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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 86

Like Creature in Horror Story


"Ah found you! Alma-san!"


"!? ...Reina?"

Reina suddenly jumped out of a building's shadow.
It was a bit, no, quite a shock. Guildmast even shrieked.

"W-what was that? You slipped out of the shadow out of nowhere..."

"Fufufu, this is [Ninjutsu] Skill I learned after I got my Apprentice Ninja Job. I can move around inside shadows super fast, amazing aren't I."

Reina proudly explained her skill.
To be honest I still don't really get this Ninja Job, but I can tell that it's really rare.

"...I can hear the crumbling sounds of common sense staying around with you folk..."

"Ouch that hurts, I'm nowhere as bad as Kajikawa-san just you know. Smashing a demon to pieces like kaboom without a Skill, leaving all those stains behind..."

"What are you even saying! What are you guys really!? My brain refuses to accept that, only headache!"

...So he used the move that smashed a High Cave Bear's head that time during training.
Honestly, I still can't wrap my head around how it works even after his explanation. I don't think I can use it either even if I did.

"And, where's Hikaru?"

"We were heading here together at first, but then he said, 'I've got some minor business to do, I'll catch up later' and went somewhere."

"...Minor business?"

Acting recklessly again right after he got hurt from going off on his own.
...I'll have a little 'Talk' once he comes back.

"Hiie!? There's a monster behind A-Alma-chan!?"

"I-It looks like an ogre to me! Alma-san, calm down! I'm sure he's just going to the restroom!"

I concentrated my mana in my head to look for mana reactions around and Hikaru.
I've learned this from Hikaru, but a prolonged use hurts my head.
Hikaru seems fine though, wonder what's the difference...?

...? Hikaru is flying at high speed?
Together with an ominous presence like that of a demon. What is he doing?

~~~~~Going back in time a bit, a certain demon's perspective~~~~~

"Fumu, a failure is it. Good grief, so many nonsensical humans these days."

I look down on the humans wriggling below like maggots from atop the highest tower in this city.
I'd have been spared from the sight of these trash had that monster gone on a rampage as planned, truly vexing.
In the end, the only dead human was the one I made to undo the seal.
...Well fine, I now know the password. I will surely have another chance to get some random human undo it again.
Besides, I have found several humans fit to become my pawns. An unplanned gain if you may.
A female warrior whose strength in swords and magic does not fall behind specialized Jobs, no, higher even.
A girl who dives into shadows and move around at blinding speed.
A masked irregular who freely flies around in the sky, possessing the power to blow Ranauguru into smithereens in one hit.
Each of those excellent candidates is apt to become my tool.

"I shall turn you all into my puppet humans one day. Rue the day."

"No thank you, dumbass."

I turned around at the sudden male voice behind me and saw the irregular in question standing with a displeased look.

"Wha, since when did you, get behind me...!? I did not sense the slightest presence!"

"Right after I beat that red demon. I'm flying, 'course I can go around your blind spot without a sound."

"...How did you probe my location."

"Not answering that. I'm not limelight-crazy enough to disclose my cards to enemies, see."

...Eerie, too eerie.
Even the fact that this man is here brings up two, three questions.

"...Then why would you speak to me on purpose. You could have finished me off if you ambushed me with that move you used on Ranauguru."

"Yeah, that'd do if just killing you was my goal."
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Only the bottom half of his face could be seen under his mask, his mouth is visible despite the illusion effect.
A sinister smile came up on it. Like a magic beast who's found its prey.

"Before I went to reseal that thing, I had sworn I'd bring hell to the culprit behind this incident... Don't think you'd die easy, damn demon."

Terrifying. When was the last time I felt such sensation from a human, I wonder.
I do not know how many years have it been since the last time but I suppose humanity have evolved to this point.
...I want, I crave. This man who emanates such an intense aura and his power.

"Wonderful... Forget old forgotten weapons like that slime, finding you is my biggest prize in all this."

I released [Puppet String] ability of [Tame] Skill toward the masked man as I spoke.
These strings are so fine they're invisible to the eye, and once they're latched on a creature, I can control their nerves.
This ability only works on one target, cannot be maintained for long and the target's level must be below mine.
However, its effect allows me to control my target irrespective of their will.
I've confirmed that he's level 24 through a simple Appraisal Lens, while I'm level 35. All conditions met.


"Have you noticed? But, you're too late. You have now lost control of your body."

I spread out my thumb and little finger, the masked man mimicked me. Truly a funny sight.
Tame complete. All that's left is to brainwash him with Hypnosis Skill until he swears loyalty to me with his entire being, and that will be one more pawn to my collection.

"You may have killed Ranauguru in seconds, but see where it leads you when you're up against a foe you are not equipped to deal with. Ah, no need to fret. You shall soon cease to think of anything outside serving my every need."

Once I'm done with brainwashing, I'll have this man fight those girls, his former companions.
I can't wait to witness the expressions on those girls when they're pitted to death against their completely transformed companion.
If things go as planned, I might even manage to tame those girls as my new pawns. After which, I liberate the slime, and all is well.
I am still better off even after deducting the loss of Ranauguru and Fulbatam. A lucky break indeed.

"Now then, first hand over the card. That thing is beyond you."

SNAP, a sharp jolt of pain assaulted my little finger along with that sound.

"Giiiiii!!? Ggaaaaaaaa!!?"

What!? What just happened!?
My little finger was broken from the inside, seeping dark red blood.
How, why



My left index finger and right middle finger followed, alongside intense pain.
I thought I was under attack by some sort of curse, but no. Appraisal Lens shows I am not under any curse.
Which means, the culprit is, no it cannot be.
I look at the masked man in front of me and see him walking toward me, with a body he should have no control of.
It's slow and plodding, he's clearly still under my Skill effect and yet he's moving on his own.
What is the deal with this man.
I have him under my Puppet String, why is he moving.
Why are my fingers broken when I'm the puppeteer.

Not good.

This man is not good.

He's quite literally beyond my control.

He cannot be controlled!

I must escape.

I must escape.

Or else, this man, will kill me

I undid Puppet String and ignited a Spark Wolf using my unbroken fingers as my brain cells were screaming at me to run for safety.

As the powder combusted, the surroundings were lit with a dazzling flash. This should blind him.

I have to run as far away as I could!
I dashed toward the tower's door at full speed in an attempt to escape.

However, the masked man swiftly descended down from above in front of me.
His eyes seemed fine. Did he protect himself from that flash at split second?

"W-who, are, you!?"

"Not answering that either. Now then, you done yet?"

The masked man once again showed his sinister smile.
A premonition akin to conviction flashed on my mind then.

"So now it's my turn. I'll have you learn how wonderful life is to you who don't appreciate human life."

I am to die in the most gruesome way today.






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