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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 222

Oughta Massage


"A, awawawawa.... 114 Imps, 44 Orcs, 34 Werewolves, 31 Forest Plants, h-hang on, there's more...!?"

"Yes, that's only about half. Ah, please check these two's Logs too once you're done."

"Hiyii...! You have been keeping this pace for three day straight...!"

We went around culling all nearby magic beasts to raise our fund.
We aimed for beasts that operate in groups on purpose and spent all day hunting as many as we found.

But those beasts were so weak they barely gave us exp. I didn't even level up once.
Same with that giant crab, I thought my level would shot up after defeating that thing, yet it only went up by 3. I'm Level 46 now.
Looks like the talk about a drastic increase of required exp to level once you're past level 40 is true. How can I not even level up once after hunting so many beasts.

Hiyoko and Reina are getting two levels while Alma one every day.
Yet you could say that they only got that many levels despite all the exp they had been amassing including from the Monster Mountains.
It's weird considering the breakneck pace these girls are slaughtering magic beasts.

We said goodbye to the receptionist who looked dead tired even though I didn't gather any herbs.
Our income per day ranged from tens to hundreds thousands en each. I'm sure that should be enough to cover the transport fee to the royal capital.

"Aah guys guys, mind sharing a teensy bit of fortune with the poor ol' us?"

"Ya lot been working hard killing weakling mobs I see. Didja know easy come, easy go as they say? Lemme safeguard that cash for ya."

...And of course here comes the daily extortion.
It's way annoying than in other towns. Let's get rid of them and get outta here.

"Hiyi... The building is going to break again...!"

The receptionist behind us lamented pathetically which I ignored.
These guys will pay for it, okay?

We made our way to the wagon stop after leaving several human-shaped holes on the guild's walls. We're departing, escaping today.
I don't wanna stay in this thug-infested town a second longer! We're heading for the next town over! I almost blurted those death flag-raising words with all the thugs swarming us every single day.
To be frank, I wish I could tour around this port town a bit more, but I've just had it with all these hoodlums and we're pressed on time for the tournament anyway.

"There were waaay too many baddies in that town."

"Somebody somewhere always tried to pick a fight with us twice, thrice a day..."


"No wonder Hyula-san warned us about unsavory characters. I don't wanna imagine how other towns are like."
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All of us grumbled on board the shaking wagon.
Well, it's not all bad though. I managed to get my hands on all kinds of ingredients and spices from all over the place and continents.
They're all preserved stuff as it's impossible to get fresh local stuff, but it's still a nice harvest.
I'm sure I'll have more chances to obtain fresh fifth continent stuff in the future. Can't wait.

"What's the route we're taking to the capital?"

"The town we're heading now is known for its medical expertise where many medical treatment and medicine are developed. We'll stock up medicine there before departing for the next town over, a coal mine town after which it's the capital."

"Medical town, huh. Hmm, I can't put my finger on what it's like~."

"You're bound to get sore spots the older you get. Who knows we might end up there for hospice care once we're all grandpas and grandmas."

"It's still way too soon for that."

"But you might find something for orphanage's Director. Worth a shot looking for her gift in that town, Reina."

"Ah, now that you mentioned it... Meat is all I could think of when it comes to Director. That thought never crossed my mind..."

Um, well, I get her.
That director did get gradually filled up day by day eating meat back when we were staying. I even saw her racing the children on the day we departed.
...Huh? Guess she doesn't need it? Director's way energetic already.

"Have you been getting sore spots Kajikawa-san?"

"Nope, not really. Okay, maybe my shoulders' feeling a bit stiff lately."

"Pupupu, you sound like an old man."


"Don't make up a weird nickname for me please. Here since I'm oh so kind, I'll massage your stiff shoulders...!?"

Reina jokingly massaged my shoulder before stopping and staring wonderingly at her hand on my shoulder.

"...What's up?"

"K-Kajikawa-san, your shoulder's as hard as rock...!"

"Uh, you're overreacting."

"...Hikaru, may I?"

"Eh? S-sure."

Alma grabbed my shoulder.
Reina is one thing, but getting touched by Alma feels weirdly embarrassing somehow.

"...It's true. It's like steel."

"Isn't the analogy getting worse?"

"Kajikawa-san, how high are your Attributes now?"

"Err... They're at around 1080 on average."

"You've gotten even stronger than that time versus Worm...!?"

"That's it! You got too strong to have a proper massage!"

I had no idea there was this pitfall that came with high Attributes.
Hmm, well, I can massage myself with Mana Control anyway, it's not that serious I think.

Err, oy. Alma? Why are you focusing energy on your fingertips?

"Massage is doable if I do this. Hikaru, relax your shoulders."

Then she started massaging my shoulders.
With tremendous power. Ordinary men would have their flesh torn apart.

"Hold it, Alma, you're too buffed up. It doesn't hurt but my HP is diminishing bit by bit. Ah, but it does feel pretty nice."

"No no no, I'm hearing cracking sound from your body! Are you sure this is safe!?"

Well I suppose massages can be painful, this should be within expectations.
...But. I'll ask her to stop once she takes down 1000 of my HP. It's scary.

My shoulders feel so much lighter thanks to the massage.
It's as if all the stiff muscles on my shoulders have been loosened up.

"...I'm tired."

Alma used too much energy and went limp though.

"I appreciate it, Alma... Are you okay?"

"...My shoulders are stiff now instead."

"It's your turn, Kajikawa-san."


"Hikaru, rub me."

Phrasiiing! Massage, say it with me, it's massage!
Won't this be counted as a sexual harassment? Am I safe?
W-well, I'd feel bad if I don't give back to her, guess I oughta.

"...Unn... Aa...!"

Can you not with those seductive voices every time I put my strength!? It's making me feel weird!
...I ended up straining myself due to that, worsening my condition instead. How, where did I go wrong.
Hope I could find a good massage machine or something at the medical town...






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