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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 358

358 Unburiable Moat and Venting


(Now then... Think I've got an idea what to do? That is to say, 'Destroy'.)

I've gone down the rampart wall. The knights and the federation soldiers disguised as bandits are still fighting. And I'm here to break the stalemate.

I think all the piled up stress is finally catching up, my legs are moving faster toward the battlefield.
Like telling me to spit out all this pent-up anger.

(Damn you federation... I'm stuck with this crap thanks to you and your stupid ploy!)

I'm probably in the wrong here.
From the federation's perspective, I'm the one getting in the way of their plan, years in the making.
The federation's ringleader must be seething in anger right now.
But from where I stand, all this malicious scheme only serves as an obstacle in my plan.
My plan to live a peaceful life.

There's a moat that can never be buried between two sides.

===  ===  ===

I ran straight into the group of bandits in Accelerated state.
Without caring if I bump into them, or get their legs tangled. I don't slow down even when their arms and shoulders hit me.
I'm running without stopping right in the middle of these bandits.

(Daryaaaaaaaaa! Damn you alllll! Every single one of you! Quit dragging me into this crappppp!)

Looks like it's been piling up inside me without me realizing. Powers enter all corners of my body as if to release this pent-up stress.
Nobody stops me, nobody can.
As everything besides me has stopped moving in this state.
Those I bumped will get blown away without even knowing what just happened.
Truly a cruel end, perhaps making me a villain for doing it.

(That won't stop me though! Curse your own fates! Or curse this 'Something' inside me!)

Thus how I took the initiative I don't regret this time.

===  ===  ===
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The end result was hard to describe.

"Yup, I admit I did it. But I won't accept any blame."

Once I undid Acceleration, the bandit side turned tragic. People got blown away in the air, spinning all while taking people in their path. Flung all over the place with unceasing impact and speed, spreading the damage further.

"Like a human domino... Man this is just terrible..."

I have no regret but I can't stand watching the pandemonium taking place in front of me that's showing no sign of stopping.

"This scene was made by my hands... but it's just... Aa..."

The knights stopped moving at the bandits' sudden disarray before quickly realizing this was their chance.

"Now's our chance! Keep pushing at them! Do not let a single one escape! ...No idea why their ranks crumbled all of a sudden... but we must not let this opportunity go by!"

The knights gradually overpowered the bandits. The victor is clear now. No point in me staying here any longer.

"Nothing left for me here. I mean I've no obligation to keep helping these knights, do I?"

I'd collected the annoyance fee from the federation. At least for this side.
This side that is.

(Aah, since this looked like a plan to buy time... There must be a continuation somewhere, no?)

I can't hazard a guess where yet. I have no way of finding out what's the next step of their plan.
However, I'm fully aware that I can't relax yet.





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