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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 355

355 Load Off Shoulders


The children were quiet. There was absolutely no reaction it was eerie.

(There's a limit to staying put you know? Why did none of them even moved the slightest despite their popping eyes...)

They couldn't hide their surprises after witnessing something out of ordinary.
However, it was weird how they never even tried to run away when those armed knights came swarming in this room.
The children are now attentively listening to my conversation with the PM as if knowing it's going to change their future.

"...I shall comply with everything you ask me. So please refrain from causing any more harm."

"Oh don't worry, I'm not gonna resort to violence provided you're not either. This time it's, well, just the natural outcome of things."

I went back and sat down on my chair. The PM who reflexively stood up when the knight commander got blown away let out a long sigh before he did the same.

"Mind if I list out my demand now?"

"Very well... And what would it be?"

"Take in these children. Everybody who's present here. Put them under your supervision. Don't just support them. Give them work, food, you know 'normal' stuff. You decide what's their job gonna be. Feel free to educate them as candidates for civil officials. Let them help with chores, or if there are children good with weapons, you can train them into soldiers. Just give them what they need to 'live'."

"...Is that all you want? All that threatening posturing and you walking into this castle, was all for that...?"

"What? You think I was gonna demand something absurd? What the hell, how am I gonna make you take these children if I don't meet you face to face like this huh? What in the world do you think I am?"

The PM had a mixed look of relief and sour on his face after I said that.
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"Very well. All I need is to care for these children, is that right? Nothing more?"

"Just a warning, don't you dare mistreating these children, you hear me? If I find out that you did whenever I drop by this kingdom in the future, I'm gonna personally beat you to an inch of your life. I promise that. Just you know, what you see with that knight commander over there is nothing compared to what I'd do to you. It's gonna be far worse, so get ready."

"...Duly noted..."

Glancing, the knight commander hadn't come to. His subordinates around him were frantically trying to rouse him, shaking his body to no avail.
They eventually gave up and carried him outside this council room. They probably went to an infirmary of some sort. To get him examined by a doctor.

(Didn't feel like that killed him, he should be okay I think? I'm not gonna regret it even if he did though.)

Man was after my life. I won't feel bad if people like that end up dying instead.
But I've got a good reason for avoiding bloodshed this time. The guy dying here would likely bring me more trouble later on.
Spouting stuff like knightly honor, a sinner who killed a knight or something. They might even put a wanted poster on me.
Same thing I did when I let my assassins go back then, all to prevent an endless cycle of assassins coming for me. I told them to send my messages to their employer, although that one ended up in vain.

"Alright then, as promised, I'm leaving this kingdom. By noon today."

My shoulders finally feel light now that I'm done with everything that needs to be done in this kingdom.
I left my seat and headed for the door. I left the room without looking back at the children even once.





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