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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 353

353 Request


Our carriages arrived at the palace without issues. An entourage of children wearing nothing but rags got off and were immediately dumbfounded at the huge castle before them.
Quite a surreal sight yet I called out to them while trying not to mind it.

"You all, line up in three columns. Follow me."

'Right this way', the guide man led the way into the castle.
I complied along with the children.
They looked around restlessly inside the castle as well yet none of them got out of lines.

(Just what is this? Maybe I should stop letting this stuff bother me...)

Just as I managed to stop overthinking, we arrived at the council room.

"I have brought our esteemed guests with me."

"Very well, enter."

The guide opened the door for us after that short exchange. The prime minister, Kuroin, awaited in the room.

"Welcome... The children may come in as well. We shall have tea and snacks prepared."

Despite those welcoming words, the PM's face was twitching a bit.

(Can't blame the guy. That's how I'd react if I were in his shoes.)
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There's no way he could've imagined me bringing this many slum children here.
This PM's got quite a strong mental fortitude for quickly accepting it. Well done.

I instructed the kids to sit on the prepared rows of chairs.
And as I sat down last on the chair opposite to the PM, a group of maids came in and started preparing.
Serving tea and snacks to everybody here.
The council room is spacious enough to host this many people. Only sounds of tea cups and plates echoed.
Before long, a nice fragrance of tea and its vapor filled the room.

And once it was all done, the maids smoothly made their exit followed by a silence.
Nobody put the served tea nor the snacks in their mouth. None of the children even attempted to.
Some looked like they wanted to yet none of them even reached out.
I'm sure it must be because they don't quite get the position they are in right now. Whether it's OK or not.

After tens of seconds of silence, the PM broke it.

"First of all, I must express my gratitude for what you have done for the princess."

I was surprised by this. I don't remember doing anything that warrant thanks.
And there's no point in touching that subject now. It's a thing of the past.

"It's nothing for you to thank me about. More importantly, I have a request. Mind hearing me out?"

I went straight to the point. I just want to get this over and done with and leave this kingdom.

"...A request is it, in such a threatening manner? Did you not stop and think for a moment how will your message be interpreted, deeming you as a dangerous individual instead?"

I did. But I knew he wouldn't listen to me if I sent half-hearted words, hence the implication of 'I'm gonna go on a rampage if you don't'.
Though I didn't think it'd get straight to the PM.
The official who got my message brought it to the highest echelon in this castle. That was for sure a surprise.

"I too have... Nah, a game of cat and mouse is just a waste of our time. Hear me out and agree to everything I ask you. Do that and I'm leaving this kingdom by noon. That fine with you?"

I'm fed up already. A discussion with bigwigs always turns into a long and meandering push and pull competition.
I'm not even on a speaking term with this PM. So I just went straight for the heart of the matter.

"That will depend on the content of this request of yours. To begin with, you lack a sense of preservation coming here alone. Where is that magic beast?"

Soldiers flocked in the council room after he said that.
Twelve people in total. They must have been standing by in a room intended for guards. About two came out of each doors installed all over the room, surrounding me with their spears at the ready.





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