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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 74

Kajikawa-sensei's Jolly Lecture on Energy Control


We summed up our story so far to Reina.
How we were active in Daijel, got involved in a Stampede and got ourselves in trouble with the pig noble which prompted us to escape here.
Also how I'm a human from another world, can't use Skills at all and can directly control mana, lifeforce and energy instead.

"...To be honest, it's hard to believe any of that, but when I imagine how it's all Kajikawa-san's, I can sort of see it."

"Oh and the Soarer I mentioned in the Stampede story? That's me. Found out I could fly around while I was testing mana control, so I participated under a fake alias."

"By fly, like in the sky and stuff!? I dunno if I can believe that one..."

I floated myself while staying in a lying down position.
I'd probably look like some sacred guru had I crossed my legs.

"...See? Or what, want me fly around somewhere unpopulated?"

"Eeeeeh.... How are you doing that anyway. I want to think that I've grown accustomed to Kajikawa-san's common sense breaking antics, but this is just..."

"Un, it's like what's even going on here. I could only laugh when I saw him do that the first time."

So that was when Alma laughed for the first time. I thought it was when we formed our party for sure.
...What's this immeasurable sense of disappointment I feel.

"That was when we defeated those Bladewings huh, sure takes me back. We don't need a Spark Wolf Horn to get over that situation now. Anyway, forget about the past for now. So, while I don't expect you to fly around, I want you to learn direct mana, and energy control to help you in battle."


"Your training is far from over. You've got the Skills for your of age Job yeah, but your actual combat ability is too low. Which is frankly expected at your stage, but then any trouble could put you in danger. Your Status won't see a drastic change even after you've come of age. So now, your priority is to obtain the means to defend yourself, even if we have to break the rules a bit."

"Hikaru, obtaining instant strength when you still lack combat experience does not truly make one strong."

"Agreed. Hence you'd be training with me and Alma on the sides. It's gonna be much tougher than ever, can you endure it?"

"I won't survive this world if I can't endure it, right? Then 'yes' is the only answer."

"Oh, you do get it. That means tomorrow we start, don't break a leg tho'."


"What's up with you two tension. Wait 'don't break a leg', are we doing this seriously or not?"

"Well I don't mind if you go hard at it, but you might end up dying for real if you made a mistake adjusting energy control. You'd probably want to take it easy."

"This training sounds way more brutal than I imagined!? I'm getting scared now!"

With mana control, you only pass out when you run out of MP which can be replenished.
But using up your energy turns your State into Starvation where your HP gradually decreases, let this be for a long time and you'd die.
Not like it's easy to use up energy though. Once SP gets to 10, the speed in which it naturally declines slows down drastically, so you won't die of hunger that easily.
However, apparently the cost of energy some Skills use won't change, so one must take care not to use those Skills when you're low on SP.
Well, she can learn all that during training. Time to get a shut eye.
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The day after.
Presently, we're in an area with relatively few magic beasts inside the magic beast cave, linking hands in hands to help Alma and Reina in their energy control training. It looks a bit surreal, like we're forming a human ring.
I think energy control is relatively easier to learn than mana control.
Mana control requires you to image a precise control of your body, while energy control is less stringent.
I mean, the concept of both mana and energy control are very vague in itself. Better that way though since thinking too deep about it would negatively affect your control.

"Nn, I've gotten a good grasp on it."

"So fast! I still can't do it right at all!"

"Well, Alma has learned mana control after all. The principle behind them are similar. No surprise she learned energy control quick."

"I'd like to learn lifeforce control as well."

"No. That one reduces your life span, unless it's me."

"!?... Are you alright Hikaru, haven't you used that a few times already!?"

"Yea. The HP shown on my Stats isn't really linked to my body so I don't feel a thing, no pain or even a tickle, when it's reduced. But if people besides me do that, the act of healing with HP is akin to taking a chunk off your flesh and transferring it elsewhere, even if you don't feel it yourself."

"No pain even when your HP is reduced, Kajikawa-san is really a bundle of wonder..."

Well, she could probably use Lifeforce Search without any issue, but the risk is still too high to teach her.
Alma has no need for it once she's learned recovery magic anyway.

"Is there a reason you're prioritizing me to learn energy control over mana control?"

"Yeah, mana control is a bit more complex than energy one. Also, your current MP pool is too small, while SP gives a huge temporary buff even when you use relatively little, lets you to flee from dangerous opponents."

"So I'm still running away in the end..."

"Don't think you can fight for real at least until you're of age. Honestly, even a Lv1 goblin is a good match to you right now. You really don't wanna get surrounded by multiple of them. They're seriously scary, like for real."

"You ever been surrounded, Kajikawa-san?"

"Sure had, it was super terrifying. I'm still traumatized even now. I'd have been dead if not for Alma, my attributes were all zero back then."

"Despite of that, you punched those goblins dead, I had always been curious about that."

"To me Kajikawa-san is curious enough now..."

"Quit saying it like I'm some sort of monster or a weirdo."

"Aren't you?"

"Aah, I sense three High Cave Bears deeper inside, wanna test out your mastery on Energy Control by playing tag with them? I'm sure you'd get really good when it's a matter of life or death."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!"

Thus we chatted about nothing while continuing our training... training? Wonder when she'll learn it for real.
Mana control aside, having her master energy control asap is what's good for her. I might have to go spartan if she's not making any progress.

"Ah, seems one of the bears is coming over. Welp, there's no way you coulda outrun the thing without energy control~ What do now~."

"Hiiie!? I'm so so done playing chase with bears!!"

Reina ran off explosively while yelling out loud. Fast.
Whoa? She's buffing herself with energy as she yells. This kid's got a bright future ahead of her.

"Yep, that's how you do it, keep maintaining the buff while you run or else you might get eaten up."

"Noooooo!! Save me before it comes to that!!"

"Reina, go get 'em, I'll gather your bones if you let up."

"Alma-san, please don't go along with him!!"

"Hahaha, what a peaceful day."

Alrighty, she's getting the hang of it quickly.
Next up, mana control. Guess we can take our time for that one.
Now then, I'm sure she's starving after all that running, I'm gonna go prepare our lunch once I take care of that bear.





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