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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 160

Good to Others Good unto You


Now then, thanks to Kanakmatt-san, there was no ripping off funny business, in fact, I managed to get a spot with a lot of foot traffic.
Afterward Kanakmatt-san... too long let's use his nickname Kanatt-san from now on, snapped because the receptionist kept making up excuses to avoid calling the guildmaster and so he bolted to the guildmaster's office himself where he threw down the rip off paper.
After which he was practically matchless. He showed absolutely no mercy and ordered the guild to thoroughly investigate every fraudulent activities and the people involved.
...How is a merchant able to order around the guild? Isn't it usually the opposite? Just how high up in the perching order he is, maybe he's akin to Alma's parents in term of adventurer's guild authority-wise?
Judging from the guildmaster's reactions, apparently the fraud wasn't perpetrated by the entire guild itself but only part of the staff members who embezzled money by charging exorbitant fees.

Kanatt-san also said, 'Seeing the other staff members' reactions, that receptionist isn't the only one involved in this shady stuff, hire a third party to investigate all personnel here. If you can't do it, our company will never set foot in this town Nyushina ever again', after hearing that the guildmaster got sent into a huge panic and promised the investigation immediately.
Well usually it's not reasonable to get it done right away, yet the swiftness in which he agreed to it was like a disaster just struck.
...Who is this person anyway? I don't think a mere president of a company could make a guildmaster act so servile, never seen that even at adventurer guild. At best, that would be the time that townlord bowed after the sealing of Gluttony Slime.

"Troubles such as that aren't uncommon, but please don't let it mislead you into believing members of merchant guilds are all fraudsters. I won't deny that a lot of 'em are greedy, however most of us merchants seek profit through honest means."

"Oh I agree, this experience was a bit disorienting, yet all the merchants I had the pleasure of doing business with so far have all been good people. I won't generalize them all as untrustworthy. Neither will I trust them more than necessary though."

"Umu, you shouldn't, that's a good mind set to have. You could find yerself' swindled acting like an easy target by frauds like that laddie, otherwise."

After leaving the guild, we're having a chat since we're going in the same direction.
As you'd expect from a merchant, he keeps the fun conversation going without breaking a sweat. He's good at communication.

"I'm still in awe seeing you ordered around a guildmaster, is Kanakk Travel Company a huge corporation of some such?"

"Hmm, if I had to say we employ lots of personnel, yeah. I do business in most continents as I travel around, frankly, I don't have the concrete number but there should be around 1000-2000 people."

"Uwaah, that's large scale alright!"

And that estimation is way too vague! Aren't you the president, is that okay?

"I usually peddle as I journey in whichever direction I wanna. Contacting my people with a long range communication magic device through relay facilities whenever I need to give an order."

"Going around everywhere doesn't sound like an easy gig though. My image of a company president is more, them sitting in a cushy chair while ordering people."

"Yeah that'd be cushy on the body fer' sure, but I find I'm not fit at moving only my mouth while keeping my feet rooted. Apparently I can't calm down unless I'm constantly on the road, y'see lad."

An illness where you die if you don't travel around huh.
I also have this illness where I'd die if my mind didn't keep wandering to jokes. We're like two peas in a pod, eh, you don't? None at all? Oh okay.

"That guildmaster acted humbled ain't because the size of my company, t'was to avoid the scenario where my company declines to help if a Stampede turns up here. Well that threat was just me bluffing tho'. The people who got nothing to do with the shady stuff would suffer otherwise."

"Oh right, I remember the people around us saying something about your company getting bigger thanks to delivering relief supplies."

"About that, so y'see, I saw companies hitching prices in towns that suffered Stampedes, using short supply as an excuse, multiple times. To me, doing business by exploiting people at their wit's end is just ain't it. But it was their right to set their prices, so nobody could complain."

"...That's deplorable though."

"But that's also exactly why nobody could complain if a company sells stuff faster and cheaper than 'em. Delivering so much more goods faster than any company. We sell 'em lower than market prices however, there ain't much profit to be had."

"Eh, then how come it's got so big?"

"As we kept doing our thing all over the place, rumor started to spread. People came under the impression that ours' 'A virtuous company that works for the good of people rather than for profit'. We got more and more customers preferring to do business with us, and then things just snowballed and we were a huge company before we knew it."

From the way he narrated it, it seems like that wasn't planned, he simply did what he thinks is right and people responded in kind.
...A much better result than if it was planned, I'd say.

"Even today we're still proactively delivering reliefs to places affected by disasters or Stampedes, selling supplies for cheap by making use of a great number of magic bags. It might come a tad late, but you really do get rewarded when you do good for people eh hahaha."

