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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 225

Serpent Breath


It has been an hour since Hikaru entered Forest of Toxin.
I was sure we would come under attack by magic beasts while we waited for him, yet none dared to approach us, likely due to our proximity to the forest's entrance.
While the reason no magic beasts came out from that forest is probably because they're avoiding the trail Hikaru left behind.

"...Wonder if Kajikawa-san is doing okay."


"I'm sure, he is. His Mana and Stamina have barely decreased despite all those explosion sounds we've been hearing."

"Mana presences from magic beasts were disappearing every time he made that sound instead...!? I sensed Mana of a humongous magic beast near Kajikawa-san!"

"...It's as big as the crab back then. Similar to that dungeon worm... No, even longer."

"Hang on, what is that thing...!? It's way too long and big!"

It might be a giant worm or perhaps a snake-type beast.
Hyula-san was with him during the crab fight on the sea. This should be his first time fighting a magic beast of this level solo.
...I want to believe that he's fine, but I can't help myself getting worried.

"I'll dive in shadows and retrieve Kajikawa-san if things get outta hands! The toxin can't creep in the shadows, and I should be alright out in the open for a little while!"

"Un. I'll go with you. Don't want you run out of mana midway."


He did tell us, 'I need your help if it gets too dangerous for me. But don't stay too long if it comes down to that.' beforehand, so us coming to his rescue is not a mistake.
However, we will only drag him down if we come at the wrong time. I have to make sure I get the timing right.

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~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~


The serpent hissed at me.
It couldn't hiss loudly likely due to undeveloped vocal organ, yet the pressure emanating from a magic beast that gigantic is still incredibly threatening. Scary.


! The serpent swings around its long body like a whip.

<<Serpent Skill Lv4 Ability [Serpent Whip], akin to Whip Art Skill Ability [Mana Whip], amplifies impact on hit.>>

I dodged at the last timing. The swing popped open all trees along with the ground in its path while making a loud sound in the process.
I was hoping the generated dust cloud would hide me from the serpent, but it kept coming for me as if it saw me without relying on vision.

Come to think of it, snakes sense their prey through heat, don't they? Also they have an organ to sense smell by opening their mouth, not through nose, or something.
I know those from manga, hey, as long as it does the job... Let's test it out.

First off, I enveloped myself with mana and made it slightly cold to the touch. Too cold would be unnatural.
Then I blended my Mana, Life Force and Energy to make a decoy behind the dust cloud.
I converted a bit of the decoy's Mana into heat energy at human body's temperature.

Then I made it run while I ran in the opposite direction. Now then, which one is it after?

『Shiiiii... Shaaaaa!!』

Result. It went for both.
Fumu, the smell on me should be minimal thanks to this airtight suit, but it's not perfect which allowed the serpent to sense me, I assume.

Meanwhile, it could also sense the heat generated by Mana Decoy, so in the end, it picked both.
The serpent itself seemed a bit bewildered at its prey suddenly splitting into two.

The attack hit my decoy, but it's useless.
That decoy is merely a formless lump of mana, physical attacks do nothing.

『Shiii? Shaaaa...!』

The serpent seemed irritated at the supposedly destroyed decoy moving again and launched another attack. I'm telling you it's useless.

Hmm, it's working better than anticipated, this is getting fun.
I could increase the number of decoys, but then it could tell which one is the real me for being the only smelly one. What do.
Ah, right.

I took a few of my old clothes and wrapped them in my Mana.
By doing this, I produced more decoys. I can't remote control them all at once but they're more than enough to serve their function.


The serpent initially seemed confused at the sudden jump of heat responses before proceeding to lash at them.
It's swinging its entire body around from tail tip to head at the decoys. Like that's gonna work, dum dum.
I'm amazed the thing doesn't end up entwining itself. I don't mind if you do end up like in a gag manga y'know?

Guess I gotta end this while it's focusing on those nigh indestructible decoys.
Its poison-laced meat is literally tasteless anyway. I do want the exp though.

...Huh? Isn't this serpent charging a massive amount of Mana in its mouth? Just me?
No wait, it's not just me, this is bad bad bad, absolutely not good!

<<Dragon Skill Lv1 [Standard Dragon Breath], emits a highly dense compressed Mana from mouth to destroy over a wide area.>>

The serpent's mouth flashed for an instant before unleashing a ray of pure destruction often seen in Kaiju movies.


I inadvertently let out a scream at the sheer destructive power displayed here.
Wait wait wait, are you kidding me?! That attack just now turned several hectares of this forest into a wasteland! It's turning into a world of Go*ra!

All my decoys and old clothes decoys dissipated in the attack.
Makes sense. They're invincible against physical attacks but not magical.


The serpent now has a clear sight on me.
It's started charging Mana in its mouth for another round of breath attack to erase me for good.

'Course I ain't gonna let ya, Mr. Snake.

I zeroed in on the serpent's head with full speed Mana Flight!
I grabbed the explosive great hammer from Item Screen, and swung it at its head!



...! This damn thing evaded with just its head!
It also stopped charging Mana in its mouth and shifted to Mana Fang Farslash as well as a thrusting attack with its tail.
How can it cancel Skill Ability!? All these magic beasts on this level are so crafty. They put humans to shame.

It's not like I can't guard against each hit, but there's just too many of them.
My HP gets shaved down even if I block due to Poison Tusk Master Skill.
I can't keep this on forever!


I felt an unpleasant sensation on my body while I was busy dealing with the barrage of attack.
Its tail is coiling around me, this is bad.
Is it gonna constrict me to death? But this amount of Strength isn't nearly enough to deal damage to my--

Eh, oy, why the heck is it preparing a breath attack?

This darned snake is planning to blow me away along with its tail...!


The serpent shot Breath at its tail without hesitation.
It's an extremely effective form of attack at the cost of its own body part.
A perfect strategy that will decisively kill its target if you could discount the self damage incurred. I underestimated this magic beast.

Or so how it would have gone if the target weren't me.


The serpent shrieked uncontrollably.
Must be the pain from roasting its own tail. Well, pain is pain no matter how resolved you are.

But too bad. Your tail is the only thing your breath roasted. I myself am fit as new.

I enveloped my whole body with Mana Blade Rev just before it shot the breath. That diced the tail good and allowed me to escape from its grip.

Now then Mr Snake, you've been rampaging around like you own the place.
You'd probably gonna keep going after me if I leave you behind, or perhaps you'd change your target to Alma's group.
Hence, I will end it now. Let's do this, big snake.

Ah, the roasted tail is wafting this aromatic scent.
How dare you make an appetizing smell when you're inedible. You're making me hungry, dangit.






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