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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 325

325 Unavoidable


I'm currently walking in the slum on my way out of the kingdom.

(Why? How? I was just walking through some random unpopulated area, how did that end with me 'seeing that by chance'...)

The reason why I was even in the slum was because gramps told me about a shortcut here.
If I didn't take this shortcut, I'd have to walk past several crowded areas to leave the kingdom. There would be no escape if someone got their eyes on me in those places. Just like that time Kidd first called out to me.

Hence the slum. Not many people there, and nobody could catch me when I'm under Acceleration.

Thanks to this 'something' inside me, trouble comes looking for me anyway and the encounter rate should stay the same regardless of which path I take.
Then I might as well choose the path that offers an easy way out. Or so it should have been.
Yet why does this happen?
A kid is being held high by his neck. There's also several other collared kids lying on the ground in terrible shapes.

(...Feigning ignorance gonna make me sick to my stomach. On the other hand, I don't know the full story and it's not my place to butt in if this was something 'normal' here...)

But I just know it. The fact that I come across this must mean it's a crime scene.

"Hey? You guys. Get your hands off him. Aren't you ashamed doing that to a kid?"

It's too late. I undid Acceleration and spoke to the thug-like men.
Not out of altruism. I just couldn't overlook it. It wasn't out of pity for the poor children either.

"Aah? Who the hell? What we do got nuthin' to do with ya! This ain't no show!"

One of the two thugs, the short and skinny one yelled while spewing spits everywhere.
The other thug, the one holding a kid by their neck is a classic macho man.

"Ah, sorry. Your mugs just look so punchable, I couldn't help myself. No really, why are all scumbags I run into always look so unmistakably evil? So much so I suspect they only exist to annoy me."

Yes, that's the whole reason. I don't care about the children's circumstances, who these thugs are, or how it comes to this.
It's just that these scumbags always crop up with sickening grins on their mugs.
What I'm about to do is nothing more than me venting my anger. I'm well aware of that.
I just wanna know why do all these events are always the type that would make feel bad if I ignore them.
That fact alone is piling up my frustration.

(But please give me an excuse to beat you guys up. Something, anything will do.)

Not because I want an excuse, but to serve as a measure and convince myself.

"Oy, get lost while I'm still feeling generous. Didn't ya hear me? Get the hell outta here!"
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"Sorry. I did hear you but no. What are you doing to those children?"

"Tch! Oy, kill him. We're taking the brats once you're done. Dammit! What a pain! Guess his stuff'll make for some extra cash at least."

Did all these dunces have a conference to decide on the same crap to spout in situations like this?
But I welcome it this time.
Because this means I have a legitimate reason to defend myself.

"Well, I'll make sure you don't die at least."

I opted not to use Acceleration, nor my katana and instead countered the punching man while holding my power back.




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