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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 78

Happy Birthday


We paused our sparring afterward. The mood just wasn't right anymore and we might get hurt with our current mental state.
We made our way back to our inn in an awkward atmosphere without much talks. Dinner tasted kinda bitter. Weird, I made it according to the recipe too.

"It was an accident, right?"


"Wasn't on purpose?"


"Were they soft?"



Reina you little! You set me up!
As we were resting after meal and having a chat, Reina did this little game of hers.
Hearing our exchange, Alma seemingly recalled what happened this noon and turned downcast while blushing again. Oh no, I gotta follow up.

"...Sorry for what happened this noon."

"...It's fine..."

Despite saying that she put her hands on her chest and kept looking downcast... She must be super angry inwardly.
...I'm going to bed tonight. Anything I say is just gonna worsen the situation.
Reina's punishment can wait for tomorrow.

"I-I'm kinda feeling the chill... Wonder if I caught a cold..."

The next morning, we now could hold a conversation despite some slight clumsiness remaining. Gotta be careful about this in the future.
The mood softened further during breakfast, thankfully.

"K-Kajikawa-san! My soup looks like it's boiling!? But, but it's in a bowl!"

"Have at it piping hot."

"No way, no how!!"

I've just left my mana converted into thermal energy inside the bowl, it looks kinda ominous.
By the way, my mana by itself will quickly disperse when it's separated from me, but for the sake of this spanking, I've come to a realization that I could hugely reduce the rate of dispersion by leaving the mana alongside energy and lifeforce.
Who could've thought I'd discover a new possibility from this trivial stuff. Life is really all about trying out stuff.

"I can't drink it like this!"

"Fine fine, hang on... Ah, went too far."

"And now it's frozen solid! How're you doing that!?"

I can do energy conversion remotely, but it's pretty hard to pull off when you're still not used to it.
However, I'm sure this tech will be a big boon if I can master it. Gotta practice on it from now on.

A week has passed since then.
Reina is still not quite good with mana control but her energy control has reached a practical level.
She should be able to easily handle goblins on her own now.

And at last, Reina is turning 15 with the date changing tonight.

"I-it's finally time..."

"Are you anxious?"

"Kinda more like excited actually."


"Yep that's probably the right word."
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Guessing she's got a huge expectation.
Being optimistic is nice and all but I wonder if she even gets what that Job is about. Though, my image of it is from manga and games as well though.

Whoops, one more minute.
But dang, didn't expect this world to have a clock too. It's even 24 hours a day.

"Reina, make sure you don't pick the wrong Job by mistake."

"It's gonna be OK! ...I think."

"You think?"

"I mean, I can't even picture what it's like to choose something floating in your mind. I don't wanna imagine slipping up and picking Thief by mistake."

"Alma, can you slip up when you're choosing a Job?"

"From the two times I did, I don't believe you can."

"O-oh really. Thank goodness."

"...ten more seconds. Do you have any last word?"

"Why're you making it sound like I'm gonna die!? No, none at all!"

The clock hit 0 o'clock at midnight, the date changed.


"How's it looking, Reina?"

"Did you pick it?"

"...There really was a choice! I really become one..."

She looked deeply moved as she muttered with jubilation and a smile on her face.
Looks like it went well.


Level 1

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Ninja

State: Normal


HP (Health Points): 60/60
MP (Magic Points): 50/50
SP (Stamina): 25/40

STR (Strength): 53
ATK (Attack): 53
DEF (Defense): 50
AGI (Agility): 78
INT (Intelligence): 52
DEX (Dexterity): 79
PER (Perception): 80
RES (Resistance): 45
LUK (Luck): 45

Dagger Arts Level 1
Martial Arts Level 1
Stealth Level 2
Ninjutsu Level 1

Her new Job choice is Apprentice Ninja. Fujiyama~ Geisha~.
It's a rare Job only minors that have Dagger Arts, Stealth, and Offensive Magic Skills can choose. Who would even notice that combination. Well maybe some dagger puppy who yearns for the life of a mage or something.
Huh? Her Offensive Magic Skill is gone? She's got Ninjutsu Skill instead now.

<<[Apprentice Ninja]: A Job that accomplishes its objectives unnoticed by all through the way of stealth and integrating itself with the power of nature. By raising its level, user can obtain Passive Skills unique to Ninjas. Offensive Magic was merely a prerequisite to deploy the power of nature, and is lost once user has chosen Apprentice Ninja Job.>>

...Aren't you pushing it with that reason? I mean, that's fine I guess.
Her Attributes are pretty high for a Level 1. Perception, Dexterity and Agility are especially stupid high.

"I can kinda tell I've lost Offensive Magic but I feel I've gotten a new Skill in its place."

"Yeah, it's 'Ninjutsu'. Apparently it's a rare Skill only Ninjas can use. It allows you to integrate yourself with nature or something."

"I wanna give it a try now!"

"It's way late now, uh, way early, go to bed."

"Mwu, shame."

"Ah, right... Happy birthday, Reina."

"Happy birthday, Reina."

"T-thank you... You two not only saved my life, you also bought me pretty clothes, fed me delicious food and even helped me picked a new Job, I'm so so grateful for all you've done...! Uu... Fueee...!"

"...It's nice when your hardships are rewarded, isn't it. I understand that feeling."

Alma did get called failed Job when she was an Apprentice Paladin after all.
She kept patting the weeping Reina's head with an affectionate expression. Utterly precious...
I'm gonna make the most luxurious meal to celebrate her birthday for tomorrow, no today's breakfast.
I'm expecting great things from you, Reina.

The blaring sound of an emergency evacuation warning of some sort woke me up. What's going on.





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