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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 221

Side Story Hero and Training - Oni's Deed


Hi, hello. I'm the hero, currently undergoing a death march in the guise of training. Quite literally. We're marching hard to our death.
There's a hero summoning altar nearby so we can get revived right away despite all the splatters. What is this, eighth layer of hell, no, unlimited hell?

It's been about a month since we started.
The training is intense enough to constantly kill us, yet you can't deny its effectiveness as our level shot through the roof at an abnormal pace.

"Sword! Spear! Axe! Dagger, no shield!"

"Yep, there you go, it's the hero's strength to instantaneously swap weapons depending on the situation you're in. You've gotten pretty smooth at it~."

I'm now able to keep up with Aina, our master, for a prolonged period of time.
At first, I didn't even know what was happening before finding myself blown away, knocked out cold or even sometimes revived at the altar.
Her main weapon is supposed to be a bow yet she's tremendously strong with Kempo. Her punch even squashed a steel shield like it was made of paper...

"You can fight decently enough without a weapon if you raise Kempo Skill. Why lots of people chose it as their Sub Skill."

"No uh, forget Kempo, you even have the upgraded version of the Skill, don't you Aina-san..."

"Oh this comes with the territory if you're a [Special] Job."

Aina-san sounds kinda boastful. Quit looking so smug.

Here are the rough stages of Combat Jobs:
Lv1-9 [Apprentice]
Lv10-24 [Rookie]
Lv25-49 [Intermediate], where most people at

You have a stable income once you've crossed over Lv25 even if you hunt nothing but weaker beasts, hence most people stop here.
On top of that, the experience points required to level up see a drastic increase once you've reached Lv40, thus the majority either step down from combat or die trying.

Those who keep going and attain a level beyond 50 acquire the [Advanced] Job.
The first bonus of reaching that is the privilege to learn an additional Skill regardless of which type, Production or Combat. The so-called [Gift Skill].

Many choose [Appraisal] Skill in order to know their opponents better. Production Skills like [Cooking] is also a popular choice for those who are retiring.
Well I pretty much have no use for Appraisal thanks to Menu and I can cook on my own without a Skill. I do want more recipes though.

Then for those who keep going even further, no matter how reckless and unreasonable the path toward Lv70 is, arrive at [Special] Job... No, it's nothing to do with class of cabinets.
When you reach this point, your names become synonymous with your Jobs such as [Sword King] or [Archmage] as there's virtually no two people that hold the same Job.
Aina-san is at a [Special] stage of Archer Job, [Selfkill Archer]. Not in a sense that she's dead when she shoots her bow. Sutera.

Normally she acts like the personification of fooling around yet she will put on a wholly different persona when she takes up her bow.
According to Aina-san, 'No idea how it's like with other people, but when I have my bow, I don't think of anything or else it'll affect the end results. I simply become one with the concept of 'My arrows shall hit their targets.'

Even a simple desire of hitting a target becomes a noise in her head, thus the most important point is to 'Kill oneself'. Hence, 'Selfkill Archer'.
...It's a domain I can't even begin to wrap my head around.

"I can just imagine Neora-kun putting every single emotions into his arrows~. I'll tell it straight to you; the true path of archery isn't for you."

"Uh, do you mean there's a wrong path of archery?"

"Sure is. It's like the complete opposite of true path where you put all of your emotions into the arrows you shoot."

"Sounds like an alternative path that's not necessarily wrong."

"Well the end results have a looot of variables, so most archers pursue the true path. The same Archery Skill gives you different Abilities depending on the path you tread on too."

Menu, what's the basis for the true and wrong path of archery in term of Status?

<<It's based on the user's emotions and mindsets. There's no concrete standards.>>

Is that really okay, Archery Skill.
You want a very narrow result when you shoot arrows yet the criteria for Skills are so vague.

"Haa, haa, haa, uuuh, haa, haaa...!"

I caught sight of Olivie swaying hers as she ran.
How many kilometers has she covered today alone. She couldn't even move after one kilometer during the first few days, yet just look at her now.

