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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 321

321 Sense of Liberation


It's the exit. The outside is still bright. I squinted at the sunlight after having lost touch of it.

"Oy! We're back! Come and check! We also have some questions!"

Kidd yelled to draw the guard's attention.
The guard noticed and hurriedly put down a ladder before climbing down. He was followed by two more guards, they all stopped in front of us.

"Are you guys adventurer party 'White Fang'? Please sign over here..."

"Please wait a moment. There is something we need to inform you."

Firuna told the guards about how we got raided by 'Ring of Light' as well as the marquis inside the dungeon.
The guards asked what became of the marquis, and she just said that he 'died'.
In order to bury him in the dungeon regardless of his status.

"I can't believe it... But then... We must report this matter to the Adventurer Association. We have to dispatch a corps to investigate..."

"There is no need for that. The association's protocol should also state that matters such as this is to be left unattended. Regardless of the other party's position."

She's pretty much telling them to give up trying to search the marquis's body.
He's getting treated like some random bandit.

"And besides we have no time for that."

"Wha?", the guards looked dumbfounded.

"We have conquered the dungeon. Here is the evidence. As such, this dungeon will collapse once we step out."

She showed them the bag from that time. The guards' face turned pale when they saw the content.

"U-understood ma'am! We will prepare the procedure at once, if you could please wait a moment! Oh, please sign here first!"
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The guards' attitude had a u-turn. Just goes to show how revered dungeon conquering parties are to the public.
All the more with the size of the core, enough to turn them dead pale. From this exchange alone, I get that White Fang is gonna become even more famous.

(Well, it was me who defeated all the monsters though. Also, these guys are probably gonna faint if they saw that mana crystallization at elven forest.)

Later on, I found out that this was the fastest ever dungeon conquest in recorded history, a huge topic enough on its own but the current me didn't care about that.

In just a bit, six more ladders were set up. Apparently we're to climb them all together.

"If I may ask, was there anybody else who entered the dungeon after the marquis?"

"No, marquis-sama has ordered us to stop any adventurer going in after him. The request was accepted through a formal warrant as well."

'Isn't that an abuse of authority?', I kept that thought to myself.
That marquis must have been the one who forcefully muzzled all previous adventurers. I realized and decided to stop further thinking about that.

This dungeon expedition is over. All that's left to do is to exit this place.

"Heck yeah! This moment really gives you the best sense of liberation."
"Oy, Kidd. Don't let up just yet. You forgot what you said already?"
"Yep, save that until we're done with everything at the association. I do so get you though."
"Let's get a move on. First, gotta finish the procedure here, no?"
"We have arrived at a good stopping point indeed, but it's still too early to relax. After all, there is no guarantee they would believe us."

She must mean the matter with us getting raided and Reidas XII.
I paid it no heed since it got nothing to do with me. Kidd must be feeling excited from getting bathed in the sunlight at last.
I'm in the same boat, so I won't dig at him.

And then, a bit after we climbed up and reached the surface, that event took place.




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