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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 82

Slime of Gluttony


...It's here!
Oh crap oh crap oh crap, it's the third most dangerous presence I've ever come across to.
By the way the second place is Alma Papa. First? Do I need to spell it out? ...Women are scary.
This thing that's currently making its way to this city isn't really a match to those two, but that doesn't change the fact how incredibly dangerous it is.
The slightest slip-up gonna get me eaten right away...

"Oy! Looks like the seal's done for, I can sense something big coming this way!"

"Eh, for real!? How'd you figure!?

"We'll talk later! Just give me the magic tool to reseal it!"


I received the sealing megaphone and put it away in Item Screen.
Lolimast was bewildered when she saw that, I ignored her. Now's not the time.
I asked Alma and Lolimast to support me in the resealing effort and told Reina to hide somewhere before leaving.
And then I flew in the direction where the monster was going to enter the city.

...I can sense the barrier around the city creaking.
It's breaking down already. This monster's speed and power are truly out of this world.
Do I really have to go up against this thing? Even tens of seconds are too long.
Several people are walking up to the gate like they want to take in the scary sight. No no, get outta there peeps.

"O-oy! The heck's that thing!? It's flying in the sky!"

"What's with that mask!?"

People raised their bemusement when they noticed me.
Don't point at the mask dangit. I didn't have a choice I was--(omitted).
No wait, this ain't no time for that!

"Get away from the gate now! The monster sealed in magic beast cave is going to enter from that gate! You're gonna get eaten if you dawdle there!"

"W-what! Wait, who even are you!"

"Someone tasked by guildmaster Ivuranmii to seal the monster! Now get the hell away unless you wanna get eaten alive!!"

I yelled at them to evacuate but it's just a matter of time before the barrier gets broken in, at this rate...!
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CRACKLE! Sound of glass breaking echoed.
The barrier around the gate has been destroyed. Dammit, it's faster than anticipated.

Something seeped into the city through the formed crack.
A black liquid. It's like black coffee moving around with a mind of its own.
I can't tell its exact volume due to its ever-changing shape but it looks like like it can fill up an entire 25 meter pool. How is this thing so big.
So, this is the full view of that monster. My whole body get goosebumps just from looking at it and its overwhelming presence. I can't believe this was originally a slime.
...I'm afraid to look but I have to check its Status.

Magic Beast: Slime of Gluttony

Level 68

State: Starving


HP (Health Points): 4875/4875
MP (Magic Points): 3417/3417
SP (Stamina): 381/8754

STR (Strength): 1784
ATK (Attack): 1784
DEF (Defense): 2640
AGI (Agility): 1402
INT (Intelligence): 697
DEX (Dexterity): 874
PER (Perception): 1751
RES (Resistance): 1374
LUK (Luck): 248


Magic Beast Level 7
Viscous Beast Level 10
Martial Arts Level 7
Claw Arts Level 9
Fang Arts Level 7
Swordsmanship Level 8
Spear Arts Level 4
Archery Level 4
... and many others.

【Master Skill】

Gluttonous Growth

That's just way over the top! What the heck is this, it's beyond cheating! A bugged unit?!
As expected, most of its Attributes reach four digits. Only LUK stat is lacking a bit? Trying to fight this thing head-on's gonna get me devoured in no time.
Its Skills are so high too, both in quality and quantity. There's plenty of Skills a Slime shouldn't have been able to acquire, can this thing absorb Skill from the things it devoured?

<<Master Skill 'Gluttonous Growth': A Skill attained by reaching Viscous Beast Level 10. Enables acquisitions of part of Attributes and Skills from devoured targets.>>

How much has this thing been eating anyway. Seems like devouring the hero multiple times played a big part.
...You telling me to reseal this? How even. It's gonna get me good before I could finish.

<<The sealing is possible as long as it is done within an audible range. Shouting the password from a distance safe from its assaults should make resealing relatively doable. However, pay attention to ranged attacks from Offensive Magic and such.>>

Guess that's the only way. Think I'm gonna stay 100M above, well above the 20M of this thing's reported range. I'll have Menu-san measure the precise altitude.
Whoa, this Slime moves fast. It's looking for prey at car-like speed.
Several people nearby have been devoured... RIP. Death comes at you fast huh... Scary.
It's gonna claim more victims if I don't reseal it quick.
I promptly moved to a safe altitude, took the megaphone and turned it on. Preparation complete. Aah, test, test, umu, nice echoes.
Now then, it's time to get loud!

"*Inhale*....『Jugemu Jugemu Gokō-no Surikire Kaijarisuigyo-no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu』..."

The password the hero came up to is a well-known rakugo story.
I heard the phrase 'Jugemu' twice before the father fell asleep... It would have been a checkmate for us if I didn't have this rakugo memorized.
Think it was in an OP or ED of some anime a little while back? I only memorized it thanks to a certain 4-panel plumber manga though... Let's get back on track.
The slime's body is gradually getting wrapped by chain-like things made of words as I'm progressing with the password. Ironic considering the content of this rakugo.

"『Kuunerutokorosumutokoro Yaburakōjino burakōji』 ...Ah, the chain came off."

Dammit, it's the 'yabukoji' version not the 'burakoji' one! Personally I think this one rhymes better though!
The chains melted away. Oh no, the slime shifted its focus on me now.
It's launching a barrage of fireballs, each one meter wide, like a heavy machine gun.
Oy oy oy! What in the blaze, Alma's magic is nothing to this!
I narrowly managed to dodge the attack but I can't afford to continue the sealing like this!



That was close! I managed to defend myself by deploying mana cushion before a fireball hit me, yet half of my HP still flew out of the window.
Not good. I'm gonna get shot down before long. Yet lowering my altitude would put me in its devouring range.
...We're done for.
Ah, dammit, let's try again and


I defended again with a mana cushion but my HP went to zero.
Followed immediately by pain. My whole body burns, it hurts.
Falling. I'm falling. I can't maintain my focus to keep flying due to the damage. I'm gonna die from crashing down the ground before the slime eats me at this rate.

...People really die just like that when their time comes huh. I'm no exception. I thought I was aware of that.
Ah dammit, I don't wanna die yet. There's still so many things I wanna do. So many food I want to treat Alma and Reina to.
I wanted to hold a luxurious birthday party for Reina.

Ah, here comes the ground. Hopefully it won't hurt much.

Black arms came out from the shadow of a building catching me before I hit the ground.
I almost mistook it for the slime. But no, this small shadow is.

"M-made it in time...!"

Reina went and dragged my body into the shadow.
Eh, what's going on.







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