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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 428

428 Special Force Commander


Heighted at 150 cm, with a bowl cut hair like that of a kokeshi doll and an attire like it's the end of century.
It's a cute kid with sharp eyes grinning at me looking up.

I fell into silence at this. I can't catch up with what's happening. Thus I ask the slightly flustered-looking butler.

"Sorry. Who's this kid? Don't tell me, Eltros's illegitimate child?"

"Who are you calling an illegitimate child! You wanna have a go?! Calling a woman you never met before that, how rude can you be!"

I'm grateful to get that angry punchline from this kid. That was quite a template one.
But she looks like a kid no matter how you slice it, I don't think you can blame me here.

"You look like a little kid no matter from which angle though? You called me out all of a sudden without even an introduction on your own, sure you're one to talk?"

"I may look like this but I'm 20! Don'tcha make a fool outta me! I don't choose to be this small! Dammit! I'mma wring you dead for real!"

"Mirza-sama, please compose yourself. I have been ordered by Eltros-sama to treat our honored guest with utmost respect. I would bear Eltros-sama's wrath if you caused a stir here, Mirza-sama. I hope you can reconsider if only for my sake."

The woman called Mirza backed down once the butler bowed at her.
But her cute face is pouting as she looks away, still angry I see.

"So who're you? And what do you want? Please make it brief and short. You gonna introduce yourself, or let someone else do the honor?"

I've lost interest by this point. Just when I thought the journey was finally over and I could get a breather, this event came up.
I want to end this quick and put my butt on a sofa.
Though that only applies to me, the ladies and underling seem to look restless still unsure where they are.
That's why I want to let them rest, but it looks like I gotta postpone that.
Mirza spoke.

"I'm the special force commander of this syndicate. Recently, this syndicate got a huge makeover. Investigating that revealed you were the cause. Yet I can't get any details? And you even control Eltros from behind the scenes. The only thing clear is that you got black hair and black eyes. None of the executives would speak another word beyond that. So here I am in person, all the way here. Usually I'd let my subordinates handle the job, but it's special this time. I gotta see and hear you with my own eyes and ears."
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Mirza's eyes were staring at me with caution unlike previously while she was giving that explanation.

"Was gonna make Eltros spill everything first, but the man was out. But then you showed up. There's only one thing to do now. Show me your strength, will you?"

"...Hm? What? You're not going to kill me? Isn't it usually straight to 'disposal' for this kind of things? What. So I just gotta show you my 'strength' huh? That's easy peasy."

I won't treat this Mirza like a kid. She introduced herself as a special force commander after all.
Considering the butler didn't correct her, that must be the truth. Her proposal is a more reasonable one.
She should back down once I showed her the 'something' inside me.

"Hmph! Don'tcha think you can run away from us! There's been a lack of 'elimination' jobs these days, I'm getting rusty. Make sure you run around like a good prey for us, will you? The condition is to shake us off within three days. If you get caught... I don't have to spell it out for you, do I? Consider it a warning. Give it your worst and entertain us, alright? Ahaha!"

"You're eager to kill in the end?! Deciding all that stuff on your own, no question asked?! Can you wait a bit? I've got some stuff I wanna ask Eltros, mind waiting till I'm done?"

Mirza folded her arms and puffed like she got the upper hands.

"Fine bye me. We'll start once you're done. I'll let you have that for your afterlife trip. But try running away and the game starts right away, no funny business you hear me? That is if you value your soon to expire life."

The girl said 'game'. Only to her cause I'm dead if they caught me. Not like I'd let them though. In fact, they're gonna get the tables turned on them one hundred percent.
No point in saying that though, I keep my mouth shut. It'd only prolong this conversation needlessly.
Mirza left like she'd enjoy it, seemingly having full confidence on her special force.

"...Wonder why? Well, I get why though. No wait, I don't. Why playing tag now of all time... Well, it'll be a cinch I guess."

"I beg your pardon. We have notified Eltros-sama of your arrival. It won't be long now. Allow me to lead the way."

I sighed at being thrust in yet another trouble as I followed the butler.





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