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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 489

489 Shopping Meat


I arrived at the kingdom. And went straight to shopping. Gotta run around all over the place.
First off, meat should suffice for the griffon's fodder.

(And then, medicine... Potions? Do they exist? Well, I can always ask.)

Dunno if they'll work on a magic beast but it's better than nothing, just gotta give it a shot.

(First, to the butcher... Is there one here? There should be.)

Asking someone should be faster than running around aimlessly.
I went to a meat skewer stall to buy and ask the mister there. Early lunch it is.

"I'd like to buy a huge quantity of meat, know any good place? I'm buying one meat skewer from you if you tell me."

"Wha? Lad, you planning to open a stall or something? Well. Dunno if I should tell ya."

"Ah, please don't get me wrong. I'm not opening a food stall or anything. I know a big eater y'see and I'm treating that guy. He wants meat lots of it. Might as well buy wholesale right."

"Well s'long yer' not competing with me, s'fine I guess. You can see a path over there yeah? Go straight there until you bump into a big warehouse."

"Thanks, mister. Ah, here's your pay. See ya!"

I'm not lying. But neither am I speaking the truth. I was a bit taken aback at myself for being able to say that impromptu.
In my past life, I did only the minimal required work and play hard on free time.
It was on the level of communication disorder yet I managed to negotiate with this mister.

(People do change huh. No, that's not it. It's harder not to in this environment.)

I took one silver coin from Magic Bag and threw it at the mister.
Mister was panicking behind me, 'Wait hey!? Oy lad! This is way too much!?' but I kept walking ahead.
I arrived at the warehouse he told me about, the door was open.

"Hm? What's with you. Got a business here?"

"Sell me meat. Right, a whole one. Ah, can I pay with this?"

I showed him the treasured black card of mine.
The person tending this warehouse froze as he looked at it.

"Oy... There's no way... Please! Please wait a moment! I'm calling my supervisor!"

He ran off inside the warehouse in a hurry.
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(I don't care anymore. I've decided to save griffon.)

The usual me would have gotten cold feet, but not this time.
For what purpose am I all the way here.
It's for the thorn pricking my heart. I'm doing all this to remove that.
There's no room for panic.

"Thank you for waiting! I believe your order is one whole portion of meat. Allow me to take you there."

Thus, I followed the supervisor inside. It's quite cold. Must be a way to preserve meat. Looks like it's the same in this world too.
But it seems they've already sold all the meat out, I don't even see a sliver.

"We have sold most of available meat early in the morning. We're currently in the process of cleaning up. However, we do have a special commodity left."

He took me to a door inside. We went in.

I laughed when I saw what inside. What the heck?
It's a two meter long, two meter wide, and one meter tall pink colored ellipse-shaped balance ball.
I froze for a bit before realizing it was tied up, it wasn't going to move.
It's a pig. I mean, there are many creatures unlike anything I know in this world, except this one, a pig.

"Having the whole thing is very much unusual and so..."

"I'm buying this. Do get it done. Ah, can it enter a magic bag? Ah, I plan to do some more shopping after this, can you keep it for a bit? I'll fetch it later."

The supervisor was in the middle of sales talk when I interrupted him. He could only flap open and close his mouth without a sound.

"T-then this way please..."

He led me to another building where they have a payment machine to insert the black card.
Of course I never asked the price. I would only hesitate or regret it.
In my past life, even a small cow would have cost several hundreds thousands yen.
Hearing that would only trouble me.
Even if I understand this black card has no limit.
I'm going with the flow. I won't ask or tell this supervisor anything.

"I'll be back later, thanks."

I left the place once we were done.





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