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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 319

319 Sought After Thing


I don't see any goblin anywhere on floor one. Wonder if it's thanks to Chimera running around all over the place?
And where is the marquis, the one it's hunting at now?
Since floor one is a bit of a maze, at worst, they might have gone into a route that doesn't lead outside.

Our party's got Melgis though, so we're not gonna lose our way.

"Hey hey, will you tell me the source of your strength, pretty please."

Mary spoke to me all of a sudden. Firuna admonished her.

"Let it go already, Mary. We have an agreement with him not to probe the matter."

"Mary is the most passionate when it comes to seeking strength among us after all. There ain't no stopping her, not even us."

Kidd persuaded Firuna.

"I'm not asking it for free. I'll give you everything I got in this expedition in exchange. And if that's not enough, I can still splurge more money."

The other members were taken aback by this. Her resolve is firm.
No, it shows how much she puts importance on strength above money.
She'll pay as much as she can if it means obtaining power.

"Mary, you're getting overboard."
"Oy oy oy, how much that's gonna be? Take a step back and think again."

Danku and Melgis tried to stop her.
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Looks like this is the reason for her emotional instability.

Envy, yearning and fixation toward strength. 'I want to become even stronger' feelings.
Mary has been repeating how her magic is the best in the world all this time. That must be her conviction given form.
Enter me who overturns that conception. She must feel conflicted, on one hand she's envious of me and on the other hand she wishes to know my secret. Although this is nothing more than a conjecture of mine.
Her magic's firepower is incredible. She's not all talk.
She's been living her life as an adventurer with that conviction uncontested, so I can't blame her for feeling confused now.

As such, I'm not really against loosening up some rules for her.
I'd like to see how she'd react and to clear away that murkiness.
Even if it might result in more murkiness with the person in question not believing instead.
I think I've gotten a bit attached to these guys after this dungeon delving experience.
There is no telling if this would result in regret later on or not at this point of time.

Hence, I gave my reply, swept by the flow.

"Sure I don't mind. I'll divulge about myself a bit. Keep the cash. But let me tell you this now. I do not have what you seek, Mary. Still you want to know?"

I asked this seriously with a bit of pressure.
Mary replied unflinching.

"Let me know. Even if it doesn't directly lead to me getting stronger, the knowledge and experience I gain from it should connect me to that 'strength'."

I'm amazed she's aware of the fact that there are different types of strength.

(Huh, so she's thought this through. Much better than just being singlemindedly focused on magic. Can't say her attitudes toward me were commendable though.)

"Fine, then let's talk once the other members turn at that corner. I'm only telling Mary. Is that fine with you?"

I checked with White Fang. They readily agreed.

"I'm kinda curious too, but yeah that's fair."
"If it means making Mary even stronger. Man, you've really been such a big help."
"We owe you way too much to ever repay."
"Everything you have done for us in this dungeon will help support our future endeavors."

Mary spoke afterward.

"We'll take all the money and magic tools. That may sound shameless to you. But we're gonna keep on crushing dungeons from here on. To that end, we need money and magic tools. We're taking it in our hands to never let a single outflow of any dungeon ever happen."

The entire crew of 'White Fang' had a resolute look on their face. Seeing that, I was.

(What is this, a heroic tale? This lot would work great as protagonists.)

Poking fun of it inwardly.




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