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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 490

490 The Need to Act


I went back to the food stall from before.

"Mister, know a place that sells medicines that can instantly heal wounds just by smearing?"

"Ou! You're that lad! Ou ou, ya paid too much. Here take it back. Yer' scarin' me giving this much outta nowhere."

"Then give me as many meat skewers that coin affords. You keep that. So, do you know?"

"Oy oy, how many pieces ya think this'll get ya. Yer' a riot, lad. And, aah, ya mean potions? Then that'd be..."

Food stall mister taught me a potion seller's location and I left carrying a lot of meat skewers. The paper bag he gave me to carry them is filled to the brim.

(Guess they're called potions too here huh... Plot convenient? Or is it just how it is? Standard name in other worlds?)

The less you question this the less stressed you are. What's the point of minding the names. For now at least.
I'm also ignoring all the glances from passerby. Of course I'd stand out carrying this many skewers.
I keep walking following the route while biting on one.
Then as I arrived in a rather deserted path, I found myself surrounded by small figures.
A gang of vagrant children living in these alleyways.

"Dude, gimme those meat."

A boy of around 10 year old squeezed out his voice loud enough to be heard.
I almost laughed but managed to bear it. There's around 15 children encircling me.
They have thick sticks, broken swords, and rocks gripped.
Must be a kid gangster. But these kids desperate eyes aren't laughing. This is no laughing matter.

"We ain't gonna hurt ya if ya just hand that over, got it?"

These kids look malnourished. It's pitiful to watch.
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(Aah, right. Not like I can finish this all anyway.)

I acted like I was scared as I slowly put down the paper bag. Then I walked in the potion seller's direction with both my hands up in the air.

The encirclement opened up as I made my way out. I started running without looking back once I was out.

(Acting like a feeble man and leaving without causing a scene is the best course of action in this situation.)

This is likely not a matter that'd spark an event. I might as well act this out, don't wanna risk kicking a hornet's nest.
My mental state won't last if I have to see through every little matter.
Meat skewers led me to this event. They were also the key items that ended it.
Not handing them might land me in yet another problem.
By doing this, I managed to avoid that. I took a glance behind me and saw none of the kids anymore.

"Phew~. Can I get a break from running into these events, small or big, every single time?"

There's a signboard in front of a store I arrived at. Drawn with a round-bottom flask. This is the place.

"Pardon. I'd like to buy potions."

The store looked bright and clean outwardly, but the insides were a little dim with a strong stimulating smell of medicine.

"Welcome, what grade of medicines do you want? General? Or quick-acting? Or perhaps instant-acting magic medicine?"

What showed up was a granny who walked briskly despite her hump back. Her hoarse voice echoed in the store.
I was a bit taken aback by this. There are three types. I could kinda tell from the descriptions, so I made my decision.

"Instant-acting magic medicine, the best ones you have. Stuff that heals any kind of wound just by administering it. Sell me all the stock you have."






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