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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 361

361 Overwhelming


"Oy,  zzat it? ...Oy, oy, oy! Yer' tellin' me ya brought an army of laymen 'sides from these guys!? Argh, boring! The worst for reals! Why do I hafta deal with these losers just cause I got ordered? Dammit! They ain't worth killing! Ain't none!"

Arcane Blade is speaking the truth. The 200 soldiers besieging him are the elite proteges of Baridol. The rest of the army are akin to cardboard cutouts made to line up.
But numbers are numbers. Used right, it could transform into a powerful 'pike'.

Or so it should be, but to him they're no different than straw men.
Thus Arcane Blade lost his motivation. The motivation to 'Rampage' and 'Kill' here.

"Tch... I'mma put you to shame! Curse your incompetence for bringing nothin' to vent my anger on! Yer' gonna regret it, dangit!"

Zordak raised his hands to the sky. The federation shield units who were inching at him stopped when they saw that.

"O Breath of God! O Wind of Gold! Grant unto these lost souls repose!"

Once he finished reciting that, a golden aura blew out of Zordak's body. Piercing high into heavens.

"Arcane Blade! What have you done!?"

Baridol couldn't move out of surprise. Naturally. Golden aura is mana of the chosen.
As Zordak slowly moved his palm from the sky toward the federation army, he spoke.

"I'm a hero ya know? I ain't gonna back down from beating down my enemies! But hero's just a title, ain't my reason not to kill! My amusement y'know! It's to look down on those high on their own crap! I'm great, I'm strong! Goes without saying! There ain't nothin' fun beating the crap outta weakass losers! Ain't no point knocking down buncha peeps I'd never lose to! Get to bed, ya losers!"

Zordak's golden aura spread out explosively afterward.
The light gradually swelled up with him in the center. Baridol could only stare in amazement at this ever expanding wave of light.
A light then pierced through federation soldiers in the direction Zordak's palm pointed.
Like a very thick light laser, cutting through the army right in the middle.
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The light dispersed into golden particles of light.
The soldiers who were bathed in this light tumbled down one after another. Nobody stood up again.

"Wha! What the!? What is happening here!"

Baridol had narrowly managed to dodge the light.
But the scene unfolded before him brought terror.
A lone man has neutralized around half of a 20,000 man army.

"Ooooooooooh... How, how could this be!? To think hero bears such tremendous powers...!"

Baridol has lost his will to fight. The shield soldiers that were dispatched to surround Zordak have fallen from the light as well. All of them.
There is no more plan to be had here. The word failure is nowhere near enough to describe this defeat.
They should have never started a fight with the Kingdom under the hero's protection. This plan should have never left its drafting stage in the first place.

"How naive I was... I see, a realization that came far too late. My duty was neither to invade the kingdom nor to carry out my order... I should have opted to exterminate those rotting leeches instead."

Zordak walked up to Baridol who'd fallen on his knees.

"Arcane Blade, nay, Hero Zordak. Come and have my head. I shan't resist. In exchange, I hope you spare the rest of my men."

"Ya gone senile on me, old man? Tch! What a pain, I ain't explainin' a thing. Feel free to stay depressed. Sure matches yer' old bones not long for the living."

Right after Zordak finished speaking, a huge group of knights rushed out of the gate.
Seeing that, some of the federation soldiers ran away, while some threw down their weapons surrendering.
Thus, Zordak versus federation army came to an end with zero casualty.





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