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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 73

No Turning Back Now


Afterward, we dragged the drunk old man to the guards and got him thrown in the cell.
He barely resisted after he came to, probably due to all the kicking on his vital.
He tried to utter nonsense at the guard station, 'I'm Reina's father, I'm just trying to take my daughter back from those black haired pair', but as there were several witnesses watching him punch Reina as well as Reina's own intense revulsion of him, nobody took it seriously.
Well, the guards did warn Reina that she went too far even if it was for self-defense, otherwise, it all went smoothly.
The drunkard is gonna be in confinement for a while. Apparently he's got several offenses besides punching Reina, so he could end up spending years in jail.
Dunno if that's light or heavy but eh, I'm just wasting my time overthinking stuff about that trash.

We got back to our inn and had dinner before reconvening in my room to talk about our future plan.
The other guests were staring at us when the two got into my room, I ignored them. Not like we're doing anything dubious.

"Have a seat you two. Don't just stand there."



Alma and Reina sat on the bed.
...No no, we're not doing anything dubious okay?

"First off, Reina, are you fine with that? Isn't he still your father, despite everything?"

"...Yes, it's fine. He 'was' my father, but I can't even bear to look at him now. Reconcile? Please. Just remembering all the terrible stuff he did after losing his arm makes me sick to my stomach. I still hate his guts even now, but I just want to have nothing to do with him no more."

"...I see."

It's heavy. Too heavy.
The mood will only get worse talking about this topic, let's change it.
Eh Alma? What are you doing hugging Reina?

"...Just say it if it's hard. Don't bottle it up."


"You'd keep doing rash things like Hikaru if you try to solve everything on your own, rely on other too."

"...Thank you."

Reina tearfully hugged Alma back. How precious... Forgetting Alma's nonchalant dissing for a moment.

"Aah, so uh, can we get back to the topic?"

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It's a bit awkward but I forcefully course corrected.
I mean they'd keep at it forever if I don't, and it'll be a new day before we know it.

"Despite what I told you earlier, it's not actually binding if you swear to forget everything I said and did including powering you up. Your future is in your hands. You can still turn back now, what do you say?"


Reina kept staring at me in silence.
Hm, guess it's not something you can decide right away.

"You don't need to give your reply now. There's still time until your come of age, you can think all about it until-"
"I won't swear."

Reina interrupted me.

"If you two leave me, I'm gonna talk to everyone that Kajikawa-san can't use Skills yet easily beat up magic beasts, and that he can buff people Status too."

"Wha, R-Reina...?"

"So please let me join your two party, I'll do stuff like chores or anything. It'll be a headache if you don't you know~?"

...Of all things, this girl decided to threaten us. I get that she's just half joking though. She's pretty tough.

"Kajikawa-san is super kind, you're thinking seriously about my future. But you should ask about my opinions too. To me, the path I want to take is an adventure with you two."

"Are you even aware about our goal? It's nothing grand you know?"

"You want to travel to all kinds of places, eat all kinds of food and live life to the fullest right? That's just the best. I can't think of a better way to live. I wanna be a part of that too. So, please. Take me along with you two."

She's full in on our aimless goal huh. Are you sure.
Thanks to all the trouble the demon king and demons are causing all over the places, that goal is needlessly tough now too. Damn you demon king, break a ribcage will ya.

"...There's no turning back. Are you sure?"

"Bring it on."

"Then let's register you in our party in ten days after your come of age. Nice to be working with you from now on, Reina."

"Y-yessire! Thank you for giving me the chance!"

"So now it's time to tell you about us and what you gotta do from now on, fufufu."

"H-hiie, y-your face's scaring me!?"

"Hikaru stop making that face."

I'm not scary. Really truly.
Joke aside, now that Reina is poised to join our party, it's exposition time.
No turning back for me too. Gotta steel myself since if she betrayed us, there'd be lots of painful stuff to do.






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