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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 51

What Bastard Noble Are You


How'd it come to this.

A nicely oiled nouveau pig is passed out with a nosebleed in front of me.
This guy has a family name so he's probably a nobleman, nobles really are scumbags. No, I guess not all of them. But this guy looks nothing like those stupidly sparkly handsome noblemen you see in shoujo manga.
Next to him, a spearsman and a swordsman, probs his guards, are knocked out too. Oh and the poison taster as well.
These guards are over level 20 so I thought they'd pose a challenge but even Baredo and Rasfin were still stronger than them. Their Skills levels are relatively low too, wonder if they power leveled?
By the way, the one who knocked these guys out is none other than me. Yes, I did out of rage. It's nothing big though.

It all started after our return from the dungeon, we were going around the stores to sell off our loot when.

"Man, there's so many good stuff on floor four. Comes with a bigger risk though."

"Un. But Hikaru finds most of the traps and the magic beasts aren't much trouble to us so long as we take care."

"Can never thank Menu enough, seriously. Who knows where that warp trap would have thrown us to."

First, to the second hand equipment store.
It's a store that specializes in selling old yet cheap equipment, they will also buy equipment off you.
The line up there isn't quite on the same level as expensive equipment but due to the cheap price and acceptable performance, the store is relatively popular among newbie adventurers.
A lot of people also come there to sell off their old equipment, which then brings in people who seek those.
Today we're here to pawn off old equipment now that we've gotten better ones in the dungeon. Good bye Iron Sword. You were a great help. I'm keeping Safety Shoes with me since they're from earth though.

Then just as we were about to make our way to the material store tended by the old lady, I could hear a carriage approaching from behind us.
Oy oy, what the heck is that speed in the middle of the town, that's dangerous. We're at the town edge though.
Hm, it's slowing down, no, stopping. Do they have business around these parts?

The carriage door got violently swung open, and then a middle aged plump man wearing gaudy clothes came out.
Uwao, his outfit really screams 'nouveau riche'. So many embroideries, precious metal and jewelries.
On top of it, the man acted like a violent and vulgar walking hubris. Ew, quit picking your nose.
He was loudly complaining how the carriage ran badly. I mean a carriage is gonna shake, no way around it. Or maybe there are carriages installed with shake-free tools or something in this world?
Wait, whoa. He's kinda coming our way. Alright, let's avoid eye contacts and get the hell out of here.

"You black haired woman over there! You must be the Paladin!"

Uwaa, he's talking to us. Shitto.
Wait, Paladin? He knows about Alma? Is it from a rumor spreading after the Stampede last time?
His attendant and what seem to be the guards approached us.

"Taster! Appraise her!"

"...Fumu, there is no mistake. This woman is not an Apprentice, she's a true Paladin. I have confirmed the existence of Magic Swords Skill as well."

"Oooh, so she is! My hunch is always right! Hahaha!"

And now he's getting all fired up on his own, but what's up with appraising someone without consent like that.
Is he that? Those egoistical nobles that's all in the rages in isekai stories these days?
Let's check his stats. Name, Job and Skills. I mean he didn't ask for permission, he should be okay on the receiving end too.

Shuudashunshu Koguppu

Age: 48

Race: Human

Job: Fraudster

Power of Word Lv7 - Hypnosis Lv5

Uwaah, his Job's a Fraudster. He even got some mind attack-sounding Skills.
Nothing good's gonna come out getting involved with this guy.

"...Hikaru, this man seems to be a noble."

"...Yeah. And his Job is Fraudster, he even got Power of Word and Hypnosis Skills. He could get us under their effects before we realized."

I warned Alma in whisper.
We might have already come under his influence right now.
...Menu-san, please notify me right away if Alma or me are affected somehow.


"Now then, girly! I am aware that you used that Magic Swords Skill to kill a higher level Werewolf during the Stampede!"

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The nouveau plump man pointed at Alma while loudly talking with a self-important tone.
Opposite to him, Alma replied listlessly.

"You will tell me how you learn that Skill! And you will serve me! Do so and there will be many more Paladins in the future, and I shall claim that deed for myself... Surely you are honored to work for me? Do you not?"

The man licked his lips while telling Alma all his worldly desires out loud.
That last 'Do you not?' part feels like it was loaded with some sort of effect, don't tell me.

<<Power of Word Skill Lv4: [Enforced Agreement]: Enforce agreement when the target fails to resist a question. In combination with Hypnosis Skill Lv4 'Fogged Sense': Debilitate focus of people who listen to user's words.>>

<<Almatina has resisted Power of Word Skill. Kajikawa Hikaru as well as Almatina have come under the influence of Hypnosis Skill.>>

Geh! Are you for real!
I am getting a bit sleepy now that you mention it. Oh crap, who knows what he's gonna do to us now!
...Wait, what? Some weird mana is creeping inside my ears, uwaa gross! Expelling with Mana Control!

