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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 228

Elixir - Sketchy Conversation


Ninameria-san bowed and profusely thanked us after we handed the fruit.
She didn't look surprised at the fruit's appearance, wonder if she's seen one before?

No, she probably didn't just see one.
Checking her Status, she's an Apothecary with Lv8 Compound Skill. Quite high for someone who looks to only be in her late twenties.
Is she gonna make the elixir herself? If so, all the pieces are here.

"Sniffle... I truly cannot ever thank you enough."

"You're welcome. By the way, won't you be better hurry up and make the elixir for your husband? We can talk about rewards and such later."

"Y-you're right. Pardon me, I appreciate your understanding... I promise I'll reward you properly later."

She ran back home right afterward.
...Is it gonna be alright? She won't fail, will she?

<<Compound Skill Lv8 is more than sufficient to create elixirs.>>

Lv8 lets you make the complete recovery medicine huh.
What kind of med can you make at Lv10 I wonder. Kinda scary.

By the way, if an elixir is priced at three million en on stores, how much does an Apothecary charge when they sell one to a wholesaler?

<<The market price is around two million en.>>

Fumu, that's just about right.
I'll consult with her tomorrow.

The following morning, Ninameria-san and her now healthy husband were at the guild to complete our payment.
She succeeded making the elixir and got her husband back on his feet... Actually, isn't he looking way too healthy?
His petrified limbs turned back to flesh is one thing, but I'm sure he wasn't this brawny before...

<<The elixir has likely deemed this state as the man's normal state. His muscles had likely atrophied from the illness previously.>>

...Come to think of it, the petrified spots did look big.
What a handy medicine. I want some.
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"I'm oh so so so ever thankful to you!! I'm so back, no, I'm even better than ever now! How do I ever repay this debt to you!!"

"O-oh, sure. I'm just glad you're looking good..."

"Dear, you're being too loud... It's as you can see, my husband is the very picture of health now. Once again, you have our gratitude."

The husband yelled really loud. I don't mind him celebrating but the people around us are sending side eyes...

"This is your payment, five million en. Please take it."

"Thank you."

For now, I'll take it. Yup, it's five million alright.

"By the way, Ninameria-san, can you make elixir?"

"Yes. I can only make one bottle per day due to the precision the work demands, however."

"Is that right... Would you mind hearing me out for a bit?"

I asked her if she could make two bottles of elixir with the two fruit I had on me.
Of course, I'm not asking her to do it for free, she can charge the same fee she charges wholesalers. A win-win dealing for both of us... I'm sorry for wholesalers though.

She was surprised that I had two more rare [Bina] fruit but she readily agreed to it.
It'd take her three days to make two. She can't start today because she already worked till late at night yesterday.
Wonder how do these elixirs look like... I bet it's pitch black like the ingredient. Scary.

Once we got our reward, we reported the commission's completion to the receptionist.
She looked relieved once she confirmed it.

"Thank goodness... I shouldn't say this considering my position, but it really pained me watching her helplessly begging for aid all day long. It was truly heart wrenching."

"That's true. We're happy to complete this commission too."

"I see you did some magic beasts culling along the way. This should help lessen the burden on Stampede prevention quota... Eh?"

The receptionist froze on the spot while she was checking our Kill Logs.
...Ah, that huh.

"Ah, please keep it down about that snake. We don't want to stand out."

"M-Minimum Jormungandr, isn't that the penultimate form of the legendary magic beast of calamity...!?"

"Thankfully, we found it in its younger pre-evolved form. Would have been hopeless had it evolved already."

"T-thank you so much. It could have turned into an unprecedented disaster had it been left alone for even just several more years...!"

The receptionist's face went from relief to pallid.
I'm guessing the wakes left by that magic beast became a legend in this area.

"Or rather, it may be young, but a magic beast over Lv70 is considered a lower tier Rank S beast... Why are you still Rank C?"

"Think it's because we've been focusing too much on leveling, accepting tons of magic beast culling commissions and mostly nothing else."

"With the feat of completing this high level mission of Picking elixir-to-be Fruit from Forest of Toxin, Kajikawa Hikaru-san and Almatina-san are promoted to Rank B, while Reinamiura-san to Rank C... Truth to be told, all of you can easily pass as Rank A..."

The commission this time had several strict conditions such as lacking any takers for a certain period of time, the client's husband not having much time left and the associated risk you must carry yourself.
They evaluated us pretty highly thanks to clearing all those.
And even though the points gained aren't enough to get Alma and me straight to Rank A, I'm told we've amassed quite a lot already, it's only a matter of time now.

Wonder what to do with that big snake's materials. Guess I'll take 'em to Gen-san's workshop.
...I can imagine him frowning at all the poison-laced parts.

Well now that we're stuck here for three days, might as well use the chance to tour the stores and goods in this town.
Or maybe we can go pick medicinal and poisonous plants at the magic beast forest and get them turned into useful medicines.
First thing first though, gotta sample the food here. Healthy food doesn't strike me as yummy, I hope they sell tasty ingredients at least.


"Hmu, one of peon candidates has been felled it appears. I know not who and how they did it, but they must be skilled."

"What!? Dammit, there's only three weeks left until the tournament...! We should have retrieved that thing sooner!"

"It matters little, we have plenty of pieces in our hands already. Besides, that thing was a double-edged sword that might turn on us if it grew out of hands. Having this uncertain factor eliminated for us is a windfall."

"Those humans will only turn the table on us with half-baked forces. We can't afford to prepare many more magic beasts on that level."

"Magic beasts are only there to curtail their numbers. Until the real thing has made his entry."

"The real thing... It can't be!?"

"Indeed, he has thus spoken he shall personally see to it."

"...Did His Majesty Demon King not ordain them to stay at their designated base? If something were to happen..."

"Nothing will. That personage is made different. He can even kill S-ranked adventurers, easily at that."

"...You're right. And how do we deal with the Black Dragon?"

"Dragons for dragons. We have tamed several specimens, although they may prove slightly inferior to that thing."

"Those humans must be planning to use their festival to gather forces. Yet this presents us an opportunity to crush them all in one go."

"All preparations are done. All that is left is to wait."

"We shall meet again at the festival."





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