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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 491

491 Authentic


The granny put on a dubious expression. Anybody would after hearing my demand.

"Sure you have the cash? Can you afford them? We sell by bundles. You don't look like you bring enough coins on you."

"Ah, sorry. Does this store accept this? If not, I'll go earn some first, can you set them aside?"

I always tried to hold back but not this time.
Hence, I showed the card right away.
I've decided to save the griffon. I'm gonna throw away all insignificant pride I have.
It'd be nice if that griffon could recover by itself without my interventions but even my amateur eyes could tell it was unable to move away from that spot, with death as the only conclusion it'd reach.
I want to finish my shopping and go back asap.

"That's, who are you anyways? A young master of some house? Or maybe a royalty? You look like a commoner to me."

The granny looked confused. Also, I finally get why every store I showed this card to had the same shocked reaction.

(Did they think I'm a royalty going out incognito? That's some excessive imagination... But then again, doesn't sound far fetched in reality...)

"Can you prepare those potions if you accept this form of payment. I'm pressed on time. Please make it quick."
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"Okay okay, don't rush me now. Think of my age. Considering the quantity and weight, should I arrange them to be delivered to a warehouse? Or will you carry them with you? Your helpers waiting outside?"

The granny processed the card while asking. She's pretty used to it befitting her age. She was also smoothly calculating price during her surprise earlier.

"Here you go, you're a first for this kind of purchase. Last bulk buy was by a huge group of mercenary. You're alone, aren't you? I won't pry but I can't deny my curiosity either."

The granny beckoned me to follow her.
We arrived in an area behind the store. She opened the door to a small hut found here. There was another door inside.
Quite a strict security. The potions I'm buying must be pretty expensive. This is only right.
Gotta keep them safe from thieves. Anti-theft measures.

"Here you go, they're all yours. Stuff at this price point has the effects to match. They're good but not a lot of people can afford them. Neither mercs or adventurers can just casually purchase one. I've lot in stock."

There's 12 vials of green liquid in one wooden box. There's three boxes in total. The vial looks like that of lipo**tan.
I decided to ask one thing bothering me.

"Are these not past expiration dates? They won't be ineffective when used, will they?"

The granny sounded a bit angry as she replied me.

"You have guts saying that to my face. I pride our store as the best in the kingdom! Ineffective? Bah, of course they are. These potions are of the highest grade. They don't lose efficacy with passage of time. Also, these are relatively new authentic stock. Drink them, smear them on wound, all applicable. Here, take this. Come back here with the vials if they don't work. We'll pay you back warranty money after investigating any defect from leftover potion inside!"

The granny pushed a piece of paper on me as she rapidly spoke.

"So, how are you going to carry these? By yourself?"

I opened my magic bag and stored away the wooden boxes. The granny sounded her surprise again after I was done.

"Is that yours? You're quite young for a magic bag holder. You're not an errand boy who's just holding that, are you? It's hard to believe otherwise. I apologize if I offended you. I'd be delighted to have you as a regular customer."

"I've got to go now."

I didn't want to get caught in the granny's longwinded talk anymore and said my goodbye.

The potions' price? I'm too scared to ask.





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