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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 318

318 Glinting Cat's Eyes


"D-damn monsters..."

I heard that mutter. It came from Marquis Alestain.
He alone managed to avoid getting frozen. Through a magic tool that can block magic once.
This magic tool is the most the marquis has ever paid for an object. Its effect does match its price tag however. Which was just proven.
Thanks to it, the Marquis could afford running for his life toward the stairway to floor one.
Unbeknownst to him this would result in a game of mouse and cat, with another monster.

"Oh crap! That marquis's gonna mess things up if he got outside! We gotta get him first!"

The single worst person they couldn't let go has fled. A critical mistake. Extinguishing the marquis's life here will ensure White Fang's safety in the future.
And yet the main target himself has escaped. Melgis who was about to hurriedly go after the marquis suddenly stopped.
Due to a chill he felt on his back.

Chimera's eyes glinted in that exact moment.
The sharp eyes of a cat who found its prey.

Chimera leaped off my arms and ran straight in the  stairway's direction.
All while effortlessly zigzagging through the complex maze of statues.

Then once it arrived in front of the stairway, Chimera transformed into its Tiger Mode and roared once, 'Gaou'.

(Cats in hunting mode are scary... The marquis is either gonna live through hell getting toyed around for a while, or it's gonna end painlessly in an instant...)

One thing for sure is that the marquis definitely won't feel alive while Chimera is hot on his tail.

"...Let's follow after them. No use staying here..."

Kidd muttered that before proceeding to walk toward the stairway.
He's understood that there is no point in frothing over the marquis now.
The other White Fang members also walked away silently afterward.

I followed behind them.

(What is this? They all look so tired... like they just went through an all-nighter.)

I don't know what they're thinking. But for some reason, I get this urge to cheer them up somehow or another?

"Ah, err... sorry?"

They all turned to look at me with begrudging eyes in unison before sighing out all together.

"It's not your fault... yeah, it's not... right?"
"Right, none of this is anyone's fault..."
"Yup, none at all, I felt like crying. Wish I could blame someone..."
"Marquis... What a pitiful end... Sorry not sorry though."
"Dead or alive does not matter with that pursuing you. We don't need to worry about him anymore, this is absolute."

I didn't really get what was so terrifying with Chimera coming for you, yet 'White Fang' all spoke like it was the end of the world.




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