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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 423

423 High Class Ingredient


I'm told that wyvern meat is a super high class meat. Not even royalties get to eat it often.
Yes, we're currently camping out. It's already night out.
There's an open space used by travelers to set up camps in this meadow. The spot is quite spacious with a simple railing to indicate that it's a campground.
We're not the only one here, there are also five groups of travelers separated away from one another.
Our spot is around the middle of this open space. We're scheduled to arrive at the commercial city with time to spare if we depart tomorrow. It's been a smooth sailing so far. Even if we came across a wyvern. Even if that would have normally spelled our doom.

(Uh can you really call that smooth sailing?)

"So why are you grilling the wyvern meat? Did you not listen to a thing I said?"

I kept nonchalantly attending to the grill while the coachman grilled me.
The dish is just some simple skewered meat cut into bite size, rubbed with salt and then grilled.

"The meat is raw no? It's gonna spoil inside my magic bag even if I process it impromptu. Then might as well put it in your stomach. Ah, maybe it's even better when you age it? Ah, but I don't know how though?"

I'm also boiling the bones. Wyvern bones. The leftover bones I scrapped the meat from.
The more lye it's accumulated the more stimulating to the nostril its fragrance becomes, so I'm keeping a close watch on the soup.
I've been eating lots of meat lately, I'm starting to get a craving for seafood and miso soup but unfortunately I've yet to see a sea in this world. I'd like to go somewhere that sell seafood one day.
But even that thought is getting blown away by the strong fragrance this wyvern bone soup is wafting.

"You don't get it, do you? Do you have any idea the sheer amount of money you could have gained if you sold this? The wealthy, royalties, imperial families, or those who live the life of food are begrudging you right now..."

Linda preached from the sideline. I'm gonna ignore her.
Money is important yes. I don't know how much I need for my secluded life plan so I gotta save as much as I can.
But I've gotten my hands on materials that will solve that issue, losing some meat is no biggie. I won't regret it. Heck, it's only right to eat what you hunted.
Nevertheless I've still set aside a portion to be sold cause I still don't know the concrete amount I need. I'm not dumb enough to eat it all. After all the market price is valued by kilos.
And I've got enough to easily earn so many platinum coins with what I have.
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"Wyverns are a 'symbol' y'know... Oy am I dreaming right now? Is this real life?"

The usually silent underling's eyes were darting at the soup and skewered meat put in front of him.
Well, everyone but me here seems to mirror the thought.

"Those who took care of the problems encountered along the way have the ownership right yes. But. But..."

The coachman is hesitating to eat. The ladies are also only staring at their portions on the table.
I served those so they're naturally free to eat. This wyvern was brought down by me after all.

I had made sure the heat got inside the meat well while making sure the outside didn't get charred. The soup has some vegetables added in. It took longer than anticipated to make the synergy come out.
The bone marrow has been mixed well with the vegetables, the soup shines golden.

As a result, our dinner was a bit late.

"Come let's dig in. We'll get to bed after. We should arrive at the commercial city tomorrow. This trip will then conclude. Let's get down to business before our food turns cold."

There is no seconds. I've only put aside enough for Chimera. I'm sure it's gonna show up after catching a whiff of this aroma. I plan to ask Chimera to keep watch tonight, so the meat is its payment.
Thus we started our silent meal. I mean there was never a chatter during our meals in this journey either way.
But right now everybody is fully focused into eating with a ghastly countenance on their faces. Expending all the energy into opening and closing their mouths. Focusing too much into tasting as if they've forgotten how to talk.
The pieces of hard bread I put as a side dish are disappearing fast. Dipping and softening them into the soup turns them into a bomb of flavor.
The ladies are losing themselves into biting bread. The idea of 'shame' for looking like that doesn't seem to cross their minds.
The coachman and underling are taking their sweet time chewing the meat. Understandable.
The more you chew the more the flavor of 'this is meat au naturale!' spreads out.
The simple flavor of vegetable draws out the umami even further.
Adding the soup there turns the inside of your mouth into a concerto of flavors. The meat and bones have different palates yet they never compete and mix together well as they go down your throat.

"Ah, this stuff is dangerous... I understand how some people have their desire fully devoted to appetite now."

To**ko-san. No wonder you'd want to thank all ingredients in a world full of this stuff.
The five people who have finished eating are spacing out. It's delicious yes but that's not all. They're in a state of euphoria.
They have drools on the corner of their mouth, their expressions dangle slovenly.
Left with no choice, I take the ladies' hands and lead them into their tent. The coachman and underling are in the stagecoach.
I'm gonna keep the fact that the ladies' bellies were bulging from eating too much to myself.

Once they all went to bed, 'Meow' Chimera showed up out of nowhere like usual. I gave it its portion and asked it to keep watch before retiring to bed myself.





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