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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 354

354 Walled In


I don't really blame the PM for doing this. His decision is apt.
However, I really have no intention to antagonize the kingdom. Hence, I tried to talk it out first.

"...You are justified in your action considering your position, I think it's a sound judgment even. But you know. Shouldn't ya hear out what is it I want first? You're skipping a tad too many steps I reckon."

"...I have not sent the signal yet. Guard Knight Commander, what is the meaning of this?"

"We should have disposed of this suspicious individual from the start. There was never any need to let these filthy children inside this castle."

"Ah, my bad, PM-san. Guess this guy initiated it on his own? Ah, what to do here... Yet another pain in the rear incoming..."

The PM may have prepared this as an insurance but he was planning to reserve it depending on how our talk went.
And the knight commander would rather just kill me right away.
Due to these clashing opinions, the commander decided to ignore the PM's order.

(Well, it might have been all part of the play though...)

There's still a possibility this was done to ascertain my reactions and perhaps even test my strength.

"Knight commander, fall back. I have no need of you lot here if you are not willing to comply. Leave this room at once, all of you."

Nevertheless, the PM ordered the knights with a serious tone.

"We cannot comply your order. To protect is our mission. As such eliminating this man of unknown origin is part of our duty. As does protecting your life, sir prime minister."

The knights are gradually inching closer to me with their spears pointed here.

"Cease this at once you fools! I said, fall back!"

The knights stopped for a moment at the PM's roar. The force behind it makes me want to believe he's not just acting.
He seems genuinely furious at the knight commander's arbitrary action. Yet that wasn't enough.

"Knights, at arms! ...Do it!"

Only the exchange between me and the knight commander has 'ruptured' here.
If the man intends to kill me then I will simply fight back for my survival.
However, knight commander is the only one that needs to be neutralized.

===  ===  ===
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I carefully tread my way out of the many spears.
It must look like I'm teleporting away to these knights who can't see me moving.

Bumping into them here, even in the slightest, will generate a shockwave that blows them away.
But my target is solely the knight commander so I gotta be careful not to touch the rest of them.

(I'm out, now what? Maybe a flashy showing to smooth out my discussion with the PM...)

I quickly abandoned that idea. I still can't control this power of mine under this state even now.
Killing this commander guy is just gonna make them needlessly hostile yet I can't exactly do nothing either, no telling what else he's gonna pull.

(Maybe I could just knock him hard flashily as a show of force?)

Staying too long under Acceleration state tends to make my mind wander in a weird direction, I'm undoing the state early.

===  ===  ===

"Heave... ho!"

I let out a loud yell while punching at the knight commander's back.
My fist hit right on his abdomen as he turned around in surprise.

"Wha! ...Gubofo!"

He got blown about three meter away while drooling and passing out before failing to soften the impact and slumping down the ground all while twitching.

"Heck yeah! Got it under control in this state. But I could've killed the man if I went all out..."

I almost forgot about the 'super strength' I have even in normal state. I usually live my life with it under control.

"Now that's taken care of, let's continue our discussion shall we?"

Escaping a hopeless encirclement of spears like vanishing, then moving behind the knight commander without anyone realizing, and then knocking him out with one punch.

I didn't really think much of that chain of events.
But that's not the case to 'ordinary' humans.

The PM saw this as me being a 'threat' even without factoring the magic beast.




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