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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 320

320 Unaware Of


Now then, my explanation to Mary didn't need a word.
Because she already had a shocked look when I took my hood off, revealing my black hair and black eyes.
Her reaction must mean that she knows something about this.

"...How come you can use that power?"

"I have no idea either. But it's definitely got something to do with this."

That was all the exchange we had. We rejoined the group after which Kidd spoke.

"Hm? That was quick. Is that all? Let's get going then. A~, err, you know? Mind showing me your katana later? I'd like to take a good look if possible. How about it?"

I laughed involuntarily seeing him timidly and apologetically asking that.
I gave him a reply as I found myself surprised at my own reaction.

"Here, look all you want. Handle with care, ya hear?"

I must have a change of heart. But I deem this much distance between us should be fine.

"What the... oh man... I can't look away..."

Kidd looked quite shaken when he drew the katana.
Understandable, even the dwarf gramps who made this had the same reaction, most people would.
Same with other members.
They were captivated by the blade as Kidd drew it.

I guess the sight of the katana emitting a light more intense than this cave-like dungeon lit only by mana lights adds to the mystical atmosphere.
What's weirder is how nobody else uttered how exquisite it is.

"You have my thanks. Never in my wildest dream, I'd come to see something this incredible."

Kidd seemed restless as he put the katana back into its sheath and thanked me.

"Yea, just a whim of mine. Think nothing of it. No thanks necessary."

I took the katana and put it on my waist belt. It's not really fitting right, but it's what feels best currently.

'Meow', Chimera in Cat Mode brushed my legs before I realized.

While the White Fang members were taken aback, I picked Chimera up and petted it.

"What about the marquis... No never mind, not like I'm gonna get an answer, in fact I'd be better off not knowing..."
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"Oy, I wanna hear it from your mouth... Is that thing really, 'Safe'?"

Melgis timidly asked. Looks like they don't fully trust Chimera yet.
Guess it can't be helped. Chimera is a magic beast. They haven't spent any time with it unlike me. Then there's the matter of 'mindset'.

"Why are you guys so afraid of this cute little button? I mean its Tiger and Lion mode might be a tad menacing yeah, but this little one behaves really well you know?"

"That magic beast is still hiding its true power... I see..."

Firuna sounded tired. Apparently that came as quite a shock to her.
Even Cat Mode Chimera is terrifying them, Tiger mode must seem even more dreadful even though they probably only saw it for an instant.
'Lion Mode' would probably make the entire country descend into chaos.
In fact, Lion Mode Chimera did send those empire people into a huge panic at the venue back then.

At this point, I was unaware of the fact that Chimera in its Cat Mode emits the densest mana wave from its body.

White Fang was baring the brunt of this wave thing as we made our way out of this dungeon.
With me following behind them, holding the purring Chimera in my arms.




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