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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 488

488 Reminiscence


I found an abandoned kitten behind our home back when I was still in middle school.
It was so weak even the still ignorant me knew there was no saving it.
Its frail body might have been the reason its parent cat abandoned it in the first place. Despite my parent's refusal to help they felt bad for the poor thing and allowed it inside our home. I cushioned a cardboard box and let it sleep inside.
The kitten had no strength left to even drink the warm milk I gave. All I could do was petting it as it waited its end of life.
My parents weren't poor but neither were they affluent enough to keep a pet. And even supposed that weren't the case, I had an inkling that it was too late even if we brought it to a veterinarian.
Keeping all that in mind, there was no way they would spend so much cash to try and save a hopeless case just because they felt sorry.
The kitten was dead cold the following morning. I had breakfast and went to school after confirming that.
I couldn't remember what I learned at school that day. I was already back at home by the time I pulled myself together.
My parents told me they had buried the kitten in the backyard, then I recalled weeping inside my futon afterward.
Sorrow, the fleetingness of life, my weakness, the nature of 'death', helplessness, questioning why must that kitten die, frustration, such and such.
I couldn't stop my tears from all the emotions. Even though it was but one small soul in the long life ahead of me at the time. Even though I never formed a connection with it. It's not like it was a pet cat I had kept and loved for years.
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I'm strongly recalling that moment right now.
Despite the fact that the griffon in front of me is three meter tall. Huge, impossibly more so compared to a tiny kitten.
Yet its wounded figure overlapped with that kitten in my eyes.
There is no power in this world that could stop this impulse now.
I no longer had the slightest speck of desire to kill this griffon.
No, I must save it. I gotta do something.

"Well, I mean... This griffon is a victim here. If it was ego that made people do this, then it's also ego that compels me to save. All of it must be nothing but a huge bother to this griffon though..."

I'm standing five meter away from the griffon. Thinking with my arms folded.
How do I heal this griffon the quickest way possible.

"Human's malice drove this poor thing out of its home, tormenting it so much while avoiding killing until it settled here... I can't forgive them..."

I've made up my mind. I'll beat the crap out of that Bandoro merchant.

"This was done by human's hands. It's also human who must do the saving. Yet none of that matters to this griffon. I won't blame it if it holds a grudge. What if it starts attacking people after I saved it?"

I have to think about how to deal with the aftermath if the griffon starts bringing harm to people once it's been healed, but I can't come up with a good plan without also taking the responsibility and seeing it through to the end.

"I've decided to help because of something that happened in the past. Of course, it's only right for me to look after this griffon..."

I've steeled my resolved. I will bear all the pain, trouble and difficulty, everything that comes with this decision.
The first time ever I truly resolved myself on something in this world.

"Alright! Gotta get back to the kingdom now! Or else nothing will start! Aah geez! I'm always coming and going places these days!"

I entered Acceleration and ran to the kingdom right away.

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