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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 224

Minimum (Not Necessarily Small)


"Umm, I'm truly thankful, but are you sure you will be okay? As you may have heard at the guild, going into Forest of Toxin is suicidal..."

"Yes I'll be fine. I am confident in my high Resistance Attribute. I'm actually more concerned I'd catch a hay fever from the pollen than the toxin."

"I-is that right. T-then, please, I leave it in your capable hands...!"

The silver wavy haired woman who was looking for a taker for her commission at the guild, Ninameria-san, saw us off to Kamakura, I mean magic beast forest.
She needs the fruit growing deep inside the forest in order to make an elixir that can save her husband.

I thought I might help cure him with Life Force Control, but he's suffering from a bothersome petrifaction disease that gradually turns his body into stone starting from extremities. This petrifaction reappears even if you cut the affected limbs.
Even abnormal status remedy only works as a placebo. An elixir needs to be administrated asap or else he'll die once the petrifaction gets to his internal or crucial organs.

...It gave me the chill imagining Alma or Reina catching a strange disease like that.
I'd like to get my hands on some excess elixir or two if possible, let's see.

The forest is about tens of minutes walking distance away from the town.
Unlike Gruoz, I could sense some real dangerous presences lurking in this magic beast forest [Dankvaz].

"We'll be your escort up to the entrance to Forest of Toxin."

"You gotta preserve your power, Kajikawa-san... By the way, can't you do something about your attire?"

"Hey, not like I got a choice here. Can't let my high RES get over my head."

『Pi, pipi...』

Cough, cough, I've put on a full face mask like a certain imperial army leader as well as an airtight suit as a countermeasure against toxin.
Apparently, my body by itself can resist the forest's toxin just fine but I don't wanna get pneumonia from inhaling spores or something.

"You look like a real shady character in that getup."

"Honestly, kinda scary-looking..."

"Cut me some slack. I didn't wear this cause I like it, okay?"

"I mean you were flying around in that weird mask and all. I was sure you were into it."

"I've got yours and Alma's sets with me, want to put them on too?"

""No, thank you.""

"What about you, Hiyoko?"


"...You really hate the idea huh."

Well, me too! It's so stuffy in here, I wanna take it off right this instant!
Thinking again, Mana Powered Suit probably would have been enough. I can only regret it now though. Dangit.

After walking in the forest for a few hours, the environment around us started to change.
The color of leaves are changing from green to poisonous-looking purple as we go deeper.
...This is getting dangerous.

"Alma, Reina, Hiyoko. You all stay here. The toxin ahead is too strong."

"...Un. The plants around have these weird colors, and it smells bad."

"Kajikawa-san, please run away if things aren't looking hot on your end."


"I'm not planning to chew more than I can bite. I'll Fast Travel away if I can't handle it. You girls go ahead and return to town if my presence vanishes."

"Got it. Take care, Hikaru."

"Yea. Can't lie, I'm scared but it should be a smooth sailing if I just avoid magic beasts... Cough..."

"I bet those magic beasts don't wanna have anything to do with someone this shady-looking anyway..."

Oh cut it out with my attire! I've heard plenty already!
Gotta pull myself together and proceed ahead.

I was going to fly and scan the forest from the sky but Menu stopped me.
Apparently, the magic beasts living inside have good sensing organs so exposing myself in the air with a good view will turn me into an easy target to all of them at once. That was close.
I'm told, having trees as my cover should make the route to the fruit safer. Guess I can't take the easy way out huh.

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I beat a Forest Taipan Leaf Scale magic beast to death.
Whenever I bump into a magic beast blocking the path I must take no matter what, I erase my presence as best as I could, get close to them and dynamic stealth kill them with the explosive great hammer.
I said stealth but there's always a loud accompanying BOOM! sound though... Magic beasts won't come this way, will they? Is it gonna be fine?

I've beaten five magic beasts in the same fashion so far yet I don't sense one purposely heading my way.

<<The booming sound generated by explosive great hammer might have served as a deterrent instead.>>

Really? Then won't it be safer if I keep making it explode as I go?

<<Inadvisable. On top of consuming too much mana, this tactic has an inherent danger of luring in powerful magic beasts that ignore threats.>>

Okay, yeah no thanks. All the beasts I beat thus far range from Lv50 to 60, any higher is gonna be a toughie.
I have no problem hitting if the beast is as big as that giant crab, but hammer throwing won't work well against smaller targets with high and balanced Attributes like Oni-sensei.

I've been going out of my way avoiding dangerous presences along the way but I don't know how far should I go on.
I'm not even sure if this mass of mana I'm heading for is even correct. At least it doesn't feel like a magic beast...

Then, just as I was about to arrive at my destination, I felt something odd in my surroundings.
...This mana, have I been ambushed by a herd of magic beasts? No, that's wrong. This mana comes from one beast.
One really long magic beast.

An unbelievably long and thick serpentine magic beast has encircled me and all the trees around me.

I leaped into the sky just as it tried to constrict me alongside those trees.
The constricted trees got pressed hard, no crushed flat. There's no splinters, they're all turned straight into sawdust.
The whole thing must be tens, no hundreds of meters long. With a thickness of around three meters in diameter.

I checked the serpent's status as it glared hard at me for dodging its attack.

Magic Beast: Minimum Jormungandr

Lv 76

State: Normal


HP (Life Force): 2864/2864
MP (Mana): 2002/2101
SP (Stamina): 2487/3012

STR (Strength): 1841
ATK (Attack Power): 1841
DEF (Defense): 1887
AGI (Agility): 1341
INT (Intelligence): 874
DEX (Dexterity): 699
PER (Perception): 1312
RES (Resistance): 2412
LUK (Luck): 178


Magic Beast Lv 8
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 6
Serpent Beast Lv 8
Fang Arts Lv 10
Piercing Fang Arts Lv 7
Dragon Lv 3

[Master Skills]

Aura Mitigation
Poison Tusk

What's minimum about it! That thing's ultra massive!
It's the biggest magic beast I've ever seen. How many tons is this whole thing even...!?

It's even got Dragon Skill. What does that do anyway.


This isn't like the fight on sea back then.
I had Hyula-san draw the crab's attention, allowing me to get my attacks in.
But it's one-on-one now. I gotta create an opening and exploit that opening all by myself.

But, I don't know why.

I don't feel like losing.

"I'm gonna make kabayaki out of this snake after draining the venom out. That giant crab tasted sublime. Let's see if you can rival it... Cough..."


I'm not against eating weird stuff once in a while. Can't wait to test out the best way to cook this thing...!

<<As its entire body is completely laced in poison, this magic beast is inedible.>>

Ah, okay. Forget it. I don't wanna.
...Haa, where'd all my motivation go...







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