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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 81

Can't be Picky on Methods


The guildmaster briskly led us to the church.
Didn't know this area was here. We normally never came here.
There's a cross-like object erected above the building so you can tell right away that it's a church, but it's kinda scary how the thing on the center of this cross is shaped like an eye. You'd think it's a heretical symbol just from looks alone.

"So this place is the church, uh, what's up with the weird cross?"

"It's the 'Sect of Goddess'. A religion that chiefly reveres and preaches the importance of living with gratitude for the goddess who created this world, promoted loving your neighbors and granted Skills to people. Don't you know it? I believe it's the most popular religion in the world."

I didn't know.
Wait, goddess? So the one presiding this world is a goddess? I had no idea cause I never met her myself. Wonder if the hero knows.
Might be worth asking if I ever came across the hero.

"Appreciate the explanation. Sorry, I'm quite ignorant on religions and stuff. So the father is sleeping inside?"

"Sleeping alright, you might even hear him snoring, but just be aware that it's due to the assailant's Skill, okay?"

"Wonder how long he's gonna sleep? Don't tell me he'll never wake up without intervention..."

"Worry not. According to an Appraiser, he'll wake up in three days time even if we leave him alone. That'd get extended to forevermore if the monster got to us, of course."

"That sounds super worrying though!?"

"That's why we have to wake him up somehow and get him tell us the password. Apparently the password is quite long because that strengthens the barrier but with the father's old age, we likely can't expect him to stay up for long, we have to hurry."

Old age huh. Wonder who's older, him or lolimast?

"Did you imagine something rude just now?"

"Not really..."

Man, she's sharp. Must be wisdom that comes with age.

"Did you just imagine--."

"I didn't. We've gotta hurry to the father."

"I'm not convinced. Hmmm."

I got in the church and went straight to the father all while parrying lolimast's glances.
I caught sights some people frantically praying with worried expressions here and there inside. You'd want to rely on god in this situation for sure.
A man wearing a priest attire is standing watch in front of the father's room.

"Guildmaster, how is the situation outside?"

"It's a chaos. Can't blame them with that monster coming here and no way to escape."

"I can imagine, just who would..."

"I'm curious too but that's not what's important now. We have to get over this situation. Has the father come to yet?"

"...He has not."

The man replied pensively.
Hearing that, lolimast put on a resolute look as she spoke.
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"We're left with no other choice. I will temporarily resuscitate him with Support Magic and get the password. That's acceptable, no?"

"Support magic... You mean [Detox Boost]!? That spell temporarily boosts resistance against status ailments by consuming the target's Stamina. We have no guarantee if father could endure such a..."

"That's the only hands we have that would likely work right now. I can't use Recovery Magic and you've tried and failed healing him with it anyway, haven't you?"

"...Yes. Not even Remedy spells had any effect. We likely need someone with an even higher Skill level."

"But there's a chance that boosting his resistance might do the trick. I believe it's worth a try."

"However, father isn't likely to withstand the burden considering his age. Even if it succeeded, it likely wouldn't last a minute..."

"A great many people will die if we do nothing, that includes the father. Don't you see that it's time to take an action now? Or what, are you suggesting we all just accept our fate and die together hand-in-hand, because you're worried about the father's condition?"

She's throwing sarcastic words but I don't blame him, the monster is coming even as we speak.
The man hesitated a bit before letting us into the room where the father is sleeping.
Good thing he's reasonable. Had he been some hard-headed old fart, we'd likely still be busy persuading him when the monster struck.

There's a white bed next to a small bookshelf inside.
A white haired old man is quietly sleeping like he's dead. So that's the father.

"...I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me if this results in your passing. I have a duty to protect this city... [Detox Boost]."

Lolimast bowed slightly before casting a spell.
A faint light wrapped the father's body, increasing his Resistance.
His Stamina is gradually decreasing in the process. He's gonna be in danger if this keeps up for too long.

"Father, wake up, father."

Lolimast swayed the father to no effect.

"Father! Please wake up!"

This time she yelled out loud while pinching his cheek.
The scene kinda looks like a grandchild trying to wake her gramps, kinda heartwarming,

"F! A! T! H! E! R!"

Clap! Clap! Clap! She yelled even louder while slapping his cheeks. Hey now, you're dealing with an old man there. Don't get too crazy now.
The father won't wake up even with reddened cheeks. Doesn't look like this is going anywhere. There's no sign of him waking up at all.

"Haa, haa... It can't be helped. I wish I didn't have to resort to this, please forgive me, father."

She took a vial with some sort of red liquid inside from her bosom pocket. The vial is so small like the one used for eyedrop, I've got a bad feeling about it.

<<[Lightning Pepper Oil]. An extremely stimulating spice. It possesses an extremely potent effect, putting anybody whose mucous membrane so much as touches it experiences intense pain and uncontrollable tearing.>>

Hee, really, scary.
And why is this person here just chugging this liquid down the father's nose.


She pinched the vial down to get it all inside. Are you a demon.


The father jumped out of the bed while yelling and crying waterfall.
He landed on the ground and started screaming while writhing around.


Alma and Reina were taken aback as they watched. Who can blame them after watching that...
Wonder if he's alright. Can he even talk under all those tears and snots?

"Hack! Cough cough cough! Haack! ...W-what's going on...? Oho, is that you Ivuranmii-san? Good morning."

"Good morning, father. Forgive me for the rude awakening. There's no time, so let me explain. The seal inside the magic beast cave is currently being broken down by an unknown party."

"W-what did you say...?"

"That unknown party, or their cooperator assailed father yesterday night and obtained the password by the use of a Skill before putting you into a coma."

"I-I see... So that's why, I'm feeling sleepy even after such an intense... shock..."

His energy from earlier was nowhere to be seen as his eyelids gradually started to lower.

"Hold it! Don't sleep yet! Please tell us the password to reseal the beast before you do! Or else the whole town will get eaten by the monster!"

"The, pass, word is.... Ju... Ju... Go..."

"F-father!? Father!! You haven't finished yet! Wake up! Please!"

He whispered a bit more before falling into another slumber, like a doll cut from its strings.

"...Nooo! Just a tiny bit more! Let's do it again!"

"Don't, he's been left with almost zero Stamina. Even if you did wake him, he'd likely die before he could speak from exhausted Stamina eating into his lifeforce."

Or so Menu-san said.

"...Blast it all, it was all for nothing. How should we, what should we do... Uuu...!"

Lolimast muttered in despair with teary eyes.

It's not for nothing. I caught what the father whispered before he fell asleep.

"No, I've got what the password is. I think."


"B-but it was barely intelligible, how'd you know Kajikawa-san!?"

"I can't say it's 100% correct, but the chances are pretty good. I think it's worth trying."

"T-the hero himself came up with the password and it only got passed down to the fathers of this church, nobody else should know about it...!? How are you so sure?"

"Well, cause I hail from the hero's homeland."

".............What, nobody told me about that."

Lolimast looked agape with her mouth hanging open.
The same reaction as Daijel's guildmast huh. Heck, so the letter he sent lolimast didn't specify about my otherworldly origin huh.

"So yeah, we're just gonna have to give it a shot now. It'd be the end for real if it didn't work out though, what do you say?"

"...Please. I beg of you... Please...!"

Lolimast who had been acting carefree all this time has a complete change of attitude.
...I dunno how to react seeing this sudden change though. Makes me feel bad now.
Welp now that's been decided, time to get ready.

...Should I deliver a punchline to the hero who came up with this password, or should I say thanks for using that as a password and giving future heroes a fighting chance.
Oh man, it's gonna be embarrassing saying that out loud over a megaphone....





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