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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 83



"You alright, Kajikawa-san!? I saw you got hit by a fireball!"

Reina asked worryingly behind a building.
No wait, we're inside the shadow? Both Reina and me. Is this maybe.

<<Ninjutsu Skill Lv1 [Shadow Dive]: An ability that turns user into shadow, erasing their presence and nullifying all damage. It is possible to turn other people designated by the user into shadow as well. However, recipients will get forcefully expelled out of the shadow under a light.>>

I knew it. It's a ninjutsu Skill. The heck, you're pretty much invincible when it's on! This thing's a cheat! Cheat I say!
Can't believe she can use a cheat skill right from level 1. Reina... terrifying!

"...Didn't I tell you to go hide cause it's dangerous."

"There's no point hiding from that thing! We're all done for the instant Kajikawa-san failed to seal it!"

That's for sure~.
The thing is formless so it can go through gaps on barricades, heck it can just destroy them with ease.
It's got terrifyingly high sensing ability. Alma's parents could seemingly pinpoint people by their presences alone, so this thing's probably capable of a similar feat, hiding is meaningless.
In other word, the moment I die, sealing the thing would be forever out of reach and surviving by hiding in this city is impossible for all intents and purposes.
All things considered, what Reina did was the best course of action. In fact.

"I made a huge blunder rushing out in a hurry without checking your Skills, Reina... Sorry, you were seriously a great help."

"Fufufu, so I'm finally good for something. Go on and praise me more~"

"Yeah. I would have died without your help, you have my gratitude."

"I-it's actually embarrassing when you praise me so much..."

Reina sounded bashful. I'd have stared at her face if only I could see her.

"Ah we gotta get out of the shadow soon. My mana keeps decreasing when this ability is active, I can't keep it for long."

"The slime's gonna catch us if we get out here though."

"It's okay. I can move super fast inside the shadow, getting away is a cinch."

<<While active, [Shadow Dive] consumes 1 MP every second. Maximum speed of moving in shadow is around 100 meter per second.>>

Err, so you're saying she can move around at 360km/h while being impervious to damage? It's seriously a cheat, Reina must be peerless in nighttime combats.
We moved in the shadows cast by buildings and materialized around 1 kilometer away from the monster.
Checking my body, I see plenty of burn marks. It hurts, it's hot.

"Ow ow... That slime went crazy with magic."

"T-that's a terrible burn, are you sure you're gonna be okay?"

"This is nothing a potion can't heal."
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I gulped down a mid-level potion.
Then swiftly healed my body using Lifeforce Control before sipping another potion to restore my HP to full just in case.

"That medicine seems super effective."

"Just drinking a potion won't heal me though. I did it by directly controlling lifeforce after restoring my HP. That aside, mind lending a hand, Reina."

"You mean in sealing that monster, using Shadow Dive?"

"You catch on quick. I understand that ability eats up lots of mana, but it should be fine with me supplying you. Are you fine with taking on this dangerous job though?"

"I'm super scared to be honest but this is our biggest chance at survival so I just gotta do it."

...Yup, of course she'd be scared. Me too.
But there's no way to escape and it'll end with us and Alma along with everybody in this city getting eaten if we don't do something, so we have to.
There's also the matter of a certain individual shooting fireballs mixed within the barrage earlier precisely aimed at me. I got hit cause I was dodging that. Seems like that individual has been gobbled up already though.
Well, let's leave that one to them. We gotta stop that monster quickly.

After refilling our mana, we Shadow Dived back to an audible range.
I took out the megaphone and made preparations to do the sealing again.

"Get ready to dive right away whenever I give you a signal."


Reassured by Reina's energetic voice, I started shouting the sealing password once again.

"『Jugemu Jugemu Gokō-no Surikire Kaijarisuigyo-no』..."

I saw the slime rapidly heading my way the instant I started shouting.
It's going really fast, seemingly feeling threatened by the near miss of my sealing attempt earlier. Think its speed is around 80 to 100km/h.
Slow, too slow.
Both of us melted into the shadow when I lightly tapped Reina's shoulder.
The slime tried to scan the area in confusion, but we're ways away from there already.
We materialized again within an audible range. And I resumed shouting the password.

