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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 47

Idle Talk (3) Hero, Summon


(Um, is the past hero still alive?)

She told me that there's one earthling living in that world.
If they've still got a hero alive, where's the need to summon me?

<<No, the previous hero has passed away of old age. The earthling presently in that world is not a hero. He was transported there due to what could be said to be an accident.>>

(An accident?)

<<...Yes. Unfortunately for that person, he cannot use a single Skill nor can he choose a Job. His initial Status was completely nil yet he was thrown from Japan into a magic beast territory.>>

(U-uwaa. 'Unfortunate' isn't cutting it... And he's still alive?)

<<Yes, as a result of many overlapping miraculous coincidences he's normally... Normally? Living there.>>

(What, what's with that weird question mark placement!?)

<<It's just that, this person has committed so many absurd feats, he might even turn out more dangerous than the Demon King in the future...  Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have any intention to make that technique known to the public, but if he did, there wouldn't be enough resources to... Ah, my apologies, I am not at liberty to disclose the matter further. W-well, the man himself is not at all a bad person, in fact he's been going around saving people in trouble. I believe he won't be hostile if you come in contact with him.>>

(Eh, what? Did he come along bringing in technological cheat or domestic affair cheat or something?)

<<No, that's not the case... Forgive me, I simply cannot divulge this matter. There are some extenuating circumstances...>>

(O-oh really.)

That person sure sounds like he's got a lot going on. My fellow countryman, what have you been doing over there.
...Feels like it'd have been easier if she told me that he's a criminal and I gotta be careful. It's just eerie now.

<<Now then, I believe it should be about time, do you have any more questions?>>

(Two last ones. Where am I getting summoned? You won't drop me in some random magic beast territory like that person, will you...)

<<Please be rest assured, I shall be sending you to the summoning altar under the kingdom's management.>>

(You will, thank god... Last one, I know it's late and all but are you sure you're fine with me as the hero? I'm nothing more than a part timer with no remarkable talent...)

<<And that's precisely why. You say you have no talent, but from another perspective, it means your ability is not slanted to only one aspect. And that's not a flaw but a virtue for a hero expected to master all kinds of Skills. You are more than fit to become a hero.>>

(Is, that right... Thank you, so much... For choosing me...!)

<<Don't mention it, please don't cry.>>

I would have cried out of joy had I a body.
No talent on anything, no drive to do anything, and yet she deems me worthy.
I think that's a first in my life. No, my life starts now.
Despite my rude thoughts like saying it cliche or template, I feel nothing but gratitude to god.
Thank you. I'm definitely going to meet your expectations and defeat Demon King.

<<Once the Demon King has fallen, you are relieved from duty and lose the ability to be revived. Afterward, I hope you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Well then.>>

The pure white space is filled with golden light.

<<Welcome to the world of 'Paralecia'>>

I couldn't sense god's presence anymore after she said that.
The light gradually dimmed and once it was black all around, I suddenly felt my feet touching the ground.
I have a body. It's such an obvious fact yet I feel a huge sense of relief.
...Huh, haven't I gotten a bit shorter? Ah right, I got summoned here as a 15 year old.

There was nobody in the altar, I could see a magic circle-like thing on the floor and a big dress mirror up front.
Oh, I've really gotten younger... Wait, who the heck is this hot guy!? I ain't no blondie with blue eyes and silky hair!
Heck, he looks so androgynously handsome, I couldn't help but suspect if it's even me for a moment. He's more a hot boy than a hot guy.
....Wait, don't tell me my son's not there. Ah, it is. Thank goodness. I can tell it's there even under my clothes.

<<Oh, god made some adjustments so you can score yourself an easy harem, I see. I say you look both cute and cool, yep.>>

...What's up with this raving incoherent text shown on the Menu screen.
Is this that Menu Function thing? It's kinda different than what I expected. Never thought it's got a personality.
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<<Ah, nice to meet you. I am the artificial personality installed on your Menu Function. Please just call me Menu. Oh oh, you can even add Chan at the end if you want you know?>>

"Nice-to-meet-you-menu-san. And now will you please shut up. It's getting on my nerves."

<<So cruel! You're gonna make me cry! You want me to fill up your screen with crying text you won't see what's in front you!?>>

"Hell no! Quit that, seriously! Heck, what's supporting about you, sure you aren't here to get in my way!?"

