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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 323

323 Is the Promised Reward, High? Low?


"So uh? About your shares in this..."

Kidd spoke to me. I refused him outright.

"Remember our agreement? All you need to do is to keep your word. Don't worry yourself over my reward."

"Don't think we can agree with that..."

I don't have much desire in this world. Material, money, sex drive... are not exactly nonexistent.
However, I think they're below average compared to the people in this world. Quite far below.

(I must have left them all in my previous life...)

My 'body' and 'spirit' who stayed in that world must be living like he's always been even now.
Only my soul got forcefully dragged from that world.
Something inside me must have warped at that time, or at the time of my reincarnation.

(Perhaps this excessively mighty power has fulfilled me, or maybe I have no room left for other stuff due to it...)

"Okay, how 'bout a victory celebration feast! Drink and make merry all ya want! I'm even gonna hire some escorts..."

I cut Kidd short with a 'No.'
'Ugh', as Kidd stammered, Firuna followed up.

"We would like to express our gratitude. You have saved our lives in so many occasions. Back at the lake with the monster, and the matter with Wraith King as well as the marquis."

Under the strong unbending gaze of Firuna, I relented a bit.

"...Fine, then do one thing for me. There's a dwarf girl called Minya running a blacksmith store. A gramp at that store is a skilled blacksmith. Go buy their stuff."

"...Are you truly fine with that? There must be more..."
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"Yeah, I am. Tell them about me then ask them to smith you stuff using 'that thing'."

I took off my hood and showed them my face. Kidd and Danku looked at me like it was unusual.
Melgis was, 'Oy oy...', seemingly realizing something.
Firuna had an astounded look with her eyes wide open.
Mary who already saw my face in the dungeon quietly stared at me.

"...I cannot pretend to know what's going on, nevertheless, very well. However, please know that we shall spare nothing should you need our help in the future. Do rely on us regardless of the matter."

Firuna lowered her head as she said that. Followed by the rest of the group.
Even the hard-headed Mary.
Dunno what's with the change of heart, but I replied nonetheless.

"Rather than getting all serious and lowering your heads, I'd prefer if you guys just keep your end of the bargain. That's all I ask. Forget about me. I'm not gonna involve myself with you guys anymore."

"...We will keep our promise from here on. That is definite. Heck, breaking that means making an enemy out of you, yeah? No amount of money in this world gonna help with that. Also, sorry for all the trouble Mary caused you. Hope you coulda overlook that one at least."

Melgis spoke jokingly yet his face was serious.
He's saying they won't 'betray' me.
Mary looked like she was about to protest at the 'cause trouble' part before immediately turned sullen and opened her mouth.

"I'd love to know what's your story. But I couldn't get your 'trust' in time. Guess that's that then."

Mary seemed to harbor interest in my background. She's probably eager to research more about my 'Black', but the kingdom is already within sight. There's no time left.

"If it weren't for you, forget conquering that dungeon, this kingdom would have been wrecked badly by that Wraith King. You have my utmost gratitude."

Danku thanked me still with his usual stout tone.

"It's a goodbye once we're inside the kingdom. And well, I had some fun too I guess?"

Hearing me saying that, 'White Fang' looked at each other before smiling wryly.




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