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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 477

477 Cry Inducing


I like the tea, hence why I'm going this far for it.
All I need to do is getting rid of that monster at the tea plantation site and all is right.
Afterward, no more production issues, and the tea should go back to its normal price.
I'm trying to resolve a mess for my own sake for once.

(Feeling thankful for this power only for occasions like this, I'm so selfish.)

Eliminating a monster or two is a simple matter with brute force.
I made my way through the route the store manager taught me.
I got to the gate and surprised the gatekeepers yet again with Second Class Pass like always.
My destination is the Waking Grass's production site. I dashed off in high spirits, in Accelerated state of course.

==  ~~ == ~~

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The route ordinarily takes half a day with a carriage at high speed. But for me that distance did not even last a moment.
I got no time to lose. I gotta get the price back to normalcy as soon as possible.
The time I experienced running in Accelerated World was about four hours. And yet the moment I undid Acceleration, not even one second had elapsed in real world. I have zero idea how this power is even supposed to work, let alone housed in a human body.

(Really, what about theory of relativity? Einstein must be rolling in his grave.)

Not just Einstein, this phenomenon would have bewildered any scientists. Simply waving it away as a 'fantasy' is too easy.
Yet, there's no way to decipher this power, so all I can do is leave it be. I simply lack experience and data to get an answer. In fact, I don't really care about getting to the bottom of this power.
I've decided to stop being antsy about it.

I have more important stuff to attend to.
Like these three men who seem to be safe guarding the building where Waking Grass is being produced.
I undid Acceleration and spoke to them.

"Hello, excuse me, is this the production site for Waking Grass?"

"Who the heck are you? No, we're not selling you Waking Grass! How many of you lot are gonna keep coming anyway, dammit! Every single one of you is trying to make a profit buying directly! Fools, the lot of you! We keep telling y'all it's an emergency yet you keep coming back with that dumb face of yours!"

One of the men told me off all of a sudden. Talk about unreasonable. I never uttered the word 'sell'. In fact, I haven't even stated my business. Getting shouted right off the bat, I couldn't react quickly enough to even deny him.

"All of 'em make a fuss cause we won't sell, saying they can pay or whatever! That's what you're gonna tell me next, ain't it!? Huuh!?"

These men must see a lot of people who did exactly that. Doesn't seem like he's willing to even give me an ear.
The other two guards approached thanks to the man's yell.

"You foolishly think you can get Waking Grass for cheap here, don't you? Believing you can make a killing by selling them high at town."

"Oy, you brat! Don't tell me you're here to steal 'em!? Let me tell ya, this tea is nothing more than weed if amateurs plucked 'em. Lots of our Waking Grass withered because of dumbarses like you. These grass are already dwindling as is, we can't have you brats make it worse. Forget jailtime, we're gonna personally send you to the afterlife!"

These guards' reactions tell me all I need to know about the situation here. Things are really bad.
Bad enough to resort to death threat.

"Err, I've come here to visit the production site. Also, I'm thinking of lending a hand if possible."

Apparently it's past the expiration date to get them believe that reasoning.

"We already got one thief who used the same excuse! You must be one of 'em!"

It's clear now they won't believe whatever I say.
These men are too high strung. All the people that came before me must be some serious criminals.
I took the letter of introduction from my magic bag in an attempt to persuade them. But I only showed them, and kept the letter with me.

"This is a letter of introduction written by the manager of 'Aromatic Dream'. His acquaintance is in charge of this site. If he is to be believed, this letter should afford me entry. Does it ring a bell?"

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