What this thing's deal!? This Function sounded super handy when I was told about it, but this installed personality thing totally ruins it!

<<You have to set out alone at first after all~. The default Menu Function only responds at absolute minimum, it's so boring. Feel free to thank god for this service.>>

"Who the hell needs that!!"

Dammit! I knew it all sounded too good to be true! At this rate, my Status must be a mess!

<<Ah, you wanna see your Status? Here you go. Aren't I useful? Fufufu, you can praise me now, capiche?>>

"Sheesh can you be quiet for one sec! Just show it to me!"

Geez, how am I so tired just trying to see my Status.
Ah, but it does the job. Let's see.

Name: None (Please Input One)

Level 1

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Hero

State: Normal

HP: 150/150
MP: 80/80
SP: 70/70

STR (Strength): 120
ATK (Attack): 120
DEF (Defense): 115
AGI (Agility): 117
INT (Intelligence): 119
DEX (Dexterity): 102
PER (Perception): 100
RES (Resistance): 98
LUK (Luck): 50

Swordsmanship Lv1, Spearsmanship Lv1, Axe Art Lv1, Staff Art Lv1, Archery Lv1, Shield Art Lv1, Martial Art Lv1, Throwing Lv1, Fist Art Lv1, Stealth Lv1, Offensive Magic Lv1, Support Magic Lv1, Healing Magic Lv1, and more, optional display

EXP (Total Experience Points): 0
NEXT (Experience Required for Next Level): 10

...I get that I've got lots of skills, but are those attributes strong?

<<Your attributes are around the same level as an average Combat Job at lv10. Uwaa, so many Skills. Isn't god being too generous with you. Wait, 'optional display', there's still more, I can't believe it.>>

...Looks like I'm pretty strong even at my initial state.
I'm sure I'll get stronger and obtain more Skill with level ups.
...Oh crap, I'm getting excited like never before. Can't stop smirking.

<<Uwaa, he's smirking to himself. Scary. Guard-san, it's this guy over here.>>

"...Would have been perfect if not for this thing..."

Well, I'm sure I'm gonna get used to it. Hopefully, surely.

I don't have a name yet. Might as well put on a new one.
A new life, no, my true life.

"I'm set on my name, it's Neo Raifu."

<<So simple. That will be Neora-chan abbreviated then I guess. Kind of girlish if you ask me, ah ow ow! Please don't pull on the screen! How come you can touch it!?>>

Oh man, I'mma beat the crap of this thing! Dammitall!
The mood's spoiled now!

~~~God's Point of View~~~

...It appears the summoning went well.
Perhaps I overstepped my bounds installing a personality on Menu... W-well, at least he won't be lonely now, y-yep.

...But I'm really such a bad gaslighter.
Both Demon Kings, and Heroes are existences necessary to maintain order of the world.

Demon Kings are created to stop humans from proliferating too much and consuming all available resources, essentially an Arbitrator.
And Heroes are summoned to this world in order to defeat them, in name. Their summoning brings in the enormous resources from earth dwelling in their body, they are Couriers.

When you put it that way, it's as if I'm toying with the lives of people... No, I am in actuality. What just took place in the summoning earlier was me hiding my true intentions behind made-up reasons.
...I do feel sorry for the people and the hero I am deceiving, but there is simply no way to wash my hands off shady means if I wish to maintain this world.
Had he known the truth, he would surely deride me...

The earth god seems to have abandoned his duty to maintain the balance there.
Despite its enormous resources, that world is on the verge of exhausting its physical resources as well as food and yet he doesn't seem like he is going to intervene at all.
That said, it's not like he's apathetic of humans, it's the opposite in fact. He loves humanity so much it borders on abhorrence.
He would observe the lives of every single humans, more than seven billions of them, regardless of who, every single day without fail.
Evil men, neutral men, good men, geniuses, fools, incompetent men, sagacious men, madmen, it doesn't matter who they are, to him they are an object of love and observation, never missing a moment of their joy, sadness, tears, grief, anger and laughter.
A bankrupt ideology where he would never question those people even if their decisions brings about their downfall, which is only a matter of time.
...I would have never chosen to interact with him if not for my need of resources.
And yet, I can never assert that his choice is wrong either. After all, I have brought about the end of many innocent lives through Demon Kings' hands in order to maintain the world.

Ultimately whose choice is the correct one I wonder. God would surely laugh at me.
I do not even have the courage to face my choice.





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