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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 328

328 What Do? Shove It?


I managed to take the children's collars off. But is that good enough for me to just go 'see ya then' here?
Me carelessly telling them I'll be their power has become my shackles.

"Ah, guess I gotta see this through to the end... what a pain. A huge pain in the rear... but I should make sure these six have a stable life without fearing the future at least. But y'know. What about my plan to leave for the federation today..."

My hunch at work here.

(Are you telling me there's still something I need to do in this kingdom? Power of fate? I was made to come across this situation just to stop me going away? Who would do all that anyway?)

Everything I do carries consequences. Perhaps things would end in a bad note if I did even just one thing differently.
Butterfly effects, though I don't think there's any way to verify such phenomenon.

"...Is this all because of my lack of 'Blessing'? Because I don't have mana? Whatever the answer may be, I don't have any way to ascertain it... huh."

I kept groaning on my own, not knowing what to do.
How do I shove the responsibility of taking care of these children, and to who.

Fortunately, there are several people that owe me a 'debt' in this kingdom.
I'm sure I could shove this issue on them. Hence, I'm thinking.

(Maybe have these kids help out at gramps' place, or as his pupils. Or maybe they can work as porters for 'White Fang'...)

My last option is to bring these kids along in my travel. Just as my thought wandered there, I recalled one other place.

(It's this kingdom's slum after all, the responsibility falls on the country. Maybe I could ask the princess or the prime minister for help?)
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They probably wouldn't take it kindly, but not like I care.
I mean, the princess had caused me no end of trouble herself. She coaxed me into taking her to the castle as her guard lest she'd brand me a wanted man. I have no good impression of her even if that was just a joke.

There's just one thing I need to ask these children who have been staring at me all this time however.

"You kids, do you have a home? What about your parents? Also, how do you usually eat?"

As per the usual template, I could hazard a guess what the answers would be. However, it still warrants a question.
I'm not a kidnapper. Hence, these kids gotta tell me what they wanna do themselves.
Do they have nothing else to go to but to cling on my suspicious offer of power, or are they self-sufficient enough without having to rely on me.

"We have no home or parents. We usually scrounge for food scraps in garbage. We only have each other, barely scraping by everyday."

They're a group of orphans, beggars and vagrants no matter how you look at it. My head hurts.

(They're gonna hit a dead end sooner or later if I just hand them money. Taking them to an orphanage... if the solution were so simple, these children wouldn't have been here. Can't just feed them, gotta think up ways for them to make money, they gotta learn how to support themselves...)

What is this, a raising simulation game or something? I was at my wit's end.





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