverse effect. The soil only enables accelerated growth rate, the crops themselves have no particularly special property added.>>

Fumu, so all it does is making plants grow faster huh. That's a relief.

"Well, the drug in question has been disposed of so there should be no risk of bad actors attempting to seize this orphanage to grow the raw material."

"I'm sure this kind of land is coveted by farmers, but ours is not that large and the crops themselves aren't of especially high quality."

"That's about the gist of it regarding the incident. That red and white haired upstart has been arrested, while the thugs and beast tamers he brought had dispersed."

"...By the way, what about that big wolf in the front yard?"

"Ah, Mia is gonna keep that."
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...That wolf woke up while I was fully immersed in the talk.
Its tamed collar had been removed to delete the traces of it being a tamed beast.
That should have turned its back into a wild magic beast, yet it was cowering in the front yard not going anywhere for some reason.
I only recalled about this wolf after breakfast and hurriedly ran to the yard only to be greeted with the scene of children innocently jostling around with the wolf.
...It was almost as horrifying as the time Karla got a knife pointed at her.

According to Menu, this wolf was apparently powered leveled by the beast tamer and got virtually zero real combat experience.
It may be over level 40, but it had only ever killed magic beasts that were on the verge of death, purposely raised to be a disposable.
There is no human on its Kill Log, and thanks to me being the first ever human it ever fought and the accompanying nerve-wracking experience, it's now deadly afraid of humans.

It's especially traumatized of me. It immediately took a submissive pose while trembling all over when I came close.
Seeing that, one of the playing children, an 8 year blond girl, Miarashu got between me and the wolf while yelling, 'Don't bully wolfie'. You got it wrong, I didn't mean to.
Apparently the wolf understood she protected it and grew attached to Mia.
And conveniently enough, since Mia had acquired [Tame] Skill and I got some spare beast collars from the time I registered little birdie, a little girl who hasn't even come of age is now an owner of an over lv40 magic beast.
...Is this gonna be okay? Heck, I had no idea you could even tame a magic beast even before coming of age as long as you have the Skill...

<<It should be safe as long as the owner does not order the tamed beast to attack people. People who have not come of age cannot normally tame a magic beast. The magic beast in this case had yielded to Kajikawa Hikaru which resulted in Miarashu winning over it. It is a rare case.>>

...We gotta drive it to her to never order that wolf to attack people.
The master-servant relationship, or rather, parent-child relationship between me and the little birdie is normally not possible without the Skill to tame magic beasts.
The collar I put on it serves more as a sign, it doesn't actually have an effect.
Menu's translation function is the only reason I could read little birdie's intentions, who knows, it might up and run back to the wild one day.

"Is everything going to be alright with a wolf that big..."

"I believe it won't attack anyone as long as Mia-chan doesn't give the order to. It should be no problem as long as we teach her properly."

"Oh no, I mean in term of food expenses and such."

"...It should be okay if you let it roam in a magic beast territory and let it hunt for itself. That wolf is over level 40 after all, it might be lacking in practical experience but the beasts in the wetlands should pose no danger to it."

"Mia's still eight y'know? No way can she go into magic beast territories."

"You can show the wolf the way to the territory once and it'll go on its own there whenever it needs to eat."

...Anyone but me can be the guide. The poor thing's super scared of me.

"At any rate, I suppose we can call this case closed. Kajikawa-san, we're truly grateful for your assistance."

"Oh please think nothing of it, I'm just doing my job... Well now that we're done talking about the incident, let's talk about the future."

"The future, you say?"

"Yes, would you mind if I help make dinner tonight? Naturally I'll provide the ingredients as well."

Most of the children in this orphanage haven't come of age.
And yet, I just witnessed a child who became the master of a level 40 magic beast.
I'm sure the children here can surpass even that if they work together hand in hand.
...I'll donate lots if the plan fails. Would be super uncool of me though.





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