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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 75

Stop Going for Vital, How Many Times Must I-


She kept running for a few more minutes before we killed the bear beast and had a break.
Reina bit on her pork-cutlet sandwich teary faced. Must be so good it makes her cry.

"Sniff, I mean it is super good yes! But that's not what these tears are for!"

"...Hikaru, that was too much."

"Forgive me..."

Immediate prostration. Pride? None. I've got none of that.
That'd be the least of my worry if Alma snapped. Played around too much.
Alma teased her too, something about gathering her bones, but she didn't think I'd have the bear chase Reina for real. Well, I guess normally you wouldn't...

"And I mean, what was that about anyway!? I thought I was done for when I couldn't run anymore but then there was this loud BOOM noise, and the bear's head popped off!"

"Calm down. I couldn't defeat the thing due to lack of firepower the last time so I devised up a new dangerously high powered technique, that was it."

"What do you mean by 'dangerously high powered'!? ...Well okay, I demand seconds to make up for your bullying."

"Here you go. The meat under the bread is deep fried, careful you don't scald your tongue."

"Whaai, looks so good, no wait, how is the meat fried when you didn't cook? Where did you take that out from just now!? It just appeared on your hand out of thin air!"

"Oh yeah, haven't told you about my Item Bag huh. I can use an Item Bag like function without external assistance. It's got unlimited capacity and time stops inside. How handy is that?"

"...Even just that completely breaks the rules, is that not a Skill?"

"Apparently not. My Skill tab on my Status still shows unobtainable."

"...Hah, did you use this to win that eating contest, Kajikawa-san?"

"That's cheating, I don't do that. I ate all that food fair and square."

"Ah, then, wait that makes it weirder... How many portions did you eat back then anyway."

"Reina, just think that anything goes with Hikaru and you'd have a much easier time processing what he does. Thinking deeper only tires you out."

"That's just giving up..."

I'm aware how incomprehensible I am sometimes but isn't that too much.

"Well, putting that aside."

"Ah, he's so obviously changing the subject."
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Reina kept staring at me.
I mean it's gonna take us hours if we keep going on about my absurdities...

"...Now that you've learned energy control, it's time to move on to mana control, or so I'd like to but let's stop for today after another light spar."

"Eh, why?"

"First you need to be able to use energy control in actual combat. Mana control is gonna take you quite a bit of time while you can learn how to defend yourself relatively quick with energy control."

"So like a last resort for when I can't run away?"

"Yeah. Probably not enough against Combat Job people, but better than nothing right?"

"Hope I never have to use this last resort..."

I hope so too. At least try to avoid fighting humans until she's graduated from Apprentice-class Job.
Weak magic beasts are one thing, but human enemy are on a different level. Demons are even worse.
Well, I haven't been in many fights against people myself. At best, it was against Dasomething, and those two Skill-deficient guards of pig noble... Huh? Am I even qualified to teach her?
...We could ask guild veterans to teach her proper self-defense but that's gonna limit her to average techniques. Although it's probably a good idea still once she's grown enough.
I'd like something that are usable against stronger enemies. Reina's arsenal is presently limited to some low level Skills and energy control.
And also a dagger made from High Cave Bear fang. Its ATK rivals that of Alma's mithril bladed steel sword, way too strong. Think it's about time to upgrade Alma's weapon. But our budget.

After an aftermeal break, I have Reina spar with me.
I said spar, but it's intended to check her techniques and more like a play fight.
Reina has her dagger, I'm barehanded. Frankly, I'm scared but with my whole body wrapped in mana cushion and my HP buffer, I should be fine.
I also wrap myself in soft mana whenever I attack Reina, she shouldn't get hurt much either.
Then when she's practicing with Alma, I plan to make them use wooden weapons. I can heal them even if they get hurt though, no worries.

Peshi pashi

"Kajikawa-san, don't you have any advice for me?"

"Eh I dunno, I mean I'm neither a martial artist or a dagger user. Can only give you this: practice makes perfect."

Bishi bashi

"There's no feedback whenever I hit you, they even get repelled sometimes."

"Well when you're so obvious, I flick off those attacks with mana. A head-on attack whenever you see a chance is easy to block, you gotta mix in feints and quickly strike with energy control added, be creative."

"Oh really, I got you!"

Gosu!! Bishii!!

"Ow ouchhhhhhhhhh!!?"

"Also, if you aim for my balls just because it won't hurt me thanks to my mana armor, I'm gonna flick your forehead raw, mana cushion omitted... Like seriously, quit it with that. My HP's gonna come crashing down if I get hit for real."

"T-that hurt so much... That was no normal forehead flick..."

"Yeah and I held back. I'm gonna keep increasing the power if you keep aiming for my balls."

"I won't do it again..."

This training involves no pain or wounds in general, might be a tad soft but it should be fine for a starter.
...Well, we're gonna need to gradually introduce pain over time though. For Reina, Alma and me.
Oh man. But you can't not get hurt in real combat. Gotta bear with it. Oh maaan.






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