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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 326

326 It's That Kind of World After All


I took a jab at his stomach as I dodged the big man's fist.
Of course I don't put any power into it. I exclusively utilized the big man's momentum instead.
The man seemingly didn't think I'd dodge him, he rushed headlong into my fist.
The sensation of hitting something transmitted to my arm. My fist sunk in the big man's trained abs.
That counterattack had enough power to reap his consciousness.

Normally, the weight difference should have been too great and I'd get blown away instead. But I'm not normal.

(I wouldn't have been here if I were...)

I looked at the man as he fell down unconscious while foaming at mouth.
Then once I confirmed he wasn't moving, I turned my gaze at the other thug.

"I wasn't planning to attack if you didn't start first. But it's too late now, yeah? This will be you next."

"Bastard... I ain't lettin' this slide. You're dead meat..."

The thug drew a knife and swung it around to stop me from coming closer.
He's quite calm despite acting frenzied. Was sure it'd be another template where he'd rush in with a knife, but that never came to pass.
This thug is quite an 'adept'. Which makes him a bit more difficult to handle.

(I could've shrugged him off if he came charging in. But this guy doesn't seem like he's trying to kill me.)

Despite telling me to die, it's very obvious how he's probing for a chance to flee.
And the direction wasn't to the slum but toward the main street, in a calculated way.

(Resorting to bluffing so he could flee even if it means leaving the big guy behind. The type that's well aware of his own weakness and understands what's truly important...)

Letting him escape would make this mess grow bigger later.
You see this a lot. 'I'll get you for this!' as they ran away and then came back later bringing more men as a 'payback'.
Also, these thugs look like they belong to an organization. No doubt about it.
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(There's no way two men could 'use' this many children. They must be in a group.)

Their most probable goal is 'slavery'. An indispensable part of this 'world'.
I'm sure they'd find use for these children nobody would look for.
These children are obviously orphans considering they're only wearing rags.

With all that in mind, it's clear they must have the backing of a crime syndicate.
There's no way an official organization would resort to such a shady means.
No wait, considering this is a fantasy world, that might not be totally out of question.

I kept effortlessly dodging the thug's knife while thinking all that trivial stuff.
Despite never hitting, the thug only appeared slightly restless as he continued to look for the right time to escape.

I got tired and pretended to stumble.
The thug took a large swing at this chance.

Yep, if he's looking for an opening, might as well give him one. Sure enough, he took the bait.
But his reaction was part of the plan. I'm in full control of this opening, so there's plenty of ways to cope.

As the thug lunged straight at my chest, I grabbed his arm from below and shoulder threw him. I didn't put him doing an ukemi into consideration as I made the throw.

The thug got the air in his lungs forcefully taken out as his back crashed onto the ground before passing out.




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