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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 44

Two Full Moons


Three days have passed since Jet Boar was exterminated and the village ceased getting raided ever since.
Must be because the herd lost its boss who would lead them here. Even if those boars come again, the villagers can simply deal with them like usual.
For the time being, the outbreak seems to have lapsed. Our client, Jeinweik-san also deemed commission complete and kept thanking us endlessly. But a gravely injured person should stay in bed, don't stand up you.
The villagers were all overjoyed they could finally welcome harvest period without worries. I'd love to have a taste once they do.
...Yup, taking this commission was the right decision. We can finally cultivate vanilla too.

The village processed Rush Boar mats like fangs, fur and meat without problem but Jet Boar fur was too tough for their tools to cut through, hence, the two of us brought that back to guild.
We transported it to the guild in the same day we killed it, it was super heavy. Naturally given its size.
We could barely transport it by borrowing a cart from the villagers and wearing a powered suit-like mana armor to move it, but it was honestly way too back-breaking a work I put it inside Item Screen once we took a distance away from the village and put it back on the cart after we came near Daijel.
Umu, this Menu's Item Screen is super handy but it's definitely gonna cause a problem if people saw me using it, really gotta come up with a way to hide it.

The townspeople were staring at us on the way to the guild... No way to avoid standing out with this thing in the open. So embarrassing.
Even at the guild, Neia-san yelled out loud when she saw the Jet Boar which brought us attentions of people inside as well. Give me a break.
Then when she was checking our Magic Beast Extermination Log to ascertain we really beat it, she pressed us on our abnormal level growth, 'Weren't you two at level 10-12, just a month ago?'
Oh right, she didn't check our Status when we took the commission. Or rather, we barely showed our faces at the guild ever since we started delving in the dungeon.
We sold stuff we got from the dungeon straight at other stores without going through the guild after all.
Normally, gaining a level or two every month is a good pace for people who are around level 10s, so me and Alma are going abnormally fast.
Well, I mean we're only a party of two so there's more exp to go around, and we've been proactively seeking out magic beasts above lv10 in the dungeon even before the village incident, so of course it's gonna go fast.

As for vanisoi cultivation, the harvesting period apparently changes depending on temperatures, but as they can be harvested anytime, planting them now isn't gonna cause any issue.
The warmer the better it grows apparently and we're entering a warm season so the timing is just right.
Yet it's still gonna take around three months. So we're gonna have to find more vanisoi beans if we want to make vanilla snacks until then.
...We never came across one after that time from a chest though.

By the way, Alma and I took the Jet Boar and two Rush Boars mats while we left the rest to the villagers.
They kept insisting us to bring more, but considering the damage they had suffered from the boar outbreak, those mats were better off with them, not like we could manage so much mats on us anyway.
Heck, taking too much would likely mean nothing but boar meat in our meals for a while. Every once in a while is fine but every day is a bit...
They'd share their crops with us after harvest instead, and I'd prefer that over too much meat, so it's all good.

And thus after cleaning up this and that, we finally came back to Daijel's inn.
We wound up participating in the village banquet so it took a bit. Hope the innlady wasn't too peeved.
It feels like a long journey even though it's only been a week and a half. It's like coming back to your parent's home. Though mine's more like the village's one.

We had meals and took showers in the inn and then went straight to bed. There was no more fighting after Jet Boar but the clean up work was exhausting.
And this is just one commission done. Adventurers sure have it rough.
The sense of accomplishment is unlike anything else though. We've got plenty of rewards too.
Would be nice if other commissions are like this.
Which commission to take tomorrow I wonder. Gotta consult with Alma in front of the guild's bulletin board.
Now then, good night--

"Hikaru! Wake up!"

Just as I was about to drift off, Alma's panicked voice could be heard outside.
Eh, what? What's going on?

"Alma? What's wrong?"

"I was looking at the sky before going to bed and saw both moons being full moons!"

Both? Ah right, this world's got two moons. Forgot cause I never took my time looking at the sky after that first day.
Uh, so what about it?

"...Yeah? That's all?"

"That's not all. When one moon is full the other one should always be hidden. Yet both are full tonight. Something's not right."

Well I mean that sure is weird, but I'm not familiar with this world's common sense so I don't know what to be surprised about.
Is this some kind of omen? Menu-san, any idea?

<<A phenomenon where both moons are full is not related to the normal waning and waxing cycle.>>

<<This phenomenon only occurs when Demon King is born as well as the summoning of Hero, thus recorded in history.>>



...Oy, oy, Demon King now of all time, that's hell of an event.
The Hero is getting summoned at the same time too huh. Can't both of them just fight their hearts out in the corner or something.

"...Alma, apparently it's the sign of Demon King's birth and Hero's summon."


"Well, doesn't look like it's gonna affect us right away. Let's talk about it tomorrow and go to sleep for now. I'm sleepy."

"A-aren't you taking this too lightly...! It's the Demon King and Hero!? Why aren't you more shocked!?"

"Dunno. We've got too little info on hands right now, how are we supposed to gather more this late at night?"

"W-well yes..."

"I do get how unsettling it is. Who knows what's going to happen now. Ah, I bet it's gonna be a huge pain in the rear."

"Y-you're really taking this way lightly..."

Alma is looking unconvinced. I mean how am I supposed to react.
Isn't this better than panicking around like a headless chicken. There's no way to tell how bad the situation is.
...Regardless, let's get ready to deal with anything.
But tonight is the time to sleep. I'm gonna stay in my bed even if Demon King comes knocking my door. Can barely keep my eyes open as is. Good night.





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