Or rather, Aina-san would forcefully rouse her to run more even when she got too tired to move. Getting better was her only option.
Despite that, she never complained even once and kept getting up no matter how many times she tumbled down. She's really amazing.
...Olivie might very well be the gutsiest member of our party. Wonder if Sage Job also comes with a strong mental fortitude nature.
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"Whoa!? Hey! Quit going for nothing but my back!"

Levia is being ganged up by a herd of magic beasts nearby.
I mean no, it's apparently a training to get her accustomed to group battles.
She got helplessly beaten up when she just started off, yet I'd believe you if you told me she had an eye on her back now.

Before the training, she would recklessly rush headlong into the enemy group, making no attempt to work together with us.
She would move all over the place without caring for our cover fire with magic so she often ended up getting caught up in a bombing.

Lately, she's taking Olivie's and my support fire into account so battles are considerably easier.
There were even times where she gauged the right time for magic bombardment and gave us the command. She's well attuned to our and enemy's movement.
...Might as well make her the leader, no?

"Well then~ Seeing how much you've grown, think it's a good time as any to hit the end goal of this training regime."

"End goal?"

"F-finally, we're nearing the end... This never-ending hell is really tough..."

"Is this end goal something like killing some powerful beast?"

"Yup. I'll fight with you, we're gonna do this together~."

...Come again? Aina-san is coming?

"There are several conditions heroes have to meet in order to initiate a Job Change, one of which is 'obtain a Title that bears the meaning of courage'. You see~."


"You get 'Foolhardy' title if you beat an enemy 40 level higher than you, let's do this guys."

"...Eh, 40 level higher? Eh, what? Eh?"

Hold it right there, this woman just blurted some pretty outrageous stuff.
We've been leveling up while training so we're close to Lv30 now, and you're telling us to fight a monster 40 level higher, are you insane?

"There's a Lv70 magic beast deeper in this territory. Beat that and this training is over. Come, let's get this party started."

No no no no! Hold it Aina-san! We'll die! We're gonna die for real!
I mean, we'll get revived yeah but that doesn't make it okay! Don't drag me! H, help! Someone save me!

~~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~


Bam bam bam!! The sound of something getting blown and bouncing hard on the ground resounded.
Owowowow! I lost all my buffer HP and got scratched badly.
Is this really just damage from slipping. Ugh.

Haa. I've been regularly visiting Oni-sensei for almost a month now with Fast Travel and yet my goal still stays 'keeping up for five seconds in a spar'.
At first, I couldn't even last past the second, third hit. Probably around 0.x second long.
I'm finally at a point I could hold out up to ten hits, yet that only translates to about 2-3 seconds long.

"Maybe I really have no talent for this... I feel like giving up, Senpai."

『Ga, garu...』

Ogre-senpai looked simultaneously confused and startled at me speaking to him. He's a [High-Ogre], a high ranking magic beast even among Oni-sensei's ogre underlings.
Ever since that night I met Oni-sensei, there's this tacit understanding formed between me and these ogres; no killing.
I've been greeting them every now and then, we're now on good terms, I think. I can't say for sure since I don't speak their language.

"To begin with, bare eyes just can't keep up with Sensei's moves. If I don't put all my focus into perceiving his movement, he'll blow me away before I could even tell what's what. What is this crappy game."


"On top of that, I can't even get an advice from him cause of language barrier. Heck, Sensei doesn't speak a lot so I'm unlikely to get a decent lesson even without that barrier, hahaha."


Senpai who's willing to listen to my grumbles every time I get blown away by Sensei is super handsome.

"Speaking of which, Senpai, have you ever asked Sensei for a spar."


Senpai silently shook his head so violently you'd think it'd fly off. It's weird how they could understand me to a point.
Haa, when will I ever be able to use Kempo and Martial Arts moves without Skills.
Ah, want some Tatsutaage, Senpai? Oni-sensei loves these. Ah, I'm glad you like it.
Hm? Why do you stop moving...!?


Uwaah, I couldn't even sense Sensei coming and snatching all the Tatsutaage behind us. Could've just asked me if he didn't have enough. Not like I'd get it though.
...I'll give Senpai his share somewhere farther next time. He only ate two pieces. Don't cry now, Senpai.







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