"『Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kuunerutokorosumutokoro Yaburakōjino yabukouji』"

Alright, looks like you can resume just fine even with a slight time lag.
And sure enough, it's the 'yabukouji' version seeing as the word chains aren't coming off this time.
Reacting to my voice, the slime rapidly went for us but Reina quickly got us out when I tapped her shoulder again. Then I resumed shouting. Again and again.

"『Paipo Paipo Paiponoshūrin Gan Shūrin Gan no Gūrin Dai Gūrin Daino』"

...Just a little bit more.
But man, looking at how enthusiastic this slime  chased me around whenever I popped up makes me think it maybe looks kinda cute. Like a Pavlovian dog, I think?
I've absolutely no intention to keep it as a pet considering all the people it killed though. It's scary too.

<<It has taken in 27 people presently. All of them are still alive despite their clothing having been dissolved. Rescue is likely probable when the resealing is done.>>

Eh, you mean those people it ate can still be saved?

<<Highly likely as long as they have not been digested yet.>>

Well then, time to get this done pronto!

"『Ponpokopī no Ponpokonāno』...!"

A fireball came flying my way just as I was about to finish.
The slime didn't shoot that one. It's not the same individual as the one who shot me earlier either.
But, it's not like I didn't expect this!


I swatted it like a fly with a mana cushioned hand.
I almost blurted something out and managed to stop myself, we would have to redo this whole thing!

"『Choukyuumei no Chousuke』e!!"

Once I was done reciting the rakugo story, chains of words got painted all over the slime's body as it gradually shrunk down.
Meanwhile all the people it had devoured kept getting spat out like popcorn... Thank goodness, they're all alive. They're mostly naked though.
The slime kept getting smaller before eventually turning into a single card.
I picked it up. The card has hiragana characters written on its face. What the heck, this is so surreal.
I could still feel enormous lifeforce coming from it even in this state. I tried putting it inside Item Screen but it wouldn't go in, likely due to the Slime being sealed within.

"We did it! I kind of heard weird sounds like, ponpoko or something. What was that anyway?"

"The entirety of that is a series of names chained together as a sort of prayer for a long life. How about going ponpokopi when you have a child of your own too, Reina?"

"Um no, I'd rather not..."

Figured. I'm not into it either.

"Now then, let's see what to do with the guy who shot that fireball."

"You think he's the culprit behind this incident?"

"Or a cooperator. He's hiding behind a building, guessing he's trying to find a chance to snatch this card. It's so obvious though."

I don't even need to see Map Screen. An unnatural presence that's clearly unlike the city populace's.
A mana wave that's far more sinister than magic beasts. Don't tell me, it's a.

We Shadow Dived and materialized behind the guy, I hit him with a mana pile bunker attack!



I blunted the tip to avoid a fatal hit since there's still some stuff I wanted to ask him, nevertheless, that should do some serious damage. It had enough power to instantly kill a High Kobold after all.

"K-Kajikawa-san, don't you think you're being too rough..."

"No need to be considerate here. This guy is definitely the culprit or one of them, heck he's not even human."


His identity is revealed with a Status Check.

Demon: Ranauguru

Level 27

State: Bruise


HP (Health Points): 293/487
MP (Magic Points): 357/384
SP (Stamina Points): 201/254

STR (Strength): 199
ATK (Attack): 199 (+20)
DEF (Defense): 244 (+68)
AGI (Agility): 210
INT (Intelligence): 308 (+67)
DEX (Dexterity): 198
PER (Perception): 177
RES (Resistance): 249
LUK (Luck): 44


Demon Level 3
Offensive Magic Level 6
Support Magic Level 4
Staff Arts Level 5
Martial Arts Level 5


Emerald Staff
ATK +20, INT +67

Magic Silk Robe
DEF +68

Demons. This would be the first time I come across one.
He looks pretty much human in appearance. No wonder he managed to slip in this city.
Well well well, time to have a little C H A T and hear out his reasoning for doing all this crap... Fufufu...






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