"It's never wasted, no it's 'the good you do for others is good you do yourself'. Truly eye opening."

"Hm, whose wise saying is that from?"

"Ah, err. It's a proverb from my homeland. Looks like it's not really known around these parts."

"Proverb? Some sort of aphorism?"
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...Past heroes should have popularized these proverbs.
No, I think they do get across considering all the conversations I've had in this world, some just don't.

"Well, I don't always do stuff expecting returns 'course. Like earlier, no way I coulda let that foolishness by."

"You're a lifesaver. I can't imagine what would have happened if Kanatt-san didn't gave me a shout out."

"Nae' bother. Ya saved me in the wagon back then so now we're even... So yer' planning to start a business eh lad, what're ya selling?"

"Yes, well it's a type of snacks. I'm not the one selling, it'll be children from an orphanage in this town."

"Snacks? Ya mean like those tasty five sherbets at the port town, what's yours like?

"Oh it's much simpler than those. Would you like to sample one?"

"Oh, ya sure?"

I handed him a paper bag with potato chips inside.
The sample I gave that receptionist is gone but I've still got plenty in Item Screen.
The children are currently making a lot for their practices after all. In fact, I gotta empty them if I don't wanna end up with too many.

"*Crunch crunch*... Hmm, this is good stuff! Woulda go down nicely with ales and beers, I say."

I was thinking of children as the target demographic, but I see there's that angle too.
I never thought of it since I don't drink. Well, these accompanying dried snacks might have been common in Japan.
So there's this small tavern near the orphanage, might be a good idea to strike a deal with them and sell our snacks there too.
It's good to have a second opinion like this.

"What're these thin and crunchy stuff made of?"

"They're potatoes sliced thin, fried and salted, pretty simple snacks."

"...I know I asked, but ya better not easily disclose yer recipe if ya wanna sell yer' stuff. Ya mighta just created a business rival."

"Ah, please keep that a secret."

"Way late. Well, not like anybody coulda recreate this stuff just from a recipe, and I ain't gonna trouble you lad, being my savior and all."

Anybody could come up with simple potato chips though. No wait, I guess deep fried dishes are uncommon here so maybe not?

"Still, ya interested in making money with one or two recipes ya know? We can talk it over a drink--"

Ring ring ring! A noise that sounded exactly like a rotary-ring phone resounded.
I was so surprised I jolted from the sound of a phone I hadn't heard in forever...!
Calm down me, my power harassing boss is never calling me ever again here. Deep breath deep breath.

"Bah, and I was having a good time too! Hello, it's me, who's this! ...What, a Stampede at Iruyudi!? The town's destroyed!? Got it, I'm sending all nearby personnel there! Ah, lad sorry 'bout it, some issue cropped up! Let's have a drink another time!"


"Hello, Sebas!? Send out all personnel around Iruyudi there, bring relief supplies and emergency rations with 'em! I'mma get stuff in short supply ready in a jiffy!"

Kanatt-san ran off while talking to a mobile phone-like magic device to instruct his subordinates.
What a lightning fast switchover. From a mild humorous man to a businessman.

"It's like a storm just passed by..."

"I'd welcome storms that save people like that with open arms. Well now that we're done with the bureaucracies, time to promote our store before it's open."

"Promote, how do we do it? Should we hand out pamphlets on the street."

"No, it's simpler than that. Simple but requires manpower, so the children are gonna have to help outside."

"Outside? But..."

"It'll be fine. Heck, they can simply walk around eating potato chips somewhere with a lot of people around. I'm also thinking of asking that guild receptionist lady to spread the word of mouth. Or get the tavern near the orphanage to carry our chips as snacks."

"...I think you could become a pretty good merchant, Kajikawa-san."

"Uh, no guarantee it's gonna go well though..."

The joint-up with that tavern is probably gonna need another permission, well we can always do it once our business is running.
Now then, it's now the time for those children to work hard.
...Just please make sure you kids actually do the promotion and not just wolf those chips down.

<Author's note below>
Cute receptionist: Neia-san (Daijel)
Serious receptionist: Adeila-san (Vinfitt) (Name just decided)
Frivolous receptionist: Naima-san (Randorainam)
Seductive receptionist: Binafa-san (Nyushina Adventurer's Guild) (Not shown)
Gluttonous receptionist: Juniva-san (Nyushina Cook's Guild) (Name just...etc)
Fraudulent receptionist: Guryika-san (Nyushina Merchant's Guild) (Pending dismissal) (Name...etc)

...They might have been too colorful for extras.





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