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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 324

324 Contained Within


I left the wagon alone after it passed through the gate. The rest of the group were heading to the association to give an explanation.
I'm not going with them. The reason being, it's a pain. I'm not even an official member of the party.
I had them all promise to muddle things up regarding me.

(Well it all depends on how good they can mix up 'truths', 'lies', and 'brags'.)

I don't particularly mind if the association finds out about me.
What will be, will be, I can't predict the future.
I wasn't really thinking about what would happen later when I agreed to dungeon delve anyway.

It was simply because I didn't want my acquaintances, the gramps who made me this katana get harmed.

(And apparently the last boss, Wraith King was a disaster waiting to happen... Hm? Didn't they mention how the kingdom would get wrecked if that thing wasn't dealt with?)

Everything turned alright anyway, let's focus on the future now.
I'm planning to have my katana get looked at.
White Fang should be celebrating at the association today, we won't run into each other so soon after parting.

I arrived at gramps' forge after walking a bit. That was when I noticed.

(Where's Chimera gone off to?! ...Huh? Just when did it even...?)

As I try not to think about my now cold shoulder due to the vanishing Chimera, I entered the store and spoke.

"Gramps you in there? Will you have a look at my katana, see if it's chipped or bent. I was swinging it around a bit too wildly."

Of course I never actually did.
However, I chose to say it like that so gramps would agree to look.
Once I've left this kingdom, I won't have the opportunity again, gotta use this chance to get him have a good long look.

(Next up is the federation I guess? Or was it  called something else? I can't even be bothered to memorize country names in this world huh.)

I'm sure they have proper names, but my interest in this world doesn't extend that far.
My life-long goal is to fully reminisce the past after all.
I'm doing my best to avoid getting familiar with this world's terms.

(But I sure would love to take a look at this 'Hinomoto'.)
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Now that I've found out from the dungeon expedition I could run on water, I should be able to go across continents.
I'm not gonna run into sea magic beasts or the likes during Accelerated state anyway.

"Ou! It's you! Hold on a bit! Minya, get some tea out! The best one!"

"Yes. Ah, hello! What would you like to do today?"

Minya asked. I replied honestly.

"I plan to leave this kingdom soon. So I'd like to learn how to do some simple maintenance on my katana as well as having gramps look at it."

"Eh? Are you leaving already? That's a shame..."

"Well I'm traveling around with a goal in the first place. Now that I'm done with the stuff here, it's good time as any. 'No time like now', they say."

The 'stuff' which is the dungeon. I have an inkling that I'd get dragged into another incident involving White Fang if I stayed here any longer.
I'm never becoming an adventurer, if I stay here I'm sure to come across White Fang by chance and get dragged into a whole new mess, that's for sure.
There's just no denying one thing about me anymore.

(This must be because of my lack of 'God's Blessing' thing... This 'Something' inside me has been dragging me headlong into all those incidents...)

It's a minefield everywhere I go, yet the frequency is just not normal. I'm sure things wouldn't be this bad if I had a 'Blessing' protecting me.
The lack of that is what's probably turning me into the 'brunt' of those events by the world. This 'something' must be akin to 'Causality' or 'Karma'.
There's probably nobody else but me without a 'Blessing' in this world.
No mistake about it. My hunch is telling me that.

(Give me a break... I seriously wanna punch the deity of this world...)

Minya got all worried at me who turned downcast from thinking all that.
Then gramps showed up.

"Ou ou ou! What's up! I heard ya just now. Yer' leaving the kingdom eh. Okay then, let me at it! I'mma even give ya a booklet teaching simple maintenance. But y'know? Make sure you turn up every once in a while or years. Some stuff just cannae' be done by amateurs, ya got it? Gahahaha!"

Looks like gramps gonna see me off with a big hearty laugh.




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