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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 327

327 What's Happiness Again? What is it?


I'm wondering just what is good luck even?
Winning the lottery is probably good luck. Getting rich quick. This case must be happiness because you purposely go out and buy a lottery ticket.
There are also some unforeseen matters that count as good luck.
Like how you're handed an easy job because of someone else's failure.
Or getting compensated big from a trivial action you did without thinking.

But how about me now? A body that far surpasses the common men's, and reincarnating in another world.
I'm sure it's a grand experience nobody else can get. That may be good luck to some.

But that's only one way to look at it. Personally, my situation is far from being lucky.
No matter what anyone else says, this is not something I ask or even need.
In fact, happiness to me is if I get transported back to my world and resume my life there right this instance.
I wanna ask the deity who shoved me here what's her problem with me.

(A double trap. Looking the other way would make me feel sick, yet saving them would mean sticking myself into yet another mess...)

There are six kids, and I can't bring myself to just leave and let them fend to themselves.
If only I could do that, I would have lived worry-free in this world. Heck, I would have outright ignored the thugs earlier.
I can't really complain about it now.

(I'm dumb for never thinking what comes next after saving someone...)

"Oy, kids, gather round, I'm gonna take off your collars."

The kids who were sprawling on the ground have all stood up before I realized.
The kid who was being held by the big man is glaring hard at me.

"You can't take these collars off. They're made for slaves. It's on you forever once it's put on..."

The kid explained while looking downcast.

"Hey? You never asked for my help and I did this on my own, so I don't need your thanks. But why do you know about these collars anyway? Can you tell me more? Who knows maybe my power can help you."

I blurted out something out of character. What kind of 'power' do I even have in this world?
The only power I have is an unwieldy one I can barely control. I have no real 'power' when it comes to saving these children.
It's too late to take it back. Looking closer, the children all have bruises. Not to mention the rags they're wearing. They're so skinny you'd think they'd disappear anytime.
What power do I even have to help these children.
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(Oh man... Why'd I go and set up an event on my own...)

Were this event have a name, I'm sure it'd be called 'Rescue the Children'.
Or perhaps more like 'Save'?
Now that I've initiated this vague yet long-term-sounding quest, I just wanna run away right this instance.

(I'd be living a completely different life had I heart to do that.)

The children are all downcast. After about two minutes, one of them slowly spoke.

"The mana inside this collar will react with a different mana and locks it down forever. That's what these thugs said when they were trying to catch us. And they were right, we couldn't take them when we tried."

The collars are made of metal, breaking or cutting them is a no go.
The specs seem kinda different from the collars used to capture the elves. Though I feel like they have the same principle.
So I gave it a try and put my hand on the resigned kid's collar.

"The heck, it came off just like that... A bit anti-climatic if you ask me... Wait, maybe this stuff are all made similarly?"

That apparently came as quite the shock, the children were all surprised before sending a look of awe at me.





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