<<Kajikawa Hikaru has neutralized Hypnosis Skill.>>

The mana trying to enter was from Hypnosis Skill huh. It was sticky and yucky. Exactly like this pig.

"Bufufu, looking closer, you don't look half bad. I'll have you tend to me tonight."

Uwaa, gross! This guy's seriously gross!

<<Almatina has neutralized Hypnosis Skill.>>

Oh, Alma did it too huh.
Well controlling inner mana is her forte, it's to be expected.

"...I must decline."


"I won't quit being an Adventurer, nor will I serve under anyone."

"You wench...! Do you mean to go against me! Who do you think you're talking to!"

Who the heck care. Ah, guy's a noble huh? Hee, amaze.
Wait, what are you.

CLAP a dry sound resounded.

This pig, just freaking, slapped, Alma's face.

"...Have you had enough?"

"You wish!! Brat! Not even a thank, dare you refuse working for me!? Pushing your luck just because you've a pretty face! I've decided, I shall violate you and"



"The hell you're doing you damned pigggggggg!!!"



I punched the pig's face with all my might producing a sound akin to a ruptured balloon.
The pig spun in the air as he got sent flying a few meters away, scattering nosebleed everywhere.
He's barely alive, unconscious.
Trash. Should've died.

"H-Hikaru! Stop! Hitting a noble is gonna cause a huge problem!"

Alma hurriedly tried to stop me, but the two guards had already drew their weapons while glaring at me.

"Ah man, he went and did it, what now."

"Nobody cares 'bout that pig, but hey, ain't no choice but to kill that guy over there, got a job to do y'know."

"Got that right. So yeah lad, keel over and die, will ya. We'll make this quick if you--"

I closed in on them with Pseudo Ground Shrink. Using the momentum, I elbowed the spearsman's face.


"W-wha, damn you!"


"Wha, d-did he just cut a sword bare handed...!!?"

The swordsman swung his sword at me which I blocked with my Mana Blade Mark 2-clad hand, cutting the the sword in two in the process.
...Eh? The technique is this sharp with just my hand, not even using a sword as a base? What the, scary.
W-well, whatever. For now, get to sleep you. Ground Shrink Punch to the face!



Ah, the poison taster was in the blown man's path.
Both of them got knocked out.

So now, we're back at the beginning.

...Um yeah, there's no 'how'd it come to this', it's all me.
Seeing Alma getting slapped blinded me in rage.
...Crap, we should have run away before they made their move on us.

"A-Alma, my bad! Lost my cool there and..."

"...And I went out of my way to let him slap me. Nothing good ever happens when you pick a fight with a noble, you should avoid provoking them. Some of them would even send assassins just because of small disputes."

"...Sorry, I'll take full responsibility. Alma you should go somewhere safe and--"
"I'll get seriously angry if you finish that."

She interrupted me vehemently.
I can tell from her face that she's never been angrier. Scary.

"We're comrades in the same party. We share responsibility no matter the outcomes. I will never agree being the only one saved, and it's not like this matter will be resolved with just you taking the blame."


"So please avoid acting on impulses. Even actions you think fine might result in irreparable errors."

...I have no excuses. I'm really no good.
Just when I thought I was doing much better than ever after coming to this world, I got ahead of myself and landed us in this situation.
Alma did her best to endure that pig, and yet look at me who should be her senior.
I'm just dragging her down.

"...Well, I'd probably punch that guy myself if he hit Hikaru."


"Or rather, there's no telling what he was going to do so personally speaking, I'm glad you did it. Thank you."

She's either assuaging me or telling the truth.

"What should we do. Things will definitely turn into a huge mess once this guy comes to."

"Un. I think he's gonna keep coming for us for as long as we're within his reach."

"...How about we explain the situation to the guildmaster and go somewhere else till the heat dies down."

"That's probably our best bet. This thing is still a noble, we won't stand a chance if it gets to trial."

"That's that then. Sorry for real, we've gotta go on an unplanned trip now."

"It's fine. Besides, going to some faraway places sounds fun and I've been wanting a change in scenery. This is a good opportunity."

Haa... I was personally hoping to gain some level first before leaving Daijel...
Welp, no point in crying over spilled milk. I could have done better but there's no time to waste on regret.
We'd better set off today. That pig's going to look for us once he wakes up.
Well, our stuff is inside Item Screen so we can move out anytime, we'll leave right away after reporting to the guildmaster.
Gotta check up which direction to go.





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