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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 153

Hope (Partly Despair)


This chapter is from the POV of acting director of the orphanage, the boy Farannam.

I'm dragging my feet on my way back with zero result.
Looking at the pocket watch I borrowed from director, it's 3:30 at night already.
Usually I would have long been in my bed before the date changes, but there's no way I can do that when director is suffering.
I had been going around all the houses I could find from ends to ends in this town looking for a mid-grade antidote potion for director.
But I couldn't get my hands on one in the end.

In the first place, no magic beasts that inflict a mid-class venom have ever been sighted around this area before.
And yet, that magic beast managed to evade the gatekeepers and guards only to attack director, like she was targeted.
It's obviously premeditated no matter how you look at it.

All the apothecaries have run out of mid-grade antidote potions, apparently it's the same situation in the neighboring towns.
Somebody must have bought them all just before director was attacked. Probably the same people who sent that magic beast.
...I have an idea who the culprit is but we don't have a concrete proof. I can only seethe with anger.

We have posted a commission at Adventurer's Guild for antidote potions and for gathering the ingredients, but the chances of either getting taken are slim.
There's no venomous magic beast around this area so most people here likely don't have an antidote ready, and even if they do, 20000 en might not be enough incentive to go all the way to our orphanage.
The ingredient gathering one is even less preferable. It's deemed as Rank C by the guild and normally you have to pay at least 100000 en to post a commission at that rank.
If only my coming of age came just a month sooner, I could have worked as an [Appraiser] and earned enough money to cover for it...

...What would happen to the children left behind if director's condition didn't get better.
That plump red head man would likely seize the orphanage's right by force and drove the children out.
He might even sell us off during the confusion...
I absolutely won't let that happen. I gotta protect the children director raised with blood and tears.

...Director, please don't die...

"...What in the, world?"

...Am I daydreaming cause I'm tired from walking.
The first thing I saw at the orphanage's entrance was an unconscious man whose limbs are bent unnaturally, his mouth gagged and face full of tears and snot.
Next to him is a pool of liquid that seems to be blood.
There's also a wolf type magic beast fearfully cowering in the corner for some reason.
...I was so surprised I thought my heart would leap out of my mouth, but it doesn't seem to be hostile.

...What do I do, I don't think I'm smart enough to make sense of this situation.
What is going on. How did it come to this. Is everybody safe?
I hurriedly got in the orphanage and saw Rina who should be in charge of serving dinner today sitting near a small light while fiddling with her pink hair.
...Has she been waiting for me all this time?

"Ah, Faram-niisan, welcome back!"

"Y-yeah. I'm back Rina. You're still up so late... Where's everybody?"

"They were up after Karla woke them up, but they're all back asleep now."

Rina cheerfully welcomed me in relief.
Thank goodness, at least they're all safe.
I wouldn't know what to do if that pool of blood was the children's--
...Wait, if they're fine, then what was that all about...?
Maybe I was seeing things due to fatigue, yup, that's it, that must be it.

"By the way, did anything happen while I was out--"



What was that earsplitting shriek, no, that sounded more like a filthy dustcloth getting wrung off!?

"...Another scream. How many times does this make?"

Rina muttered looking fed up.
Eh, why is she so calm? Wait, that scream wasn't the first time!?

"E, errr, what was that voice?"

"That's the voice of the culprit behind the attack on director."

"The culprit...!?"
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...I knew that was no accident, someone was out for director!
Unforgivable, I won't forgive them ever!!

"Where is that culprit now!?"

"He's in the guest room, but Karla said we can't get in until they're done talking... Actually, I don't wanna go in."

"What are you--"


Another shriek echoed which cooled down my heated head.
...Calm down, nothing good rushing off in anger, first I gotta assess the situation.

"Are you saying the culprit this time, is--"

"Yup, it was the plump red head white bangs old man who was here asking to buy the orphanage land's bond."

"I knew it..."

That's the only trouble cropping up lately as far as I remember.
It could be a revenge or a ploy to snatch the bond, I won't forgive him either way.


"...And why is he screaming out inside our orphanage again?"

"Karla said he's having a 'talk' with Reina-neesan's friend."

"Reina's, friend? Eh, Reina!?"

"I'm back ssu!!"

There's so many surprise today.
I turned around and saw Reinamiure with her hands up standing there, she was separated from us during the Stampede.

"Ah, Reina-neesan, welcome back."

"Rina, I'm back! Ah, Faram's here too, it's been a while!"

"Y-yup, it sure has."

She's as bubbly as ever. The gloomy feeling is getting blown away just from her presence.

"Reina, you should hurry and get the potion to director."

"Ain't no laughing matter if we got too late after all that trouble, go quick!"

"Y-you're right! Director!!"

A girl and a boy around our age standing behind Reina urged her to go.
Reina ran off at once to director's room.
...Potion, could it be!

"Did you get the antidote potion!?"

"Yeah, we went straight to the apothecary after gathering the herbs. Guy was in a bad mood cuz we woke him in the middle of the night."

"...Looking back, it would have been faster had we used Reina's Shadow Dive..."

"...A good lesson why we should think things through before rushing off. That was really dumb of us..."

"I-I don't really get what's going on, but one thing  for sure you guys must have helped Reina get the herbs. And with that, a mid-grade antidote potion...!"

...T-thank goodness. Truly, really...!
There's a lot of things bothering me, but for now director is saved. That's more than enough.

"T-thank you, so much...! Now director, can... sniffle...!"

"Don't cry now. Save it for after she's up and well, don't forget to hug her tightly first."


Well, all the anxiety and mental strain is bursting at the seam, I can't stop my tears.
It's not something you can just stop at will--


...And it stopped just like that once I heard that filthy scream.
Just what's happening inside the guest room, is it really a 'talk'...

"...What was that?"

"...Seems like Hikaru is with someone else in that room over there, wonder what they're up to..."

"He said you can't go in until he's done with the 'talk'."

"...Let's go see director and Reina."


The two went to director's room like they were running away from the guest room.
...I'm going with them. I don't wanna get in there either.





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